NovaXyon Entrepreneurial Educate ChatGPT To Write Your Tweets In 3 Easy Steps

Educate ChatGPT To Write Your Tweets In 3 Easy Steps


Twitter is now called X and that’s not the only thing that’s changed. The algorithm did too. According to those in the know, X wants creators to launch subscriptions, use more media in their posts and threads, and share long form content. But don’t share external links. What happens on X stays on X.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your personal brand, getting good at writing tweets is an excellent place to start. With 450 million monthly active users and big plans for the future, Twitter is still relevant for entrepreneurs. Start today to set yourself up for follower growth, new friends, and valuable leads for your business.

Ask ChatGPT to give you a helping hand with this 3-step series of prompts, to supercharge your output both in quality and quantity.

How to prompt ChatGPT to write your tweets

Give the context

The first prompt sets the scene for ChatGPT. Here’s where you explain what you’re looking for, who you’re looking to reach, and give examples of how you have achieved this in the past. Or, if you don’t have any prior experience, use examples of tweets sent by accounts you want to emulate.

Explain who you are and your ideal audience. Describe their pain points and their deepest desires. Elaborate on the opportunity they’re not exploring, and explain how your business helps their dreams come true.

Before letting it loose, check that ChatGPT knows what you want by asking it to summarize the information it’s been fed so far. Here’s the prompt to copy, paste and edit:

“I’d like some help composing tweets for my brand. They’re going to be promotional tweets, and I want them to be really compelling. The primary target audience for the tweets is [describe audience]. One of their biggest concerns is [describe biggest pain point]. One of their biggest underutilised assets is [describe their underutilised assets]. Our solution is [explain your business]. Do you understand what I’m looking for? Don’t create any tweets yet.”

Provide direction

Once you’re happy that ChatGPT knows what you’re aiming for, proceed to the next stage of automated tweet creation. Provide a structure and some examples that fit the structure. This will depend on the type of tweet you’re looking to write.

This prompt is written with self-promotional tweets in mind, but you can edit to apply to story tweets, platitudes, or engaging conversation starters.

“That summary is accurate, thank you. The structure of the tweets should be as follows. (1) A hook: attention grabbing, compelling, makes my target audience want to learn more. (2) Second line: continues the hook in such a way that they keep reading. (3) Third and fourth line: what my company does and the value it adds. (4) Final line: something that leads into an image or gif, to explain how my target audience can achieve the benefits the hook has presented. This is an example of a tweet that fits this structure [include a tweet you want to emulate]. Please suggest 5 more tweets that fit this structure that are appealing and compelling to our target audience based on what I’ve explained.”

Ask for edits

Generate results from your prompts and read them critically. Assess the response and prepare to edit further. Here’s where you ask for the tweets to be more or less salesy, have more or fewer emojis, and ask it to address specific pain points in the tweets. Explain what a good approach might be, and provide extra information.

Additional context might be more details about your ideal customer, their “heaven and hell,” for example the situations they are looking to move towards and away from. After that, you might want to explain where they currently get their information, or the style of writing they are most interested in. Here’s a prompt for the edits you want:

“They’re great, thank you. For the next batch of 5, I’d like for them to be slightly less [adjective]. Really focus on [what you’d like ChatGPT to focus on] but without [what you’d like it to do less of]. Secondly, tone down [anything ChatGPT has overdone] and instead [give direction on the edits]. Here’s some additional context for you: [provide any additional context].”

You can repeat this process as many times as required. Try with simple and direct feedback as well as more detailed and directed instruction.

Prompt ChatGPT to write your tweets with these 3 steps

Once prompted in the right way, ChatGPT can write virtually any content you can imagine. Rather than expect what comes out to be perfect straight away, see iterating its results as a fun problem to solve.

Learning how to prompt in this way could save you hours. It could supercharge your output and help your tweets reach more people. It could help you overcome writer’s block, smash through your fears of putting yourself out there, and win you more customers. See what you can co-create when you prompt like a pro.


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