NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing LinkedIn Provides New Branded Content material Library, Record All Influencer Campaigns within the App

LinkedIn Provides New Branded Content material Library, Record All Influencer Campaigns within the App


After rolling out its own branded content tags for posts last month, LinkedIn has now also added a new search functionality for branded content partnerships, which will enable users to explore all of the affiliate marketing campaigns that have used the new tags in the app.

LinkedIn branded content search

As you can see in this example (posted by Lindsey Gamble), now, when you go to LinkedIn’s Ad Library, you’ll be able to search for branded content partnerships, based on keyword/s and date.

That’ll make it easier to find out how brands are using influencer partnerships in the app, giving you more competitive insight, while also facilitating increased transparency over paid promotions in the app.

Which is the real focus. The update is part of LinkedIn’s obligations under the new EU Digital Services Act (DSA), which requires social platforms to provide a searchable database of branded content partnerships. Both Meta and TikTok have already added the same, and now LinkedIn will also provide more capacity to track the various brand deals with influencers in-app.

It could be a handy tool for researching how to approach LinkedIn marketing, and what’s working in the app. And with LinkedIn also putting more emphasis on creators, and providing more pathways for users to build their presence in the app, we could see a lot more influencer deals in the app moving forward.

Also worth noting: LinkedIn recently reported that sharing of original content in the app increased by 41% year-over-year in 2022.

At those levels, you can expect that a lot more creators will be looking LinkedIn’s way, and as X continues to transform its offering, it may well be LinkedIn that benefits the most from a re-routing of business-related discussion.

The right influencer, in the right niche, could be highly valuable in this context, and this could end up being a key tool to boost your efforts.


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