NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing In Copywriting, Write to Kill Ache | via Emily Boucher | Oct, 2023

In Copywriting, Write to Kill Ache | via Emily Boucher | Oct, 2023


Getting to the core of “why” is more important than “what”

Photo by Tao Yuan on Unsplash. This article includes affiliates.

I started looking at affiliate marketing recently, as a way to build out copywriting skills. It’s one of those areas that most writers access when they start finding ways to monetize their work, especially if they blog on their own site (or here on Medium).

Areas like titles and meta descriptions become critical touchpoints of the work for engagement since those are the things that will hook a reader in, and bring them to your article for the full read.

Here’s something I learned fairly quickly though, when looking at brands: a lot of companies, especially in tech, don’t necessarily address the problem they’re solving with their hook: rather they’re giving a brief description of the product. What, not why. This is the vitamin you came here for. But not why you, the audience, would have their lives improved by it.

A chemistry setup to highlight the three different types of copy
Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

According to Mariam Zohouri at Growclass, there are three types of copywriting:

  • Ecstasy copy, to showcase how the product will change your life (i.e. showing dream vacations when advertising the lottery);
  • Vitamin copy, to describe how it will make something better (i.e. talking about the increased efficiency that your app will bring to your B2B customer’s workflow); or
  • Painkiller copy, to identify and target the problem your product solves.

Normally you see much more of the second two options in copy, (especially in the digital marketing and tech landscapes), so we’ll focus on those.

A great way to get comfortable with the distinction between the different types of copy is to start looking at what familiar brands are doing. An even better way to build on that is to identify when you come across vitamin copy, and try to address the underlying pain it’s trying to solve.


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