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Constant Growing Methods for Age of Origins

In the ever-evolving landscape of Age of Origins, maintaining a strategic focus is key. Here are simplified yet effective principles to guide your progress:

Always be researching

Direct your main account towards military and city defense research. Strengthening these areas ensures a robust foundation for your empire’s growth.

Always be building

Strategic planning is your ally. Know the requirements for the next city level, and start building accordingly during the construction of your main hall or wall. Keep your garage level on par with your main hall. Avoid over-investing in resource buildings on your main account; farms and city raids will be your primary resource sources.

Invest in the Golden Hammer

Consider this a $5 well-spent. If you’re hesitant, grab a gift card for your app store and support the content creators. The Golden Hammer is a game-changer; investing in it is investing in your Age of Origins success.

Always be recruiting

Efficiency is key. Determine the time needed to recruit the maximum troops in your lowest recruiting building. Sync the recruiting queues in other buildings accordingly, minimizing login frequency. Notifications are your reminder.

Master Mobility

Aim for controlled mobility. Keep it below 100 by exploring ruins, rallying them, or engaging in monster battles. Wasted mobility is a missed opportunity; keep it low to stay agile in your Age of Origins endeavors.

Resource Gathering Mastery in Age of Origins

Simplicity is strength in the dynamic world of Age of Origins. Here’s a straightforward principle to ensure resource abundance:

Always be gathering resources

Make resource gathering a constant practice, pausing only when utilizing mobility or launching attacks on cities. This ensures a steady flow of resources to fuel your empire’s growth. Keep those resource nodes busy unless you’re in the midst of strategic actions. Consistent gathering is the backbone of prosperity in Age of Origins.

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