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15 Apps Like Mistplay


Mistplay is a reliable gaming app, but you may prefer other apps if you have an iOS device, which is currently incompatible with the app. You may also want additional money-making methods when you don’t have time to play games.

Thankfully, several apps like Mistplay help you earn rewards by playing exciting games and completing other short tasks. In this review, we will identify apps like Mistplay to make money and the operating devices they work with.

Best Apps Like Mistplay

These Mistplay alternatives can provide more ways to earn reward points. Most of these platforms are Android and iOS compatible. Further, many offer gift cards and cash payouts for flexible redemption options. 

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best rewards platforms as there are many paid tasks, such as games, surveys, online shopping, and product offers. Look for “Swag Ups” to earn bonus points on various activities. For example, I recently got a $5 bonus after buying gift cards to an online store I normally shop at.

Unlike Mistplay, which awards points based on the number of minutes played, Swagbucks lets you earn rewards after reaching specific in-game milestones. In-game purchases and recruiting friends can also be necessary to earn the total prize by the deadline.

This is one of my favorite platforms, as redemptions start at $5 for most gift cards and PayPal Cash. Additionally, Amazon gift cards start with a $1 rewards balance. These are some of the lowest minimum redemptions for get-paid-to sites, and it’s easy to cash out quickly. 

Works With: Android and iOS

2. InboxDollars

You will find a variety of cash-paying tasks on InboxDollars. Most of the opportunities are for games, product offers, and surveys. There are many mobile games to play and earn.

In addition, there are classic arcade, casino, and word games for web and mobile users to try out for quick fun. These games earn Scratch & Win entries to win cash prizes. You can also earn entries by regularly completing other tasks, such as surveys and reading sponsored emails.

New users earn an instant $5 signup bonus, and the first-time minimum redemption is $15 for PayPal or gift cards. Subsequent redemptions need a $25 balance or higher. This is a high minimum, but I like the variety of paid tasks and the instant win rewards platform.   

Works With: Android and iOS

3. Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe is similar to Mistplay, as you collect points for each minute of eligible gameplay in addition to in-app achievements and qualifying purchases. A primary difference is that this alternative tends to offer more card and puzzle games than its competitor.

Another difference is that PayPal redemptions start at $0.50 versus $10 on Mistplay. However, there are fewer gift card options to choose from. 

Unfortunately, this app is only for Android devices. For international readers, it’s only available in a handful of countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. 

Works With: Android only

4. MyPoints

Do you play WorldWinner cash tournaments? You will earn four points per $1 through MyPoints. This platform also offers play-to-earn rewards on the typical selection of mobile games within the adventure, casino, strategy, and RPG niches.

Additional ways to earn points include surveys, online shopping, product offers, and grocery receipt uploads. Amazon gift card rewards start at $3; most remaining gift cards require a minimum balance of $5. PayPal rewards require a $10 balance.

Works With: Android and iOS

5. KashKick

KashKick specializes in sponsored games, product offers, and online surveys. The first two options are the best way to make money from this app. If you’re like me, you like taking surveys to make money in your free time without making purchases or completing complex tasks.

The minimum redemption is $10 for PayPal Cash. This is the only redemption option, which is frustrating but I like the flexibility of this digital wallet to pay for online purchases or make a bank transfer.

This app doesn’t tend to provide as many offers as similar get-paid-to sites, but there are plenty to keep you busy. 

Works With: Android and iOS

6. Money Well

Money Well lets Android users play games for rewards and earn tickets per minute of playtime. It’s possible to exchange these rewards tickets for gift cards and PayPal Cash. Typically, PayPal payouts have the smallest minimum redemption starting at $0.50. Gift cards require at least $5.

Like most time-based gaming apps, your earning potential increases when you start playing a game. Then, you earn fewer points per minute the longer you play. As a result, consider this app when you enjoy playing games a few times instead of focusing on a single game and achieving multiple levels.

Look for sponsored games to earn more per minute. There are many options on the offer wall at any time, although there are no shopping or survey offers like micro-task sites provide.

Works With: Android only

7. Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play mostly offers mobile gaming rewards on Android phones. Earn points per minute of gameplay after downloading games through the app. Card, casino, and puzzle games are the most common.

Additionally, there are daily challenges to earn bonus points. Some examples include watching ads and opinion surveys. 

Most gift card redemptions start with a $5 balance. Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t offer PayPal rewards.  

Works With: Android only

8. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a fun and fast-paced bingo game where you try to daub each square before time runs out. Tapping called numbers quickly unlocks in-game boosts to fill uncalled squares and earn bonus points. 

Personally, I enjoy playing in this game’s unlimited free practice rounds. You can win real money by having a top score in cash tournaments in most states. However, you’re not guaranteed to earn cash and shouldn’t wager money until you consistently win practice games.

This game is part of the Skillz network, and all rounds earn virtual tickets that you can redeem for gaming credits or real-world prizes. 

Works With: Android and iOS

9. Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash uses the Klondike Solitaire rules to sort cards by suit and order into upper and lower piles. You can improve your skills with free practice rounds and participate in optional cash tournaments to potentially make money.

I find the game easy to play and enjoy earning Skillz tickets on free and paid rounds. Only the top scores win cash rewards, and losing players won’t recoup the entry fee.

Most paid tournaments are head-to-head, with the higher score winning the prize pool. Multiplayer competitions have each player attempt the same puzzle and split the prize amount between several high scores. 

Works With: Android and iOS

10. QuickRewards

There are many free skill-based and luck games available at QuickRewards. Your gameplay helps you earn bonus points from daily challenges. Additional free rewards streams include web searches, paid surveys, and watching videos.

Premium gaming offers with a higher earning potential are also available when you’re willing to spend several days or weeks advancing to higher levels. In-game purchases are usually required but the rewards defray costs you may incur by playing the game outside of the app.

This is one of the best apps to make money with PayPal as there is no redemption minimum. Gift card rewards start at $5 and are delivered electronically or by mail. 

Works With: Android and iOS

11. Gamehag

Gamehag has an expansive library of mobile, browser, and downloadable games. You earn reward points by completing in-game tasks. Interacting with the online community to help you collect bonus points when you’re not on a gaming quest. 

Some customer reviews indicate that downloadable games earn more rewards than web-based games. Other games don’t require a download for the early stages but you may need to download to continue earning points. Consider this app if you’re short on storage capacity.

In addition to playing paid games, short tasks and sponsored purchases can earn extra points. Most of the point-earning opportunities are for games, though. 

PayPal redemptions have the smallest redemption minimum of $1. You can also request free Google Play credits, Steam credits, and in-game rewards with a $5 minimum.  

Works With: Android and iOS

12. Cashyy

Android users can download games through Cashyy and earn points by playing for a specified number of minutes. Depending on the offer, you can receive more points after reaching advanced levels. 

You will rack up the most points by downloading the newest games and playing them briefly as earlier tasks pay more per minute. Pursue sponsored games first to enjoy higher payouts. There are many genres to choose between action, card, puzzle, and strategy.

Redemption options include PayPal and retail gift cards with a $5 minimum cashout. This is a competitive redemption minimum, although collecting sufficient points can take a while as there are no non-gaming paid tasks to diversify your income streams.   

Works With: Android only

13. TesterUp

TesterUp primarily offers paid game offers that award PayPal rewards by reaching specific levels and making in-game purchases. Over 20 offers are available at any time. Periodically, there are offers to install survey apps and market research services.

After completing five offers, you become eligible for higher-paying offers through the platform’s VIP program. Further, you get to refer friends and earn 10% of what they make. 

The minimum cashout is $70 by PayPal, one of the highest, and requires frequent interaction to get paid. You may consider other apps to play games for money and enjoy smaller minimum redemptions.   

Works With: Android and iOS

14. Flash Rewards

Consider Flash Rewards if you like signing up for paid product offers to try out new games, apps, and subscription services. This is a good platform when you don’t want to rely exclusively on playing games or free activities like online surveys or watching videos.

Your earning potential depends on your membership tier, with higher tiers paying more. However, advanced offers may require larger purchase amounts or an extensive commitment period.

It’s possible to earn from $5 to $1,000 depending on the number of offers you complete before cashing out. Payment options include bank transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and gift cards.  

Most offers require an upfront purchase or cancellation of a subscription during the trial period to avoid future charges. Be sure to compare the net proceeds to the planned expenses to clear a profit.

Works With: Android and iOS

15. AppNana

AppNana is best for playing games and earning points by reaching incrementally higher in-game levels. You can enjoy many gaming categories to keep having fun and variety. Gaming offers are the best way to make money on this rewards app.

It’s possible to get paid to watch videos and collect a daily login bonus. These extra opportunities require minimal effort and are beneficial to reach the minimum redemption sooner.    

Redemption options include gift cards, premium games, and in-app purchases. It’s possible to start cashing out with a $1 balance. Like other apps, accumulating points for higher face values helps you get a better redemption value.

Works With: Android and iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions you may have when comparing apps like Mistplay.

Is there an iOS version of Mistplay?

No, Mistplay is only for Android users. Thankfully, that may change in the future as the app states, “With the exception of some markets, Mistplay is not currently available on iOS – but we’re working on it! “ There are several alternatives that also pay you to complete short tasks

Which app gives you money for playing games?

Many apps pay you for playing games. Swagbucks is one of the best options as it has many gaming choices and can earn income from surveys, shopping offers, and other online activities. 

Do apps really pay you to play games?

Yes, since game developers partner with rewards sites to advertise and grow their user base. The sites earn a commission for each download and pass a portion of the income to you after accomplishing in-game missions or playing for a minimum of minutes.


Mistplay is a reliable gaming app, but you may prefer other apps to make money if you have an iOS device, which is currently incompatible with the app.

You may also want additional ways to make money when you don’t have time to play games. Try several apps and find one with the best offers and redemption options for your interests. 


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