NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing How Associate Entrepreneurs Can Use Instagram

How Associate Entrepreneurs Can Use Instagram


Instagram can be an affiliate marketer’s

Marketing affiliate products on Instagram can be an easy thing to do if you’re a popular influencer and you have alot of followers, but how do you market on Instagram if you’re new and don’t have a large audience?

If you want a
new traffic source to tap into, Instagram affiliate marketing is something that you should check out. 

Instagram has over
1 billion users, and over half of them are between the ages of 18 – 30 years old. So if you promote products to a younger demographic, Instagram can be a potential revenue stream for you.

But even if you sell affiliate products to adults over 30, Instagram can be a great place to reach them too, because 47% of baby boomers are active on Instagram also.

Instagram affiliate marketing is on the rise, and if you want to learn
how to get affiliate sales using this platform, keep reading. 

I want to share with you some tips on how you can turn this
social media platform into an affiliate profit machine for you.

What Is Instagram Affiliate Marketing?

Instagram affiliate marketing is the process of doing affiliate marketing on Instagram. However, instead of using text to promote your affiliate products, you use

Also, some of the most
successful affiliate marketers on Instagram are social media influencers. 

When you see influencers on Instagram they look popular, so you don’t initially think of them as traditional affiliate marketers. But they sell a TON of affiliate products – and do it
very effectively.

Even if you don’t like Instagram, I highly recommend that you participate on it and
market your affiliate products there. And the more successful you are on Instagram, the more you will start to become an influencer yourself on the platform.

Affiliate Networks That Support Instagram Marketing

Obviously, you need an affiliate program to promote before you start selling anything on Instagram, but there are
affiliate networks that have dedicated portals for social influencers.

One of them is Amazon.

Amazon has something called the
Amazon Influencer Program that is specifically for social media influencers. 

It’s basically the same as their
Amazon Associates Program, but it differs by giving you a dedicated page where you can share your recommended Amazon products with your Instagram followers.

affiliate platform “Awin” doesn’t provide you with a dedicated page to recommend affiliate products to your followers, but they do have a special section on their site tailored to future influencers. and Rakuten Advertising also work with social influencers, and they are great networks to start with if you’re an influencer who wants to dabble in the affiliate marketing game.

Whether you’re a simple affiliate or an influencer with a huge following, let’s talk about how to use Instagram to promote your affiliate offers.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

You may be wondering how to add affiliate links to Instagram posts – since links in Instagram posts are not clickable, but there are ways to get clicks that you may not have thought about before.

Let’s take a look at the various ways you can promote your affiliate products on Instagram, and
drive traffic to the products you’re promoting:

1) Swipe-Up Instagram Stories

An Instagram Story is an
in-app mobile phone feature that allows users to post photos or videos that automatically disappear within 24 hours. They appear in a vertical format and are fast, memorable, and fun by design.

When someone taps on an Instagram story you create, they’re brought to a
gallery of images or videos that are designed to intrigue them.

And when someone
swipes up on a particular image or video, they’re immediately sent to your destination landing page that promotes the item in the gallery.

And of course, if someone buys the item on your landing page, you’ll
earn an affiliate commission. This is just one of the ways that Instagram can send you traffic to your website – free of charge.

However, I will note that in order to use the swipe-up link feature, you will need to have a business account with at least

An Instagram business account is free, but getting to 10,000 followers is something that you will have to
build over time.

2) Insert Links In Your Image Description

I mentioned earlier that links in Instagram posts aren’t clickable. So in the descriptions of your images, you can post links, but people will have to
copy and paste them into their web browser.

It’s an awkward way of marketing, but some people will do the copy and paste method.

3) Insert Links In Your Instagram Bio

If you’re just promoting one affiliate program, then you can
insert your affiliate link right there in your Instagram bio.

Or you can choose to send your followers to your blog or a particular landing page.

4) Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are gaining traction amongst affiliate marketers and influencers on Instagram.

Typically influencers will mention a coupon code in a
promotional post, and they’ll get credited with the sale via the backend tracking of the affiliate program they’re promoting.

Coupon codes are convenient because you don’t have to deal with
landing pages or update a link in your bio to get the benefit of them. 

All you have to do is mention a particular code in a post, and earn income when your followers redeem the code.

5) Create Instagram images using Canva

I personally use
Canva to create all of the images that I use for my Instagram marketing. It’s tempting to use stock images, but they won’t get high engagement from your followers. 

Even if you take photos of yourself with your phone, you can still
edit them with Canva in a way that boosts activity. 

As an affiliate marketer with a big audience, your followers are looking for photos of
YOU or something about you. Stock photos do very little for engagement and can ruin your credibility with your followers.

6) Use Sponsored Posts

There’s nothing wrong with
paying for advertising to promote your brand and your website. And it’s especially helpful if you’re a new affiliate marketer who’s promoting a big-ticket item.

Plus, sponsored posts are promotional in nature, so you can add clickable affiliate links in them.

It’s a great way to get your name out there, get sales, and to
build an email list from the users on Instagram.

7) Use Video

Videos help to
boost engagement
with your followers, and it’s a great way to spur affiliate sales. 

Imagine if you were promoting a video course about
“how to increase your ball handling skills”, and you put up a short video with
Allen Iverson teaching you ball handling drills.

Wouldn’t you think your audience would jump on the affiliate video course you’re promoting so that they could learn the techniques NBA legends use?

Videos are powerful, and alot of smart influencers use them all the time.

8) Hashtag Your Posts Wisely

Hashtags (#) are a great way to get found on Instagram, but use tags that are relevant to what you’re promoting in your posts. 

Hashtags are how people find your content when they search on Instagram. So only use hashtags that are related to your

Final Thoughts About Instagram Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not doing Instagram affiliate marketing yet, now is the time to do so. You’re missing out on a huge audience that you can
tap into for free,
plus you can become well-known in your niche at the same time.

This means more publicity, more interviews, more backlinks, more requests for guest blog posts,
more traffic, more credibility, and more income for you.

As an affiliate marketer on Instagram, you can
earn a great income. Some influencers use Instagram as their main source of income. So there’s no reason why you can’t use it to make some money also.

The engagement rate on Instagram is incredibly high, so it only makes sense that you participate on this social media platform. 

Don’t base your entire
affiliate business on Instagram, rather, use it as another way to increase your affiliate commissions. You’ll find that adding it to your marketing routine is a decision that will pay off tremendously in the long run.


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