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Medici’s Treasure Event: Unearthing Riches and Confronting Challenges

Medici’s Treasure Event: Unearthing Riches and Confronting Challenges


The Medici’s Treasure event is a weekly opportunity, presenting challenges and rewards every Monday, following the server reset, lasting for 24 hours. It revolves around exploring the Underground Factory to assist Medici in collecting Precision Parts, resulting in rewards based on the collected parts’ ranking.

Key Rules and Tips:

  • Zombie Troops Deployment: Within the Underground Factory, you can deploy Zombie Troops three times to aid your exploration.
  • Layered Exploration: Explore deeper layers for richer rewards and face progressively stronger challenges. The event’s difficulty increases with your city level.
  • Boss Battles and Rewards: Defeating bosses yields various rewards. For instance, after defeating the Layer 11 Boss, you receive Uranium x 600.
  • Effective Use of Buffs and Items: During exploration, utilize Buffs, items, or Fortify powers to enhance your power and increase your chances of success.
  • Tyrant Challenge: The Poisonous Monster-Tyrant cannot be affected by items; Biochemical Zombies are the key to battling it. Defeating Tyrant yields significant Biochemical Materials.
  • Unused Event Items: Any unused event items are converted to 600 biochemical Materials at the end of the event.

Tips for Exploration:

  • Weekly Schedule: The Medici’s Treasure event occurs every Monday after the server reset and lasts for 24 hours.
  • Max Underground Level: The maximum Underground Level is 19, and the event becomes more challenging with each city level.
  • Boss Alerts: Movement on the floor square indicates a potential boss presence (90% certainty).
  • Strategic Battle Use: When attacking Layer 10 Boss, use “First Aid Kit” initially for no Wounded produced. If unsuccessful, follow up with “Stimulant” in the next attempt for a 50% Attack boost.
  • Green PLUS Effects: Each layer features Green PLUS effects, such as increased healing or troop amount. These effects impact specific aspects of your battle.

Supply Chests and Buildings:

  • Bonus Buildings: Unlock and clear Bonus Buildings, obtaining benefits like reduced Wounded, increased Damage, or map exploration.
  • Supply Shop: Encounter Supply Shops for boosts like Stimulant, Guided Bomb, or Special Shops offering in-game items.
  • Fortify Power Priority: Prioritize Fortify Powers based on the level, focusing on enhancing Zombie Troops, increasing Troop amounts, and strengthening Troop stats.

Bosses and Challenges:

  • Bosses vary in strength across layers, with increasing health for different city levels.
  • Dreadful, Wrathful, Mad, and Bloodthirsty Corrupted Bosses in Layer 19 present escalating challenges.

Fortify Power Priority Order:

  • Corpse Mountain: Boost Zombie Troops (Epic: 45%, Legendary: 75%).
  • Surmount: Increase Troop amounts (Epic: 15%, Legendary: 25%).
  • Troops Ruler: Enhance Attack, Defense, and HP of Troops (Epic: 20%, Legendary: 40%).
  • Zombie Ruler: Strengthen Biochemical Zombies (Epic: 60%, Legendary: 120%).
  • Biochemical Zombies HP/Attack/Defense: Increase specific Biochemical Zombies attributes (Rare: 60%, Epic: 120%).
  • Troop HP/Attack/Defense: Enhance general Troop attributes (Rare: 20%, Epic: 60%, Legendary: 80%).
  • Long-Range/Mid-Range/Melee HP/Attack/Defense: Customize attributes for specific Troop types.
  • Giant Weapon: Amplify Titans and Warplanes’ Attack, Defense, and HP (Rare: 80%, Epic: 150%, Legendary: 300%).
  • Enhanced Medic: Reduce Wounded after battle (Rare: 10%, Epic: 16%).
  • Long-Range/Troops Attack: Increase specific Troop type Attack (Excellent: 20%, Rare: 40%, Epic: 60%, Legendary: 80%).
  • Scavenger/Looter: Augment Precision Parts collection (Rare: 15%, Epic: 15%).

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