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City Evolution: Unveiling Opportunities

City Evolution: Unveiling Opportunities

Level 5: Titans Rise

  • Titans, the epitome of might, become available, shaping the landscape of battles.
  • The foundation of your dominion takes root with the establishment of the first House.
  • A newfound strategic advantage arises with the availability of the second Fleet Queue.

Level 6: Scientific Prowess

  • Embark on biochemical endeavors with the inauguration of the Biochemical Lab.
  • Enrich diplomatic discourse as National Chat and Private Messages unlock.
  • Your dominion expands further with the introduction of the second House.

Level 7: Dual Camps

  • Unlock the potential for strategic diversification with the availability of the second Camp.
  • Enhance your rescue capabilities with the introduction of the second Block Rescue, offering +4 resource building slots.

Level 8: Reinforcements and Facilities

  • Bolster your medical capabilities with two additional Medic Stations and amplify training potential with two more Training Grounds.
  • The third Block Rescue emerges, presenting another +4 resource building slots.
  • Relinquish the city protection bestowed at the inception of your journey, stepping into a realm of heightened challenges.

Level 9: Naval Expansion and Leadership Augmentation

  • The naval frontier beckons with the Dock becoming available.
  • Elevate your command with the ability to appoint a second Director officer.
  • The third House stands ready for establishment.

Level 10: Elite Advancements

  • Elite Equipment Facility opens its doors, providing access to advanced tools of war.
  • The strategic canvas broadens with the availability of the second Factory, contingent on the activation of the third House.
  • Another layer of defense unfolds as the City Wall Defense Tower takes its place.

Level 11: Island Ventures

  • Islands present new opportunities and challenges, with this level heralding their availability.
  • The fourth Block Rescue introduces +4 resource building slots, expanding your dominion’s reach.

Level 12: Architectural Expansion

  • The fourth House emerges, solidifying the architectural grandeur of your dominion.
  • Third Fleet Queue stands prepared for deployment.

Level 13: Industrial Forays

  • Embark on industrial endeavors with the activation of the Workshop, marking Nation Progress Phase 2.
  • The fifth Block Rescue ushers in +4 resource building slots, fostering economic prosperity.

Level 14: Towering Ambitions

  • The fifth House graces your dominion, a testament to its enduring growth.

Level 17: Sovereign Halls

  • A sixth House manifests, further enhancing the regal sprawl of your dominion.

Level 18: Aerial Dominance

  • Command the skies with the introduction of the first Warplane.
  • Uncover the secrets of City Ruins, exploring and recovering industrial prowess.

Level 19: Naval Reinforcement

  • Naval strength amplifies with the fourth Fleet Queue now at your disposal.

Level 20: Expanding Horizons

  • The sixth Block Rescue beckons, offering +4 resource building slots for strategic expansion.
  • The second Warplane takes flight, extending your aerial prowess.

Level 24-30: Warplanes Unleashed

  • The skies resonate with power as the third, fourth, and fifth Warplanes consecutively emerge.

Level 30: Doomsday Beckons

  • Brace for the ultimate challenge with the arrival of the Doomsday Challenge.
  • Delve into the heart of resources with the activation of the Core Mining Station, a pinnacle of dominion development.

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