NovaXyon Freelancing 5 Highest and Worst Faculty Majors if You Wish to Turn out to be Self Hired

5 Highest and Worst Faculty Majors if You Wish to Turn out to be Self Hired


Some people go to college for self betterment, other people use college as a ticket into the middle-class with a marketable degree. Most people go to college so they can make a good living doing something that they are passionate about. Nowadays, you need to be very sure about what you want to major in before investing that much time, money, and energy as college demands.

5 Best Majors for Future Self Employment

Today, I have compiled a list of five of the best majors out there that will give you the option to you work for yourself, if that is something you want. Wether you’re a high schooler looking to find a major that will put you in the best position to succeed on your own, or you already have graduated with one of these majors, This is for you.

Accounting (CPA)


This is one of the most common forms of self employment. Being a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is one of the easiest, most straightforward ways out there to make a great living from your own home. Like any self employed career, your first step would most likely be to get experience, build up your portfolio, and gather clients.

In the US, Private CPAs can make as much as $83,000 a year, but also expect to burn the midnight oil and work weekends as most CPAs only make as much money as they have clients to serve. 

Also, you can rest easy knowing that accountants are always in demand. Accountants have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US at only 2.8%. Everybody needs an accountant, which is why it is such a great major.

Business Administration

Business Administration

This one is the perfect major for people who want to start their own business. It teaches you the basics about everything there is to know about running a business, from accounting, to business law, to marketing.

It is the best major out there if you know what you want your business to be, and it sets you up for the most success out the gate, with the option to get an office job if your solo endeavor doesn’t work out. 

You can make a median salary of $83,000 in the private sector with this major.

Computer Science


Proficiency with computers is hands down the most valuable skill you can have in todays market. Getting a Computer Science Degree will make you an indispensable asset to businesses and individuals. I have paid top dollar to hire private programmers to set up code and troubleshoot issues for me on multiple occasion. 

An experienced Programmer can easily make six figures as a freelancer.



If you know that you want to become a blogger but you’re dead-set on going to college, I would recommend this major. It will give you the credentials and technical know-how to set up and maintain a great blog. Be warned, though, as English and Journalism are one of the riskier college majors if you want to get a job in the corporate world.

Freelance journalists almost always work through blogs or other content mediums, which can be very lucrative if you are lucky and diligent enough to gather affiliates and turn your passion into a full time career.

Foreign Language

Foreign Language

Foreign Language, believe it or not, can open the door to a lot of opportunities in todays market.

You can make up to $85K working as an interpreter or translator, and it can be very easy to use this skill as a private freelancer.

Another great alternative to Foreign Language would becoming a certified sign language interpreter, which is in very high demand.

5 Worst Majors for Potential Self Employment

Now, I am gonna discuss the 5 majors that I would avoid like the plague if you want to work for yourself (and even if you just want to know what majors don’t have many jobs ahead of them.)



Anthropology only lets you work in two jobs, low demand anthropologists and exclusive anthropology professor. Not only is it impossible to work for yourself in this major, you would be lucky to find any career at all.



Majoring in Theater is only a good idea if your last name is Dicapprio or Pitt. While you could theoretically use a theater degree to become a YouTuber/ content creator, that field is also incredibly volatile and doesn’t even require any previous qualifications.



Music is only a good major if you are a great musician; like a world class violinist or something. If you are a great musician, one could argue that the 4 years you spent in college were wasted when you could be making music instead.

This major also has little to no guaranteed job outlook aside from joining a classical ensemble (which sure isn’t easy).



Religion is only a good major for people who want to become a priest or a theology professor.

It is one of those vocational majors that only exist for a single purpose with zero flexibility. The only theoretical freelance opportunity for this one would be to start your own cult (haha).

Art History

Art History Meme

I know that this is low-hanging fruit, but I couldn’t resist dogging on this major and quite frankly, anyone foolish enough to waste their college career getting this degree. 

Art History is well known as the absolute worst degree that you could major in. If you want to study art history, save yourself the money and do it yourself for free online, because I guarantee you that there is no art museum waiting for you after you get this degree, just a whole lot of grocery stores.


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