NovaXyon Amazon FBA BrickSeek for Amazon Dealers| The Secret Tool Consumers and Resellers Use to To find Sale, Clearance and Onerous to To find Pieces

BrickSeek for Amazon Dealers| The Secret Tool Consumers and Resellers Use to To find Sale, Clearance and Onerous to To find Pieces


In this article I am going to show you the ins and outs of a cool program that allows you to find discounted and hard to find products in your area and online.

The tool is called BrickSeek

BrickSeek was made with consumers in mind BUT the real reason I care about it is because of its potential for finding profitable items to “flip” for a profit (typically by selling them on Amazon or eBay). 

This is known as retail arbitrage and it is surprisingly lucrative. 

This was one of my first successful entrepreneurial ventures and why I’m sharing this here on EntreResource.

What Is BrickSeek?

BrickSeek (also referred to incorrectly as “brickseeker” or “brick seek”) is a web based software that allows you to search for sale and clearance deals near your zip code.

BrickSeek focuses on several major retailers like Walmart, Target, and so on…

Brickseek retailers

Here is BrickSeek simplified as per their website…

What is brickseek

Reverse UPC/SKU Look Up

Once inside BrickSeek you will be able to choose from the supported stores and filter by category, deal type and filter by keyword.

BrickSeek Filter
  • Best Match
  • Trending Deals
  • Most Likes
  • Newest
BrickSeek Filter

And find keywords from within the results…

BrickSeek Keyword
BrickSeek Deals

Inventory Checker

If you have the UPC of the product you’re trying to locate, you can paste that into the Inventory Checker. 

UPC Reverse Search

Recent Stock Changes

You can also see recent inventory updates. Resellers love this feature because it allows them to know when products that are possibly selling above retail are available for pick up. 

BrickSeek Stock Changes

Online Stock Alert

With the online stock alert feature, you can get notifications when hard to find items come in stock near you. 

This tool require a log in to access.

If you practice retail arbitrage, this is a massive time saver and will give you a huge edge over your local competitors (more people do retail arbitrage than you’d expect). 

BrickSeek Online Stock Alerts
Online Stock Alerts

So, let’s talk more about using BrickSeek for flipping products for a profit. 

There is a custom Google Chrome extension for online product sourcing that was created for resellers called the BrickSeek Add-On. The extension will search multiple zip codes with a single click for inventory at,, and 

Sellers use this as a complement to their online arbitrage sourcing. 

How much Is BrickSeek?

BrickSeek offers plenty of fire power for free but they also have premium plans for $9.99 and $29.99. 

The free plan is powered by ads and doesn’t show as many products as the premium and extreme deal hunter plans. 

Premium users also get access to the BrickSeek forum where deals are shared. 

Brick Seek

There you have it! Go check it out and create a free account ASAP. 

Additional Tools for Finding Deals

If you’re interested in selling on Amazon, click here to learn more.


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