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5 Objectives for Your Associate Program This Yr


If you run an affiliate program, you likely already know the importance of strategy and the value of analytics. However, even when you have an established business, it can be difficult to decide which goals to prioritize.

When you focus on certain key objectives, you’ll be more likely to achieve your aims. For instance, you’d be wise to establish specific goals for your business management. This way, you can set up your affiliate program for long-term success.

In this post, we’ll highlight 5 goals you may want to consider for your affiliate program this year. Along the way, we’ll provide you with practical advice and tools for implementing these strategies. Let’s get to it!

1. Streamline Your Affiliate Tools

Your first goal should be to streamline your affiliate tools. It may sound simple, but this strategy can drastically improve your productivity.

Using too many tools can complicate your workflow. What’s more, it can generate unnecessary costs.

To avoid or eliminate extra software, we recommend using an all-in-one affiliate management solution like Easy Affiliate:

Easy Affiliate plugin

Using our intuitive dashboard, you can maximize your efficiency and streamline your affiliate business. Our plugin can help you simplify payments, email marketing, and performance tracking.

2. Improve Your Web Traffic

When you optimize your business processes, you can focus on performance-based goals, such as improving web traffic. Regardless of the business model you use, you always want to increase awareness of your program and attract affiliates.

One essential strategy for driving web traffic is search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO, you can make your affiliate program more visible in search engines.

Before you launch your SEO plan, it’s important to assess your current traffic levels. You can track metrics such as your click-through rates (CTRs), bounce rates, and even conversions.

Fortunately, Google Analytics and Google Search Console can provide you with plenty of valuable data:

Google Analytics signup page

This data can help give you a sense of what type of goals you should set. Then, you might want to consider using an SEO plugin like All In One SEO (AIOSEO) to optimize your content:

All In One SEO homepage

AIOSEO can help you increase web traffic with both basic and advanced SEO techniques. You can use it to improve elements like readability and keyword density as well as implement schema markup and metadata.

3. Refine Your Recruiting Process

When it comes to recruiting, quality control is key. That’s because affiliates can make or break a business. In an ideal scenario, they will help you increase brand awareness and build authority in your niche.

However, if you’re not careful, they can soil your good name and damage your credibility.

Therefore, you might want to refine your recruiting process. You can do this by setting up a clear affiliate application process. If you already have one, you can update it and make sure it covers every requirement:

Everlane affiliate application process

It’s also smart to include a detailed “About” section in the application process. That way, your commission rates and other essential information are communicated from the get-go.

Additionally, you might want to establish a system where top-performing affiliates earn rewards for attracting other high-quality recruits.

Once you’ve fine-tuned your recruiting process, it’s always a good idea to continue monitoring affiliate statistics on your management platform. This way, you can quickly identify your best affiliates and encourage them to do some recruiting for you.

4. Optimize Your Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are the backbone of any affiliate business, but they can often be long and unsightly. They may even be perceived as spammy. Therefore, you might want to optimize your affiliate URLs to make them more appealing.

You can use a link-shortening tool like Pretty Links to create neat links for your affiliates:

The Pretty Links homepage

Using Pretty Links, you can transform long and messy links into short and memorable ones. This also makes them more shareable and can help you boost the perceived trustworthiness of the URLs.

Furthermore, this plugin integrates with other popular affiliate software, including Easy Affiliate.

5. Update Your Marketing Material

If you want your affiliate website to succeed, you’ll need to create quality content for your partners. Eye-catching marketing material can help you gain your audience’s trust and attract more sales.

Therefore, it might be time to update your marketing material. Generating tons of content from scratch will likely be difficult, but tools like Canva can help you create stunning graphics fast:

Canva design tool

With Canva, you get access to thousands of templates, from social media posts to banners and infographics. It has pre-designed creations for almost every marketing purpose you can think of. All you need to do is customize these designs to suit your needs.

Once you have updated your marketing assets, you can share them with your affiliates. This can help improve their performance and draw more users to your site. Easy Affiliate makes it easy to share this content via the affiliate dashboard.


When you’re in the affiliate marketing business, deciding which goals to prioritize can be difficult. This is because affiliate programs tend to have a lot of moving parts, like application requests and fast-evolving SEO techniques.

To review, here are 5 goals you might want to focus on this year:

  1. Streamline your affiliate tools, using our Easy Affiliate plugin.
  2. Boost your web traffic with AIOSEO.
  3. Refine your affiliate recruitment process.
  4. Simplify your affiliate URLs using Pretty Links.
  5. Update your marketing material with Canva.

Do you have any questions about these affiliate program goals? Let us know in the comments section!

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