NovaXyon News How you can Make Your Associate Trade Stand Out (5 Bother-Loose Design Equipment)

How you can Make Your Associate Trade Stand Out (5 Bother-Loose Design Equipment)


Affiliate marketing is an appealing business model with low startup costs and flexibility. However, it still takes a lot of work to succeed in this field. Therefore, you might be looking for a way to stand out from your competitors.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the top design tools that can enhance your marketing efforts and improve your affiliate business. Leveraging these tools can help you promote products and strengthen your branding.

In this post, we’ll talk about how design tools can help you grow your affiliate business. Then, we’ll provide a list of our 5 favorite options. Let’s dive in! 

Why You Should Consider Using Affiliate Marketing Design Tools

Affiliate marketing has become an attractive business model over the past few years. According to Forrester, 81% of advertisers and 84% of publishers use affiliate marketing to further their business goals.

This rise in popularity means that more people are jumping into the industry. This poses a challenge for existing entrepreneurs – with so much competition, it can be hard not to feel like another face in the crowd. 

Creating unique graphics can help you stand out from other affiliates and businesses that rely on stock imagery. Creative graphics, custom blog headers, and affiliate banners make a strong impression on both your website and social media platforms.

Therefore, leveraging easy-to-use design tools can benefit your affiliate business. You can put together impressive graphics in just minutes and adjust them to fit your needs.

Affiliate Business Use Cases for Graphic Design

There are many use cases for custom graphics in your affiliate business. For example, branded blog banners can make your affiliate website look more professional and catch your audience’s attention.

Infographics can also be handy visual representations of data and concepts. These graphic elements can make information easier to understand for your audience and potential partners.

You might also use custom graphics in your email newsletters to affiliate partners and customers. Templates and promotional images can make your emails look more exciting and professional, keeping your audience engaged.

If you’re running your own affiliate program, it might also be wise to create affiliate banners. Your partners can display these graphics on their sites to promote your website and products.

Plus, our Easy Affiliate plugin makes it easy to upload and distribute promotional banners.

Screenshot of easy affiliate homepage

Finally, design tools can help you create impressive posts on your social media accounts. You can make beautiful graphics for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to boost engagement and draw more readers to your business site.

5 Hassle-Free Design Tools for Your Affiliate Business

We’ve chosen 5 hassle-free design tools that are simple to use and won’t break your budget. Let’s take a look!

1. Canva

Canva is one of the best design tools for affiliate marketing.

Canva is a top-rated graphic design platform with various tools to make almost anything imaginable, including logos, videos, and social media content. Therefore, it is a versatile option for all kinds of affiliate graphics.

However, keep in mind that the platform’s popularity has made its templates and designs ubiquitous on the internet. So, we recommend editing templates to make them original and fit your branding.

Key design benefits:

  • Wide variety of templates for social media posts, videos, email newsletters, and more
  • Library of stock photos and design elements
  • Very user-friendly for beginners

Pricing: You can use Canva for free. Canva Pro costs $119.99 per year and includes access to a brand kit, background remover, content planner, and more.

2. DesignEvo

Screenshot of designevo homepage

DesignEvo is an online platform that helps you make logos for free. This feature is essential to distinguish your website’s branding and establish your image.

DesignEvo has over 10,000 templates, which means there is a design for almost everyone. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to use.

However, you’ll need to give credit for your logo unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

 Key design benefits:

  • More than 10,000 logo templates
  • Designs for various business niches, including finance and retail
  • Thousands of font and icon options.

Pricing: DesignEvo is free to use. If you upgrade to a Plus plan for $49.99, you’ll get copyright ownership over your image, access to high-resolution graphics, and more.

3. Fotor

Screenshot of fotor homepage

Fotor is a platform where you can take photo editing to the next level. Beyond simple tasks such as resizing and cropping, Fotor lets you add effects, filters, and graphics to your pictures.

Moreover, Fotor includes some design tools for social media posts, email headers, logos, and blog titles. There are various templates to choose from, and the editor is intuitive and user-friendly.

 Key design benefits:

  • Decorate and edit photos quickly
  • Choose from multiple filters and effects
  • Access unique face editing tools

Pricing: Fotor is free to use. Fotor Pro costs $8.99 per month and includes advanced editing tools, HD stock photos, and more.

4. Snappa


Snappa lets you create graphics quickly and easily. Known for its user-friendliness, the platform helps you create visual content and upload it to social media platforms.

With Snappa, you can resize and edit graphics, utilize templates, and collaborate on team projects. It also comes with a wealth of royalty-free images to supplement your affiliate business designs.

Key design benefits:

  • Thousands of templates
  • Social media scheduling and posting capabilities
  • Millions of stock photos and thousands of vectors

Pricing: You can use Snappa for free. Snappa Pro costs $10 a month and has social media scheduling tools, custom fonts, and collaboration tools.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of applications that gives you access to graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography tools. Essentially, it has everything you need to design your affiliate business website, promote products online, and create content.

Furthermore, Adobe Creative Cloud has an active Creative Cloud community. Here you can find inspiration for your designs and collaborate with other users.

Key design benefits:

  • Access to more than 20 apps and tools for desktop, mobile, and web devices
  • Share and browse assets from libraries
  • Plans for small and large businesses alike

Pricing: Adobe Creative Cloud plans vary depending on the applications you want access to.


Design tools can enhance your affiliate business by making your website and content look more professional. Plus, you can strengthen your branding with custom graphics to stand out from your competitors.

To recap, here are five design tools to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level: 

  1. Canva: Edit videos, create graphics, and more.
  2. DesignEvo: Make unique and free logos.
  3. Fotor: Enhance your images.
  4. Snappa: Create visual content and collaborate with your team.
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud: Gain access to design, photography, video, and web development tools.

Do you have any questions about design tools for your affiliate marketing business? Let us know in the comments section below!

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