NovaXyon Amazon FBA [2023 Update] Final Tactical Arbitrage Assessment

[2023 Update] Final Tactical Arbitrage Assessment


At the end of the day, Tactical Arbitrage does one thing: it helps Amazon sellers make more money!

I strongly believe that the only reason a serious Amazon seller wouldn’t be using Tactical Arbitrage is that they don’t understand what it is capable of doing.

In this comprehensive Tactical Arbitrage review, I want to share with you how it does that and why I think it is a must have for any Amazon seller. 

What Is Tactical Arbitrage?

Tactical Arbitrage is a web based online arbitrage tool that allows Amazon sellers to find more products to sell on Amazon in 6 core ways (which we will cover in more detail shortly)

  • Reverse Search – This method allows you to review a list of products (can be from categories, or uploaded CSV files of ASINs) to find items that are priced lower than they could be listed for on Amazon. You’re shown where to buy the item and you can purchase and list on Amazon at a profit. 
  • Product Search – This method finds products from 3rd party stores and matches them with Amazon listings. Easily filter out items that aren’t profitable and purchase only those that are. This is the most basic form of online arbitrage, buy low from over 950+ different 3rd party sites and sell at higher prices on Amazon.
  • Wholesale Analysis – This method involves uploading lists of products and buy prices and analyzing their potential profitability on Amazon.
  • View Existing Inventory (Replenishables) – Tactical Arbitrage syncs with your existing storefront and allows you to find items from your current or past inventory that might still be profitable. See where to buy them and quickly source items that you know are already selling for you.
  • Amazon to Amazon Flips This method involves scanning Amazon for products that are priced low enough to buy and then list again on the platform at a higher price, netting a profit.
  • Library Search (Book Flipping) – Selling books on Amazon is wildly profitable and popular. Tactical Arbitrage has a specialized feature that scans Amazon,,,,, and to find potential flips. A perfect replacement to tools that specialize in book flipping like Zen Arbitrage or E-Flip. 

While sourcing from any of the methods above, you can control a wide array of variables that make your scans and results as refined as you want. 

Literally any information that can help you make better buying decisions is available at your disposal with Tactical Arbitrage.

Literally any information that can help you make better buying decisions is available at your disposal with Tactical Arbitrage.

Some of the most important filters and inputs you control include:

  • [Input] Discounts or Cash Back Rewards – Improve the leads you find by adding coupon codes from sites running promotions or cash back rewards that might adjust the price. 
  • [Input] Additional Fees – Nothing is worse than thinking you have a good lead but finding out too late that you didn’t subtract your costs properly. Tactical Arbitrage not only accurately calculates fees for both merchant fulfilled and Amazon fulfilled items, it also allows you to manually Add things like the fees per item fees when using a prep and ship company.
  • [Output] Profit and ROI – See the items general profitability if sold on Amazon. Remember, this is after fees and any other variables that impact the final amount that ends up in your pocket.
  • [Output] Sales Rank  Predict sales velocity and estimate how long it might take your item to sell based on historical sales rankings (30-90 day averages) and current total in stock quantities.

If you want, you can get extremely granular and see things as specific as a 3D representation of the item so you can get an idea of what sort of packaging it might ship with.

Understanding and utilizing these deeper filters is not at all necessary to start making money sourcing with Tactical Arbitrage, but as you scale and grow your skills, they are very helpful. 

The Features That Make Tactical Arbitrage So Powerful

Let’s go through the things that make Tactical Arbitrage the best product sourcing software available. These all work in harmony to help you find more leads in less time.

#1 Huge Database of Supported Websites for Scanning and Supported Countries

The number of websites  that Tactical Arbitrage allows you to scan (950+ at the time of writing) is unmatched. “Competitors” like Source Mogul and FBA Wizard have less than this many COMBINED.

Is 950+ sites still not enough for you? Well you can hire a programer to set up ANY site you want so that it functions with Tactical Arbitrage thanks to Tactical Arbitrage’s X-Path import functionality. This means you can integrate stores that no one else has and as many as you want! At the time of this writing, no other software offers this feature.

These aren’t just random stores either. These sites are historically full of profitable products and the code for scanning them effectively is updated around the clock

Tactical Arbitrage Supported Websites

Tactical Arbitrage also offers support for 7 different countries. 

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany 

Again, the competitors don’t come near this. There aren’t other online arbitrage softwares that even support 3 countries, let alone 7. Tactical Arbitrage also seamlessly performs the necessary currency conversions. 

#2 Advanced Matching Algorithm Minimizes Mismatches

This feature helps ensure your products match the listings on Amazon exactly so you don’t make bad purchase decisions and waste time and money.

Although Tactical Arbitrage does have the ability to match via UPC or ASIN, it also uses state of the art image matching AI that helps make connections between products on 3rd party websites and corresponding listings on Amazon.

This is no small task since the images are not always uniform. The sophistication behind this is next level; luckily, we don’t need to understand how it works to benefit from it!

Tactical Arbitrage Mismatch Solution

A product listed on or advertised on YouTube might not have the exact same product image as the same item on, but Tactical Arbitrage helps make that connection. 

This is especially helpful when considering bundled items. 

#3 Live or Cached Functionality for Speed and Accuracy

You can choose to run Tactical Arbitrage in a number of ways: Live or Cached.

The most accurate but (relatively) slowest method is the live scan. Live scans go through the website as it appears in real time which means you won’t find deals that are expired or sold out by the time you actually see them. 

It is still extremely fast, especially when considering the vast amount of data that is scanned per minute and comparing it to how much time it would take for a human to do the same search manually. 

Tactical Arbitrage Cache

Cached scans on the other hand are like snapshots of the storefronts and they run much faster. This is what other online arbitrage softwares use. It is great for speed but the only drawback is that you might find products that are no longer in stock. 

Tactical Arbitrage lets you minimize this by choosing a cache date. Longer cache means your more likely to see expired leads while a shorter cache is less likely to show dead leads. 

#4 Analyze Huge Product Lists from Wholesale Suppliers

Tactical Arbitrage started as a tool for online arbitrage but it has expanded into much more. 

It has COMPLETELY replaced tools like Price Checker 2 for wholesale analysis.

Tactical Arbitrage wholesale

Find only products that fit your needs and make money! Every necessary criteria for analyzing a purchase is controllable.

#5 Powerful Product Search Page

The product search page within Tactical Arbitrage is insanely feature rich and powerful. The amount of criteria you can add to your searches is unbelievable, making finding exactly what you want a breeze.

Here is a brief summary of what you can filter and modify:

The search filters page can be daunting at first but once you set your filters once, you can save them as your defaults. 

I recommend you make adjustments to your parameters as necessary but having a default set of parameters is a great way to speed things up.

If you are finding that your scans are coming up with no results, it is likely that you have your parameters set too tight. For instance, if you are accepting only items in the top 1% of sales ranks and with a minimum of 150% ROI, you aren’t going to find many items. The ones you might find will be fantastic, but you’re going to pull up a lot of empty nets!

Remember, you aren’t on the hook to buy anything. I like to set my parameters loose so I can have a look at a lot of options. You may find diamonds in the rough that would have slipped past your scans if you had your parameters too tight.

So, what are the common minimally acceptable numbers?

It varies based on a multitude of factors, but a minimum net profit margin of 30%, minimum net profit of $5 and sales rank in the top 1% is a great place to start.

The Amazon Flips feature is one of the most recent additions to Tactical Arbitrage and has quickly become my favorite feature!

One of the most important aspects of successful Amazon to Amazon flipping is setting price alerts. Use Keepa to set price alerts that notify you when a product reaches a low point that could make you a profit. This is based on low points that the product has sold at in the past.

For example, a product sells currently (and regularly) at $59.99. If you notice on the Keepa graph that the item has been selling periodically at a price that is low enough to make a profit (let’s say $19.99) if sold at the current price ($59.99), you should set a price alert to notify you if this item drops back down to $19.99. If the price drops, you will receive an email, at which time you can buy the item and sell back on Amazon.

#7 Reduce the Learning Curve with Basic Views *New*

One of the early complaints about Tactical Arbitrage was that it was difficult to use right out of the box. The development team solved this issue in 2019 with the release of a new second viewing option. 

Tactical Arbitrage Basic View

You can now choose an advanced or basic view for all the core scans. Enabling the basic view makes Tactical Arbitrage even easier than any of the other sourcing solutions on the market. 

As you become more experienced with the software, you can toggle into the advanced mode at any time. Both features still utilize the same resources for speed and accuracy. 

#8 Find Products on Automation with Always Be Scanning *New*

In 2020 Tactical Arbitrage released a new feature to all accounts called “Always Be Scanning.”

This tool automatically runs scans in the background across sites for you. You literally do nothing but come and check on it daily to see if you found anything good. 

Always Be Scanning Tactical Arbitrage

It’s like having someone hold your fishing pole for you all night while you go home and sleep. You come back the next day and keep the fish.

Note: Don’t try asking someone to do this for you please.

#9 Find Replenishables with View Inventory Page *New*

Tactical Arbitrage can now perform reverse searches from your existing listings! The logic is simple, if it was profitable once, it could very likely be profitable again. 

A quick scan can quickly lead to an influx of replenishable items you can tap into for continual and reliable profits. 

#10 Reverse Search to Find Sources for Any Products

The reverse search is my absolute favorite type of scan to run. It’s straight forward…

First, choose an input. This can be a .CSV file that has a list of ASINs you want to search for or a category on Amazon (which can be a MASSIVE amount of items scanned). 

Second, set your parameters.

Third, view data after scan is complete and see where to buy items that should be profitable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Tactical Arbitrage. 

How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to OA Xray?

Answer: This is a very frequently asked question. Here is my explanation when people want to compare Tactical Arbitrage vs. OA Xray:

  • They both perform the same function generally speaking (finding online arbitrage leads)
  • They both have Amazon flip functionality
  • They are similar enough you can use one or the other, but different enough a serious seller can benefit from both
  • Tactical Arbitrage has more supported sites (Tactical Arbitrage has 800 supported sites while OA Xray has 248 Supported Sites.)

Tactical Arbitrage is similar to other programs in many ways, but also very different in others. The best way to see the difference is by giving Tactical Arbitrage a test run with a free 10 day trial using coupon code ER10


How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to FBA Wizard?

FBA Wizard is a tool that has built itself on the coat tails of Tactical Arbitrage but mostly in the UK. It is so similar that people have asked, “Did Tactical Arbitrage white label itself to FBA Wizard?”

Tactical Arbitrage vs. FBA Wizard is not even worth comparison, especially considering that at the time of this writing, FBA Wizard is no longer available to the public.

FBA Wizard is essentially Tactical Arbitrage but 2 months behind at all times (since they seem to be emulating every Tactical Arbitrage update) and with no personality.

I am not a fan of FBA Wizard and don’t recommend it as an alternative to OA Xray or Tactical Arbitrage. You’d be wise to find an FBA Wizard discount code or coupon before you purchase unless you can stomach paying the same amount for an inferior product.

How does Tactical Arbitrage compare to Scout 360 or Source Mogul?

Scout 360 (not to be confused with Scout IQ) is the newest product aiming to compete to Tactical Arbitrage. It is not close to being a competitor yet though.
Source Mogul is the better of the two alternatives, but it is still playing catch up to Tactical Arbitrage and focuses more on over simplifying the process at the cost of real power.

Read my full comparison of Source Mogul vs. Tactical Arbitrage here to see how the two compare in more detail. 


Can I share my access with my team (virtual assistants)?

Yes! Within reason, you can share access with anyone who is part of your team. 


Does Tactical Arbitrage Need to Access My Seller Account?

To use Tactical Arbitrage you must have a sellers account. Your data is completely protected and the contents of your storefront are not viewed by the team unless you request support specific to your view inventory page. 


Tactical Arbitrage Reviews (From Users)

Note: Tactical Arbitrage does not account for 100% of the sourcing in the examples below, but the sellers shown attribute large amounts (100k+/month) of revenue to the products they are able to find with Tactical Arbitrage.

Chris Potter

TA immensely helps out our OA and RA business. In one month alone, it helped us generate over $100k in revenue.

Chris Potter

7 Figure Amazon Seller and Consultant

Bob steele e

TA has helped me find products I’d never find on my own. It’s simple and powerful and will help you grow your business to unimaginable levels

Bob’s sales from his first year using Tactical Arbitrage

Bob Steele

Tactical Arbitrage Pricing

Tactical Arbitrage has 2 types of pricing and 5 different tiers for each. You can choose a monthly or yearly option. The yearly plan will save you over 20% per year. The most common plan is the Full Suite yearly as it gives you a tremendous amount of value of the price. 

Tactical Arbitrage Updated Pricing


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