NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing 13 Presents for Ingenious Folks to Stay Them Glad and Impressed in 2023

13 Presents for Ingenious Folks to Stay Them Glad and Impressed in 2023


Are you looking for a birthday gift for a creative friend? Or maybe your social circle is full of artistic people, and you need unique gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Either way, this list of gifts for creative people is going to help you out!

The perfect gift for a creative friend is one that sparks inspiration and gets the creative juices flowing.

Whether that’s through drawing, painting, designing, sculpting, or building something new, the best gifts for creatives are practical gifts.

Oh, and of course, creative individuals love self-expression and like to show off their artsy side with funky apparel.

I’ve divided this list of creative gifts into digital gifts and physical gifts to make it easier for you to find the right one for your needs.

Let’s jump in!

Best Digital Gifts for Creative People

Ready to find a unique digital gift for that creative person in your life?

Whether they’re an aspiring Van Gogh, an art lover, or a person who likes to dabble in creative projects, you’ll find some great ideas in the gift guide below.

1. Affiliate Lab

gifts for creative people

Does that creative friend have a burning desire to build a business around their artistic passion?

If so, a great gift idea is the Affiliate Lab training course that teaches beginners how to build, rank, and monetize their own affiliate website.

This course is taught by Matt Diggity, who’s an SEO and website flipping expert and has made hundreds of thousands from his website empire!

Taking this course, your artistic friend will get all the guidance they need to build their own website and start making money from it.

2. Canva Subscription

gifts for creative people

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool used to create logos, social media graphics, presentations, posters, videos, flyers, digital worksheets, and more.

It has thousands of free templates to keep inspiration flowing and a massive library of fonts, photos, videos, and graphics that can be used to create visually appealing media.

With its simple drag-and-drop software, even beginner artists and graphic designers will find Canva an enjoyable way to create unique designs for themselves or their clients.

Why not get a Canva subscription for that creative person in your life?

Canva Pro is $14.99 paid monthly or $119.99 paid annually.

Get more information in this detailed Canva review.

3. Etsy Masterclass

Etsy is a global e-commerce company where creatives come together to sell unique handmade and vintage items.

If the creative person in your life wants to make money from their passion, Etsy is a top place to do it, and this Etsy Masterclass is a perfect gift idea they’re sure to love.

The Etsy Masterclass course content includes:

  • What to sell on Etsy for the highest profits
  • How to open an Etsy shop and set up your listings
  • How to get your first Etsy Sale and sell successfully
  • Learn SEO and how to rank #1 in Etsy search
  • Tips on using Etsy coupon codes and promotions
  • How to get reviews that get you more sales
  • How to create great photos that sell your products
  • Shop housekeeping and advanced settings

This course literally has everything your arty acquaintance needs to make a profit selling on Etsy. And your friend can transform from a struggling artist to a thriving art legend!

Get ideas for your friend in this article detailing unique things to sell on Etsy and why.

4. Subscription to Creative Review Magazine

gifts for creative people

Does that creative person in your life like to keep up with the latest news and trends in the industry?

If yes, a subscription to the hugely popular Creative Review magazine is an excellent, unique gift idea.

With this, they get access to:

  • Industry analysis and insight
  • Creative trends and rising talent
  • Creative leadership: the business of creativity
  • 4 printed magazine issues a year
  • Access to 40 years of ideas via the digital archive

Not just a thoughtful gift, but this subscription will help to nurture the brain of that artsy person in your life, and they’re sure to thank you for it!

Check out the Creative Review Subscriptions right here.

Best Physical Gifts for Creative People

Take a look at the best physical gifts for the artist friend in your life.

All the ideas mentioned below are great for self-expression and giving those creative juices a turbo-charge!

5. Creative Mood Tee

gifts for creative people

If you have a creative individual in your life, then this creative mood t-shirt is a clothing item they need in their wardrobe!

Made from premium cotton for a soft, easy-to-wear feel, this tee will last no matter how often it’s worn.

This brilliant gift is sure to help your friend beat creative block and will let their inner artist run free! Grab this tee now and show your appreciation for that creative person in your life.

Check out the Creative Mood Tee.

6. Origami Paper

Origami is the art of folding paper into two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.

A few popular origami models people make include:

  • Flowers
  • Stars
  • Boats
  • Boxes
  • Swan
  • Crane

Origami paper is a great gift idea for the creative person in your life.

They can enjoy hours of fun folding and creating new shapes and keeping the mind focused. Plus, origami is a great way for young artists to develop fine motor skills.

Search for Origami Paper on Etsy.

7. Art Supplies

art supplies

New and experienced artists are always in need of the latest, creative tools.

If you’re looking for gifts for artsy people, why not top up their art supplies? Ideas include:

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint palette
  • Paint
  • Oil pastels
  • Coloured pencils
  • Paint pens and chalk markers
  • Watercolour set
  • Modelling clay

The art supply list goes on and on! They’re extremely useful gift ideas that your creative friend is sure to enjoy and be grateful for!

Check out Art Supply gift ideas on Etsy here.

8. Solar Photography Kit

Solar printing kits are brilliant gift ideas for artists and creative people.

One example is the Eco-Friendly Solar Printing DIY art kit. Using it, you can make realistic prints on paper incorporating flowers from your favourite gardens and bits from your bush walks.

The pack includes:

  • Hand-treated magic blue-printed paper
  • Easy-to-follow print instructions and links to YouTube tutorials
  • Natural plant cellophane bag used as a portable lightbox window

The only other things needed are the sun’s UV rays, water, and a little creative flair, which I’m sure your arty friend has in abundance!

Take a look at Solar Printing Kits on Etsy.

9. Creative AF Mug

creative AF mug

If you’re looking for fun gifts, this ”Creative AF” mug is a top option and will put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Printed on both sides, this novelty mug will never fade and can be ordered in an 11 or 15-fluid-ounce size.

Whether your friend is working on their next artistic masterpiece or chilling after a long day, they can enjoy a relaxing drink with this thoughtful and amusing gift.

Check out Creative AF Mug on Etsy right now.

10. Artist Palette Necklace

This artist palette necklace is one of the most unique gift ideas that any art lover will love.

The pendant is made from sterling silver and has an adjustable chain. The jewels are made from zircon and give the necklace a colorful, sparkling finish.

Whether your arty friend is a style icon or happier dressed down in shorts and a scruffy tee, this beautifully designed necklace is sure to be a winning gift idea.

Take a look at the Artist Palette Necklace on Etsy.

11. Crystal Kit for Creativity

crystals for creativity

Even top artists in the world need a little creative inspiration sometimes.

This is where crystals for creativity can help! According to experts, they can help you forge through creative blocks to spark a new flow and stimulate ideas.

This crystal kit includes:

  • Apatite, which opens the mind to inspiration and insight
  • Fluorite, that helps to spark ideas, stir creativity, and open the mind
  • Rainbow moonstones to help bring ideas your way
  • Labradorite sparks imagination and gives the courage to create

Learn more about Crystal Kits for Creativity on Etsy right here.

12. Creative Writing Prompts Journal

Say goodbye to ”writer’s block” with this creative writing prompts journal.

This thoughtful gift is ideal for aspiring or established writers to keep writing, even on those fuzzy brain days.

This creative writing prompts journal includes a diverse range of concepts across various genres and themes, carefully created to help a writer through their next literary adventure.

Take a look at Creative Writing Prompts Journals on Etsy now.

13. 3D Printing Pen

3D printing pen

If you have a friend who loves to explore their creative side, this 3D printer pen is one of the most unique gift ideas for them.

A 3D printing pen allows the user to draw a raised graphic on any flat surface or piece of paper. But, what is truly astonishing about this pen is its ability to draw in mid-air!!

You can literally create 3D structures right in front of you!

This is definitely one of the best gift ideas for creative people and comes with:

  • OLED display
  • 3-speeds
  • Adjustable temperature
  • USB charging

Learn more about 3D printing pens on Etsy.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Creative People

Now, you have a range of ideas for the best gifts for creative people.

As you can see, there are many cool and unique gifts to buy for the art lover in your life – the only struggle is deciding on which one to buy!

If they’re looking to turn their passion into a business and make money from their creative talents, investing in the Affiliate Lab or an Etsy Masterclass will be well worth it.

For budding artists and hobby artists, opting for one of the physical, creative gifts is probably a better decision!

Are you an artist yourself?

Take a look at the best websites to sell art prints and how to make and sell art prints.


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