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5 Best Abilities to Search for in an Associate Marketer

As a business owner, your profitability may largely depend on the effectiveness of your affiliate marketers. This role is key, and it’s your responsibility to identify which publishers and influencers will be a good fit. Otherwise, your program could suffer.

Successful affiliate marketers are equipped with various skills to help them excel at connecting with an audience, identifying its needs, and offering your products as a solution. Understanding which qualities are most important can help you effectively screen and select publishers who’ll make for profitable partnerships.

In this article, we’ll evaluate five top skills to look for in an affiliate marketer, and discuss how they play a vital role in your program’s success. Let’s jump right in!

1. Problem Solving

Affiliates who have the ability and determination to solve problems save you the time and energy of having to address those issues yourself. Each of your affiliates will encounter various obstacles and snags. If you have to handle every hiccup for them, you may not have time for much else.

Ideally, your affiliates should be able to:

  • Evaluate and understand problems on their own
  • Find and implement appropriate solutions
  • Prioritize needs and recognize what is and isn’t essential

Publishers who are skilled problem-solvers are also helpful for finding ways to use your products to address customers’ pain points. Being able to uncover and identify issues among your target audience gives them a head start on tailoring content and promotions accordingly.

Affiliates who cannot problem solve may become problems themselves. On the other hand, having a team of independent thinkers you trust can result in a more productive program.

2. Creativity

Creativity is the power that drives production. Churning out content on a regular basis can be overwhelming, especially without a well of inspiration to draw from. The result may be inconsistency or poor performance, which ultimately hurts sales.

Affiliates who are creative, naturally curious, and willing to take risks and experiment can bring fresh ideas, strategies, and solutions to the table. This can be particularly helpful with content creation.

Publishers are often tasked with producing a good deal of content within a limited niche. Doing so is easier for people who possess the ability to generate several ideas around a single problem.

Knowing how to engage an audience by using words and other media can also help promotions stand out, and ultimately lead to more sales and conversions:

An example of a creative affiliate marketing website.

Effective creatives consistently design and produce quality content to promote your products. They are a powerhouse of immeasurable value in a crowded marketplace.

3. Communication

Communication is an important skill in any business. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s crucial.

This is why we recommend looking for affiliates who are:

  • Empathetic: Understanding pain points, and how to acknowledge and address them, helps affiliates connect with audiences and generate loyalty.
  • Articulate: Your goal in marketing is to remove as many obstacles for your customers as possible, which is why it’s important to have affiliates who are capable of clearly expressing ideas and information.
  • Relatable: Marketers and publishers should gather people and gain influence through authenticity and understanding, ultimately drawing people in instead of driving them away.
  • Proactive: Ideally, your affiliates will be proactive in their communication with their audiences, as well as with you.

Written and verbal communication are valuable skills to have as an affiliate marketing partner. If you can find a publisher who possesses both, even better!

4. Technical Aptitude

Regardless of how talented your affiliates are in other areas, if they lack the fundamental technical skills required to publish and grow a following online, they won’t have much impact. You don’t need technical geniuses, but your publishers should know how to use the necessary tools and techniques of your affiliate program.

For example, you might consider whether they’re able to comfortably access and navigate your affiliate dashboard, as well as use affiliate links and banners:

easy affiliate links and banners page

Technical aptitude also includes familiarity with search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing techniques, and basic knowledge of tools for creating content in various formats, such as images and videos.

Adaptability is also a quality worth considering. Different promotions may require various technologies and tactics, so being able to switch gears easily is beneficial.

Technology is an integral part of your affiliate marketing program. If your affiliate dreads the technical aspects of the work, they’ll probably only do the bare minimum. Publishers who thrive in this department, on the other hand, will help you grow.

5. Productivity

Productivity is the ability to put all of the above ingredients together to create something of value consistently. Without productivity, sales plummet.

Some top attributes that productive affiliates demonstrate include:

Organization. There are a lot of moving parts to marketing. Your affiliates need to keep up with mailing lists, publishing schedules, product information, contacts, and more. They’ll also need a system to continuously develop professionally, and stay on top of the latest marketing and consumer trends and tools.

Timeliness. Apart from consistency with their publishing schedules, your affiliates must adhere to promotional launch dates and other crucial deadlines. An affiliate marketer who is late, inconsistent, or unreliable could have a negative impact on your program.

Self-motivation. Having the drive to get things done is a key quality in affiliate marketers and publishers. Your affiliates need to stay on top of various requirements and bring enthusiasm to the work. This drive should come from within; otherwise, you’ll have to expend your time and energy to motivate and encourage them.

Affiliates who shoulder their responsibility to produce quality content can play an instrumental role in your overall success. Identifying these producers and placing them on your team can help you increase your affiliate marketing success.


You can help make your affiliate marketing program more profitable by teaming up with affiliate marketers who are skilled in the range of duties required for success. When you have talented publishers and influencers on your side, you’ll be able to spread the word about your products efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.

In this post, we discussed five top skills to look for in an affiliate marketer:

  1. Problem solving: Successful affiliates possess the ability to identify problems and solutions.
  2. Creativity: Fresh insight, the ability to generate ideas, and a willingness to experiment will help affiliates sell your products.
  3. Communication: Ideal partners can clearly express relevant concepts in a relatable way.
  4. Technical: It’s important that your partners are able to use the necessary tools to promote your brand, and adapt as needed.
  5. Productivity: Knowing how to organize information and adhere to deadlines helps affiliates get the word out about your brand.

What other skills do you think affiliate marketers need? Let us know in the comments section below!

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