NovaXyon Entrepreneurial 5 ChatGPT Activates To Determine Your Distinctive Corporate Values (and Unencumber A New Degree)

5 ChatGPT Activates To Determine Your Distinctive Corporate Values (and Unencumber A New Degree)


The great companies of past and present have one thing in common: strong company values. Not only are they defined, written up, and on display, they are lived. Company value setting is no small exercise. The values you select will carry through in the actions of your team, the impressions of your clients and every detail of the service you offer. Choose wisely.

Luckily, ChatGPT can help you with this exercise, so you can focus on doing your work. With these five simple prompts you can create a set of values that align with your mission, clients and team and send you well on your way to the success you have in mind.

Establish your company values with ChatGPT

Align values with your mission

Your mission is what you’re here to do. It’s that big audacious goal, that important cause you’re working towards, and the change you want to make happen in the world. But can you define your mission in a clear, coherent way? On your way to defining company values, your mission statement is stop number one. If you already have a mission statement, skip this step (or see if ChatGPT can improve it). Either way, type this prompt into a chat window and see what comes out. Re-prompt to refine until it’s exactly right.

“I want you to create our company values for [company name]. Before we proceed with defining our company values, let’s get absolutely clear on our mission statement for my company, which [describe what your company does] for [outline your target customer], who choose us because we help them achieve the outcome of [outcome you achieve for them]. Create a single paragraph mission statement that captures our purpose and direction and appeals to the goals of our target customer.”

Secure team-wide buy-in

Your values not only should align with your mission but also your team. They are the ones who will be the distributors of your ethos far and wide. If you know your team, you know why they signed up to work with you. You know why they stay and why they put so much effort in. Translate that information into this prompt to hear your first five suggested company values. Use the same ChatGPT chat so the information is carried forward.

“Our values must align with our mission and encapsulate the values of our team members, who join us because [include main reasons why]. They enjoy working for the company because [describe main reasons why]. Can you suggest 5 company values that match with our team’s experience and reasons for working with us?”

Align values with customers

Without a team, you can’t get very far. Without any customers, you don’t have a business. Your company values need to resonate hard with the people who buy what you create. Doing this will ensure they align with your vibe and become loyal to your brand. When defining your mission, you included information about your target customer. Now add further context and let ChatGPT come up with five more values for you to consider later.

“I also want to make sure our values resonate with our customers. Use the information from the target audience I described, plus additional context that they value [their values] and buy from us because [include information]. Can you suggest 5 additional values that will resonate with our customers.”

Match desired behaviour

A set of values leads to a set of behaviours. If everyone in your company is aligned with the values it has set, how they speak and act will be congruent with this. There is no other way. Saying you’re a company of integrity and then canceling meetings just won’t wash. Use this prompt to define your values and their associated behaviours and see how you match up right now.

“The values we create should have accompanying behaviours, which ensure our values are applied in practice. The desired behaviour from team members is [describe how you want your team to act, serve clients, and experience your company]. Can you suggest 5 values, which may be repeats of the ones already suggested, that encapsulate these behaviours?”

Compile your values

So far we have a mission statement and fifteen possible values, along with associated behaviour that brings some to life. Now is where you whittle them down into four overarching values, that will be the ones that are published. If you have favourites so far, include that information in the prompt. If not, let ChatGPT choose the most appropriate four.

“From the information so far, including our team, customer and behaviour information, can you combine your suggestions into 4 core company values that are varied, as well as the 3 associated behaviours that each relate to? For example, a value of “Integrity” might mean associated behaviours of “own your responsibilities, don’t make excuses, and close open loops”. Use simple language that explains them to the team in an instructional way. From the values suggested so far, my favourites are [explain your favourites and why].”

Prompt ChatGPT to create your company values

Once you have your final four as well as their associated behaviours, distribute them far and wide. Ensure your team knows what’s expected, and your clients understand how you uphold the standards of your profession. Enlist ChatGPT’s help in modifying the values to suit every new medium, perhaps a bullet-pointed list for an email, or making them catchy for your about page or staff handbook.

Every great company has values it stands by, and yours should be the same. Find your values, live by their behaviours, and become unstoppable.


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