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Bold Bureaucracy Integration | Simple Associate

Every affiliate program is different. That’s why we aim to provide you with a variety of tools to help satisfy the needs of your business. And if you’re looking for an online form builder that goes beyond basic form building, then we have just the tool for you! 

Today, we’re here to introduce our integration with Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is an advanced form builder plugin packed with never-before-seen features that allow users to create just about any form imaginable – including payment forms.

Better yet, our Formidable Forms integration makes it simple for Easy Affiliate users to collect online payments AND track affiliate commissions. 

Learn more on how Formidable Forms can benefit your affiliate program!

Introducing Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms homepage

Formidable Forms is a top choice online form builder equipped to handle lead-generating forms on your affiliate site. Not only can you create the forms you need for all your consumer interactions, you’ll also uncover key data that can help improve your marketing strategies. 

Designed for next-level form building, Formidable Forms offers several tools and features you won’t find anywhere else. Still, the code-free form building process makes it easy to use no matter what action you need to accomplish. 

Formidable forms makes everything from building a contact page to collecting sign-ups and formulating calculations super easy.

Keep reading to check out some of our favorite Formidable Forms features and add ons.

Advanced Form Building

Formidable Forms offers solution-focused form building tools that can handle everything from your average contact form to complex calculator forms. Starting with the Drag and Drop Form Builder, you can easily build any form you need from scratch – without any need for coding. 

As if online form building couldn’t get any easier, Formidable Forms also has a library full of pre-designed forms. Their design team has come up with nearly everything you can think of, including popular forms such as timesheets, event registration, RSVP requests, charitable donations, customer satisfaction surveys, and so many more! 

Calculator Forms

Do you need to crunch numbers on your site? The Formidable Forms Calculator plugin can also be added to any form, handling quick calculations often needed in industries like:

Click here to see Formidable Forms’ full list of pre-designed templates.

Preview their demo templates to get an idea on how to build your own, or start customizing the template right then and there! Formidable Forms is a white label form builder, meaning you can take all the credit for the professional-looking forms on your site.

Responsive Interaction

Online forms are super helpful for gathering customer data and insightful feedback to incorporate into your business strategy. With that being said, you want to make sure that you cover every angle in your form building process.   

Formidable Forms can get the data you need with tools that’ll help you ask all the right questions. Use the basics, such as multi-page building, autosave, file uploads, e-signatures, and more to reassure consumers’ confidence while filling out your form.

Then, you can narrow down to gather specific information using interactive elements like:

  • Cascading Lookup Fields: Pull data from related forms to create drop-down lists based on the user’s previous sections.  
  • Review Summary: Give users the opportunity to go over their answers in a final review tab before submitting their form.
  • SMS Voting: Connect with Twilio to send, receive, and even automate survey form text messages.
  • Schedule Forms and Limit Responses: Limit form availability to only receive a certain number of entries, or even schedule a specific date for your form to close.
  • WCAG and A11Y Compliant: You can ensure your forms are accessible to all online users thanks to Formidable Forms’ compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the A11Y Accessibility Project

Actionable Analytics

As form results start rolling in, Formidable Forms makes it easy to analyze the collected data and plan future necessary actions. You can also share your form data on the front end of your site to inform and impress your site visitors.

Data Display: Formidable Forms is the only WordPress form builder plugin with integrated views to showcase your data on the front end of your site.

Reports, Graphs, and Charts: Create eye-catching visuals to show complex data trends, comparisons, and relationships discovered among submitted forms.

Export Data: Download form data to save onto your computer as an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

Entry Management: Update existing forms by making quick edits on the backend of your WordPress site. You can also delete forms you no longer need.

Automation: Assign specific automation actions for individual forms after triggered events take place, such as sending out weekly digest emails, invoice reminders, deadlines, birthday texts, and more.  

Built-In Tools and Integrations

Pair Formidable Forms with your favorite affiliate marketing tools, such as:

Email Marketing: MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Get Response, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and more.  

Customer Relations: HubSpot, Salesforce, Highrise, WordPress Newsletter, MyCred, among others. 

Analytics: MonsterInsights, CampaignTracker, Geolocation, and more. 

Translation: WPML Multilingual, Polylang Multilingual, WeGlot, and more. 

Zapier: Connect with over 2,000 applications.

See the full list of features and integrations available with Formidable Forms here.

How Formidable Forms Integrates with Easy Affiliate

Formidable Forms integration connects you with a powerful payment form builder that also tracks affiliate commissions.

Online payment forms are the most convenient way for online shoppers to purchase a product or service on your website. Although, if your form is difficult to navigate, poorly designed, time-consuming, or suspicious-looking, it’s doubtful that you’ll have very many conversions.

That’s why it’s so important to have professional-looking forms trustworthy enough that customers are confident entering sensitive banking information.

Then, when it comes to your affiliate sales, our integration makes it easy to monitor and track affiliate involvement so you can be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Collect Payments

Formidable Forms supports some of the most trusted names in eCommerce, including PayPal and Stripe.

With Formidable’s PayPal plugin, you can easily collect recurring and one-time payments, even if your customer doesn’t have a PayPal account.

The magic happening here is, when a customer submits their payment form, they’re automatically redirected to a PayPal payment page (along with their purchase information).

Then, they have the option to pay via PayPal or with a credit card. The process is quick and painless for you and your customer.

Stripe is also built-in as a popular Formidable Forms payment gateway that allows customers to pay using either a credit card or by sending a check in the mail.

Track Affiliate Commissions

Adding an affiliate program to your online business is a great way to increase sales up to 30%. Not to mention, one of the easiest ways to grow your content marketing strategy. In recent years, the content produced by affiliate marketers alone has exploded by 175%

That’s a lot of monetized content!

To keep your affiliates hard at work, it’s crucial to reward them by paying out the commissions they’ve earned. With our Formidable Forms integration, you’ll never miss an affiliate sale. 

With every submitted payment form, you’ll also see key transaction details, such as product details and automated commissions tracking.   

Let’s break down how Formidable Forms perfectly pairs with Easy Affiliate:

  1. The process begins when an affiliate leads a consumer to your product’s payment page, which you built using the Formidable Forms plugin.
  2. After the consumer submits their payment information, the sale will register as a transaction in Easy Affiliate > Transactions.
  3. Here, you can see the details of the sale, including the affiliate name, product, price, and the commission earned:  
Formidable Forms payments registered in Easy Affiliate Transactions

How to Enable Formidable Forms with Easy Affiliate

The Formidable Forms add-on is available to Easy Affiliate Pro users. You’ll also need to set up a Formidable Forms plan

Take note: If you plan to use PayPal as a payment gateway, you’ll need a Business plan. As for Stripe, you’ll need the Elite plan. 

Be sure to also have active accounts with your choice of online payment system(s) as well in order to make and receive payments. 

Create a PayPal Account    Create a Stripe Account 

1. Purchase and install Easy Affiliate Pro

Download Easy Affiliate just as you would any other WordPress plugin. When the download is finished, your new plugin will automatically be added to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Open Easy Affiliate > Settings and run through our one-of-a-kind Setup Wizard

Our user-friendly Setup Wizard will guide you step-by-step on how to set up your new affiliate program.

3. The Setup Wizard will automatically detect that you are a Formidable Forms user:

Simply click the tab to activate Formidable Forms.

Already an Easy Affiliate User?

The integration is made simple for you, too!

1. Open Easy Affiliate > Settings > eCommernce

Under the eCommerce tab, click the tab to Activate the Formidable Forms plugin.

Just a Few More Steps…

With everything set up and ready to go in Easy Affiliate, all that’s left to do is enable similar changes within the Formidable Forms add-on.

1. Locate the Formidable Forms plugin in your WordPress dashboard

Open the Forms tab and select the payment form you’d like to enable Easy Affiliate.

2. Go to Form Settings > Easy Affiliate:

Click the box next to Enable commissions on payments made using this form

3. Set Payment amount

On that same page, you’ll need to set your payment amount by opening the drop-down menu and select Total: 

Set payment amount in Formidable Forms form settings

Optional: You can also choose a payment description field to add to your Easy Affiliate Transaction report.

4. Click the blue Update button in the top right corner

Ready to Build Your First Payment Form with Formidable Forms?

Watch our quick tutorial video on How to Create Payment Forms for Your Affiliate Site with Formidable Forms: 

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