NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Who Is Deon Christie Why Imagine Him? | via Deon Christie | ILLUMINATION | Sep, 2023

Who Is Deon Christie Why Imagine Him? | via Deon Christie | ILLUMINATION | Sep, 2023


Allow Us To Introduce Deon Christie As The Old School Type!

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Who Deon Christie Is And Why You Can Trust And Believe Him
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What you will learn from this Medium story.

Who is Deon Christie online and offline?

Why should you believe Deon Christie?

Content marketing strategies by Deon Christie.

Something you didn’t know about Deon Christie.

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Who is Deon Christie online and offline?

Deon Christie online is an entrepreneur, writer, affiliate marketer, blogger, social networker, content creator, and research junkie…and I’m running out of breath! But he also believes in integrity and honour.

Why should you believe Deon Christie? Because he has absolutely no desire to lie to you or con you into anything. He has worked too hard for over a decade and is not prepared to destroy that at the cost of someone else’s pain or loss.

You cannot build your Happiness with other people’s Sadness and Tears as the Foundation!” — Deon Christie

His online fascination with ways and strategies to make money online borders obsession. But perhaps that ship has sailed, he might well already be obsessed. What he does online is his obsession, what he does offline is what he likes doing. Know the difference.

When you Work For a Boss, you Have to Get Up in the Morning. When you Do What You Love, you Want to Get Up in the Morning!” — Deon Christie

His word is his bond, perhaps it’s the “old school thing”. And what you do when no one else is watching, he believes defines your true character. Just because no one “sees” it, you have no excuse to be a lesser version of the powerful you.

Offline, Deon Christie is a qualified Electrician with extensive circuitry design knowledge. From house reticulation to working to heavy industrial machines fault finding and circuitry design.

Designing large industrial extraction systems with HMI (Human Machine Interface), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and VSD (Variable Speed Drive) interface and automation. If you are an Electrician reading this, you might understand. If not, you’re pretty lost right now, yes?

It’s just electrical talk for a brief description of what Deon Christie does for a day job. In their family business as an Electrical Projects Manager for almost 25 years.

Qualified as a Grade A+ Certified Electrician on September 02, 1991, at (CTC) Colliery Training College. A training facility exclusive to the coal mining industry. The online marketing and writing “bug” got him in 2011!

Why should you believe Deon Christie?

He dislikes the words or terms “Guru”, “Expert”, and “Professional”. Because there are way too many “Experts” these days, who couldn’t understand the meaning if their lives depended on it.

He rather thinks of himself as an online entrepreneur with advanced knowledge about many things. Working over a decade online, going from failure to failure. From disappointment to disappointment. When Deon Christie puts his mind to something, then nothing will stop him.

You do not have to Like Someone to Learn from Them, you only Need to Be Quiet and Listen!” — Deon Christie

Perhaps death, maybe but we have our doubts. Deon Christie will never lie to you, just to make a quick sale. And he will never try forcing you to buy anything. Deon Christie believes his content must do the talking.

When you do come across a product promoted by Deon Christie. Rest assured that it will come with a full money-back guarantee. He believes that if the product owner does not offer a refund.

Then they might not have much confidence in the claims they make, and neither should you. All content created by Deon Christie is done by himself, based on intense research to come up with new content marketing strategies. But we will get to that in a bit.

Deon Christie also prefers to purchase and test what he intends to promote as an affiliate marketer. Admittedly though, although the majority of his promoted products have been personally tested. Others went through intense review and demo research.

Being an affiliate on Clickbank, Warrior Plus, JV Zoo, Max Bounty, and Share A Sale. It will be impossible to test every product from so many affiliate networks. But before any promotion, proper and lengthy research is done.

He has failed more times than he cares to recall but rightly believes that if you want to succeed then you must keep going. So he did, and here we are. He’s “secret to success” in a quote? Because he believes that people always remember how you made them feel.

Make People Feel Worthy, Appreciated, and Successful. And One Day they Will Be and so Will You!” — Deon Christie

Content marketing strategies by Deon Christie.

That is what he loves doing most. Deon Christie loves to research, find, and compile his own content marketing strategies. That is also why he is sometimes a bit absent from Medium.

That is when he is busy testing something he researched and is waiting on the results to share it with all his readers. With affiliate marketing, Deon Christie is both an affiliate and a vendor. Meaning he has his own digital products online. While also being an affiliate, selling other people’s digital products.

Therefore, Deon Christie knows that buyer traffic is the cornerstone and heartbeat of making it possible to generate sales online. That is why he is constantly researching, compiling, testing, and tracking.

Because he will never provide you with content marketing strategies he has not personally tested. Deon Christie’s content marketing strategies on Medium, his blogs, and several other article sites are all 100% free to all his readers.

Content marketing strategies are what Deon Christie “does online”. And you can expect well-researched, and effective content marketing strategies that actually work. Bringing us back to the integrity and honour part of Deon Christie.

If you have not yet Failed at Many Things In Life, then you might not have much Advice to Offer Either!” — Deon Christie

But there are the occasional poems and short stories when creativity and inspiration meet. Deon Christie’s primary topics and content remain focused on content marketing strategies and ways to make money online.

Deon Christie completed several certified (10) SEO courses with Yoast SEO Academy and received Diamond Expert Author Certification from My Ezine Articles in 2016. Along with completing several other training programs.

With Canva Design he is currently at almost 5000 Canva designs. But you can read more about his experience and online journey on his Medium “About” page.

Something you didn’t know about Deon Christie.

Let’s just kick down the door, shall we? His native language is not English, but rather Afrikaans. A mixture of Dutch and a touch of German in the origins, a language born around the 1600s if memory serves us right. But that was not his only challenge.

Back in 2011 when he got started, Deon Christie had limited computer knowledge. Or shall we rather say zero, nada, nothing, apart from playing music on his PC… a true story. He couldn’t even send emails or copy and paste for that matter.

Yes, it was that challenging. But Deon Christie believes that there is nothing that hard work, research, effort, and persistence cannot remedy. So he basically spent most of his time failing and learning online. Therefore, he knows the desperation and devastation failure can cause.

If you Cannot be Outworked, and Outwilled, then you Cannot Be Stopped!” — Deon Christie

And that is why he will never lie to you and be responsible for your sorrow. Deon Christie does not roll like that, whether people believe this about him matters to him not. As long as he knows the truth, that is enough. Your conscience must be your guide he believes.

From websites to blogs, Medium and several other sites including major social networks. You will always find professional profiles with legit contact details to get in touch with Deon Christie. Oh, and he still types with two fingers, just so you know! And drink too much coffee!

If you found this Medium story insightful, kindly let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. Did you know who Deon Christie is?

If you need help with anything, we speak “Medium” rather fluently, so feel free to reach out any time. With that, our “Who Is Deon Christie Why Believe Him?” article on Medium is covered. And with that, we have now officially met.

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