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5 ChatGPT Activates To Keep Motivated In Your Trade


If you’re dreading opening your laptop every morning, something has gone awry. The sooner you figure out what’s wrong, the sooner you can get back to making waves at work. Without consistent and prolific energy in the right direction, you won’t hit those big, scary goals. You won’t star in the movie of your life, no one will want to write your biography. You’ll make excuses until you retire then wonder why you didn’t do more.

Don’t start down a spiral of mediocrity. Get your business mojo back and start winning the day again with these prompts for ChatGPT.

Get your motivation back with these effective ChatGPT prompts

Regain perspective

A lack of motivation signals a lack of perspective. Maybe you’ve been worn down by the tiny details, trapped in the day-to-day, and you’ve forgotten the bigger picture. You’ve lost sight of the huge impact you want to make and can’t remember how to make it happen. Maybe a problem team member or an angry client has got you riled up so you can’t think clearly, and the future seems fuzzy. Get a handle on the blue sky with the help of ChatGPT.

“I’m feeling unmotivated in my business. My business is [describe your business] and we [what you do] to achieve [ideal outcome] for [target audience]. Write three paragraphs that explain the huge impact we could make within 5 years if I keep going with what I’m doing right now.”

Consider the alternative

There’s another version of you. It’s the version who didn’t achieve their potential. Who let the world tear them down, who never made it to that event, never initiated that conversation and never reaped the rewards of putting themselves out there. Don’t be that guy. Let ChatGPT describe the characteristics of the lesser you for a stark reminder of what you don’t want to become. Continue the chat with this prompt.

“When I feel unmotivated I [describe your actions and feelings when you’ve lost confidence or drive]. Write a short story about a person called [your name] who let these unhelpful behaviours turn into habits, take over their life, and ruin the business I just described. Write about how boring their life became and how unsuccessful and unfulfilled they felt. This will be my reminder to not let this happen.”

Be your own cheerleader

American football teams perform in front of a roaring crowd and thousands of fans. Every great pass, key block and impressive touchdown is rewarded by huge cheers. In the absence of a stadium full of support, you might feel like you’re all alone in your business ballgame. Use ChatGPT for the mantras that will keep you on track and remind you to keep going. Revisit them whenever required to remember the support for you is there.

“Using what you know about my business and how I behave when demotivated, create three motivational mantras that I can use to be my own cheerleader. Make them impactful. They should remind me that I have everything I need to make the big vision just described a reality.”

Remember your superpowers

You have superpowers and you need to use them. Your unique strengths, that you built or were born with, will secure your success when harnessed in the right way. But people forget their superpowers. They play them down, they excuse them away. They become embarrassed and don’t put them in the spotlight. Understand how vital yours are with this simple ChatGPT prompt. Complete your details and feel empowered to use your hidden ace cards.

“I believe (or I’m told by others) that my strengths are [describe your strengths]. Can you turn these into three superpowers, with exciting names, that a superhero might possess. Explain how each one is instrumental in my reaching the grand plans I have in mind for my business.”

Give a team pep talk

If your founder energy is down, this will be passed on to your team. Subconsciously, they’ll pick up on your words and actions. They’ll start to feel just as unmotivated as you. Don’t let that happen. Get ChatGPT’s help writing a motivational talk for your team, and send it around in the format you see fit. Check out ChatGPT’s first draft from this prompt, then re-prompt to edit the words to match your style.

“Write an email to my team that thanks them for their hard work in [their latest achievements as a group] and reminds them that our work is not yet done, because we want to achieve [next milestone]. Motivate them to be excited for working on this together, because it will create [results this work will achieve] for our clients and [outcomes for them] for them. Sign off the email in an inspiring way.”

Get motivated for your business with ChatGPT

Regain your founder mojo for the benefit of your team, clients and humanity. Don’t let one bad day or bad mood prevent you from continuing your mission. Regain perspective as quickly as you lost it, consider your lowest, most unfulfilling alternative, then be your own cheerleader when you’re on the field. Remember the superpowers that you already have and don’t forget that your team need motivation too.

ChatGPT can’t do your work for you, but it can get you pumped to perform. Try these prompts and see the difference they make.


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