NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Ryvalmedia expands with new unit, new rent

Ryvalmedia expands with new unit, new rent

Ryvalmedia expands its product offerings with a dedicated Media Partnerships and Affiliates unit, while hiring Pooja Aggarwal as client partnerships and affiliates lead.

Ryvalmedia Melbourne managing director Joseph Pardillo, announces an expansion of the agency product offering with the launch of the Media Partnerships and Affiliates dedicated unit and the appointment of Pooja Aggarwal to the newly created role, client partnerships and affiliates lead, effective immediately.

The Affiliates capability will complement Ryvalmedia’s digital-first offering, leveraging its full spectrum of communications expertise to drive new streams of business growth and tap into new audiences for its new and existing client portfolio.

Pooja Aggarwal has held several senior advertising and agency roles, with extensive industry experience spanning strategic media planning, campaign management, client service, mar-tech, ad-tech, and data and digital solution remits. In her most recent position before joining Ryvalmedia, she played a crucial role in owning, managing, and growing the Affiliates Program at Dentsu for the Woolworths Group of brands in Australia and New Zealand, strategising and implementing performance campaigns based on tailored KPIs and budgets within their Affiliates & Partnerships space.

Similarly, her task at Ryvalmedia is to launch and scale the agency’s media partnerships and affiliate capabilities with client partners and brands to drive e-commerce sales growth for their respective affiliate programs. It will become a vital specialisation and another string to Ryvalmedia’s bow of digital media expertise as it looks to partner with its clients in negotiating optimal exposure, commission structures, rates, and co-funding opportunities with media partners and stakeholders across the ANZ markets. Ryvalmedia will also manage and liaise with affiliate networks and partners (including and Commission Factory) to drive engagement, enhance performance, and ultimately return on ad spend for clients.

The catalyst to launch the affiliates unit was after collaboration with several client partners identifying strategic growth opportunities from affiliate marketing that improve market reach and YoY revenue during key e-commerce events, as well as key product and sales offers. Pooja will lead the new team in analysing data around product sales, customer purchase patterns, basket value, and other related inputs that will help derive actionable insights and implement critical business optimisation learnings for clients.

One of the first client partners onboarded under Pooja’s stewardship will be MyDeal, implementing a new affiliates management platform, amplifying revenue streams by incorporating new suitable partners, optimizing the current relationships, and driving overall performance and revenue growth across the program.

Joseph Pardillo said, “We are excited to unlock a wide range of business growth avenues for our clients in the new economy where opportunities are limitless. Affiliate marketing is nothing revolutionary, yet the economic system that has emerged out of the disruption from the rapid rise of technology, digitisation, and innovation means that we need to be equipped with tools and capabilities beyond the traditional agency skillsets to optimize revenue growth for our clients. In this new economy, not only do brands need to rapidly transform to fend off the competition from new entrants who have changed the way we work, shop, and live, but they also need to partner deeper with like-minded businesses to equip themselves with that winning edge. Therefore, building and integrating this capability within our infrastructure must almost become a hygiene service for our client partners.”

Pooja Aggarwal said of her appointment, “I am thrilled and deeply honoured to be joining the incredible team at Ryvalmedia. As I step into this new chapter of my career, I want to express my utmost enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead. The prospect of leading the charge in launching and scaling our agency’s media partnerships and affiliate capabilities is both invigorating and promising. Together with our valued client partners and brands, we are poised to drive significant e-commerce sales growth through affiliate programs, and we are already seeing success with the MyDeal program, achieving, and surpassing the KPIs despite platform migration and variables. Thank you, Joseph, for entrusting me with this incredible opportunity, and I look forward to the journey ahead.”

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