NovaXyon Digital Marketing Tips on how to Spice up Your Advertising and marketing Recreation The use of Threads (Meta’s Twitter Rival)

Tips on how to Spice up Your Advertising and marketing Recreation The use of Threads (Meta’s Twitter Rival)


In today’s digitally connected world, social media platforms are constantly evolving. Among the frontrunners is Threads, Instagram’s newly-developed social media hub. Post-launch, Threads quickly gained traction as one of the fastest-growing social platforms for 2023.

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While the initial buzz may have faded, Threads still remains an untapped goldmine for marketers looking to elevate their social media strategy.

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But what does it actually do and, most importantly, why is it still a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal? Well, kick back, read on, and allow us to explain.

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Overview of Instagram Threads

Threads allows brands to connect, curate, and quickly share content.

It has rapidly gained popularity — due in part to its focus on providing a simplistic, casual approach to social media.

With its intuitive user interface and seamless integration with Instagram, Threads has become a popular platform for brands across industries.

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How to Set Up a Threads Account

Setting up a Threads account is a pretty straightforward process. But in case you need a walkthrough, here’s our guide on how to get started.

1. Download and install the app.

Start by downloading the Threads app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). Once downloaded, install the app on your mobile device.

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2. Connect your Instagram account.

Launch the Threads app and sign in using your existing Instagram account credentials.

Since Threads was created by Instagram, the integration is seamless. And if you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can create a separate Threads account for each one.

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3. Customize your account.

Once you’re signed in, take a moment to personalize your Threads account.

Add a profile picture, update your bio, and select a username that aligns with your brand or personal identity. You can also choose to link other social media accounts to enhance cross-platform engagement.

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4. Begin sharing and engaging.

With your Threads account set up, start sharing compelling content and engaging with your followers.

Create content that resonates with your audience. You can create your own thread or actively participate in conversations to foster stronger connections and drive meaningful interactions.

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How to Use Threads

When it comes to posting on Threads, marketers truly have full liberty in defining what engaging and compelling content — that resonates with their audience — looks and sounds like.

Check out a few ideas on what marketers can post on Threads to maximize their social media marketing strategies.

Pro tip: Got content that you can’t quite put on the Instagram or Facebook feeds? It may be time to consider Threads as your new (unfiltered) best friend.

Threads has proven itself to be a platform that is safe for marketers to leverage casual content and tone as a marketing touchpoint strategy.

What to Post on Threads

Whether it’s sharing a brand-related meme, referencing a trending pop culture moment, or showing love for an upcoming brand partnership, you can use Threads to build authenticity and foster a sense of transparency with your audience.

Like this example from beauty brand, Glossier.

what to post on threads, glossier example

Threads can help you promote newly-launched products, product lines, or services like never before. By sharing exciting new products or product updates with your followers, you can:

  • Create a sense of anticipation
  • Immediately assess customer interest in products
  • Interact with customers and obtain feedback in seconds

Just like Target did in the example below.

what to post on threads, target example

Marketers can also initiate Q&A sessions, solicit feedback, or simply start meaningful discussions to create a sense of community and encourage audience participation.

This not only helps in building personal connections but also provides valuable insights that can guide future marketing strategies.

Here’s an example from Starbucks.

what to post on threads, starbucks example

Brands to Follow on Threads

If you’re looking for inspiration and insights into how brands and marketers are leveraging Threads, here’s a list of great brands to follow.

Plus, check out a few ways you can take inspiration from what they do best and apply it to your social media marketing strategy.

1. Poppi (@drinkpoppi)

brands to follow on threads, poppi

By leveraging Threads, Poppi makes deliciously tasty flavors that you know of (or maybe don’t) and turning them into beverage classics.

What do they do best on Threads? Poppi knows how to win the hearts of their mutuals. Whether they’re quoting a tweet or tagging other prominent Threads accounts, Poppi keeps their Threads community alive through consistent engagement.

brands to follow on threads, poppi

2. Spotify (@spotify)

brands to follow on threads, spotify

Through Threads, Spotify treats followers like family, and makes announcements about new releases from your favorite artists and exclusive glimpses into music you love, feel specially delivered.

What do they do best on Threads? Follower fanfare. Spotify wants to know what’s on the minds of their followers, and they won’t hesitate to ask. The combination of Spotify’s inquisitive requests and their followers’ eagerness to answer creates a new kind of recipe for true social media success.

brands to follow on threads, spotify

3. Target (@target)

brands to follow on threads, target

On Threads, Target puts a new spin on what it means to share promotional content for their products.

What do they do best on Threads? Interactive, trendy content. Target can guess what’s on your shopping list without even asking, simply because they keep their eyes on well-performing products.

Target uses Threads as way to gauge interest on popular items in-store and online, then creates activity-based around the enthusiasm for those items.

brands to follow on threads, target

4. HubSpot (@hubspot)

brands to follow on threads, hubspot

Of course, you can’t miss following HubSpot.

What do we do best on Threads? Using Threads, we “talk business” like never before by molding humor into valuable insights, tips, and strategies related to everything (yes, everything) related to marketing.

brands to follow on threads, hubspot

Threads for the Win?

Instagram Threads offers a range of features that marketers can leverage to drive better results and establish stronger connections with their audience.

By mastering Threads, marketers can create a sense of exclusivity, intimacy, and authenticity in their interactions, cultivating genuine relationships with their audience.

So, even if the app has lost momentum, don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage Threads and elevate your Instagram presence. It holds great potential in the world of social media marketing.

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