NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Monday Social Media Information Roundup: Week of October twenty third

Monday Social Media Information Roundup: Week of October twenty third


Get the need-to-know highlights from the social media industry that happened the week of October 16-20.

  1. Broadcast Channels Feature
    • Meta is testing Telegram-like broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger, providing a new avenue for Pages to engage with their audiences. Keep an eye on this feature’s rollout to leverage broader communication channels on Meta’s platforms.
  1. Instagram Data Portability
    • Users can now transfer their Instagram media to Google Photos and other services, enhancing data management across apps. Use this feature to secure and manage your digital assets efficiently.
  1. AI Chatbot Moderation
  1. Verified for Business Onboarding
    • Meta revealed the onboarding steps for its Verified for Business program, aimed at authenticating business identities. Explore this verification process to boost your brand’s credibility on Meta platforms.


  1. Facebook Post Display & Branded Content Tags
    • Threads is integrating with Facebook by displaying posts and testing branded content tags, expanding its reach and advertising potential. Explore Threads’ growing interconnectivity with other platforms to amplify your content visibility.
  1. Instagram Profile Tags & Direct Messaging


  1. “Get Orders” Feature
    • The new “Get Orders” button on posts offers an additional interaction point for businesses and creators. Use this feature to streamline order processes and enhance customer interaction.
  1. Web Tracking Opt-out
    • Meta now allows users to prevent Instagram from tracking their web activity, bolstering privacy controls.
  1. Reels Play Bonus Discontinued
    • The discontinuation of a significant income source via Reels Play Bonus has sparked creators’ dissatisfaction.
  1. Link Addition and Desktop Activity Access
    • New functionalities include adding a link to your page and accessing account activity on desktop, enhancing profile management.


  1. Self-Destructing Messages & Multi-Account Login
  1. Scheduled Chats for Communities


  1. Blocking Bing Search
    • Twitter/X has blocked Bing from crawling its content, potentially affecting search visibility. Monitor how this change may impact traffic referrals and content discoverability.
  1. Enhanced User Verification
    • In a bid to combat bots, Twitter/X is introducing payment, phone, and ID verification along with a $1/yr fee for new users. Familiarize with these new verification steps to maintain your account integrity and platform access.
  1. Possible Exit from Europe
    • Due to EU laws, Elon Musk contemplates withdrawing Twitter/X from Europe, which could shake the platform’s global presence. Stay updated on this development, especially if your audience is largely based in Europe.
  1. Twitter Isn’t Free Any Longer with New User Fee in Selected Regions
    • New users in New Zealand and the Philippines will be charged $1 a year for key features access, a step towards platform monetization. Observe how this fee introduction impacts user growth and engagement in these regions.
  1. Community Fact Checks Requirement
    • Community fact checks on Twitter/X now require source inclusion, promoting more transparent information validation. Make sure to include reputable sources when engaging in community fact checks.
  1. Possible Link Throttling
    • Allegations of Twitter/X throttling links to rival sites like Threads are emerging. Use available tools to ascertain any link throttling affecting your content reach.
  1. “Enhanced Discovery” for Premium Users
    • Twitter/X Premium may soon offer an “Enhanced Discovery” perk, enriching content discovery for its subscribers. If you’re a premium user, look forward to leveraging this perk to enhance your platform experience.
  1. Fake Airline Rep Scam
    • A new scam on Twitter/X involves fake airline reps assisting in flight rebooking, showcasing a bizarre exploitation tactic.
  1. Community Membership Qualification
    • Entry questions rollout on Twitter/X aims at qualifying users for community membership, fostering a more curated community experience. Use this feature to build and maintain a more engaged and authentic community.


  1. AI-Powered Profile Enhancement
    • LinkedIn Premium users now have access to an “AI-powered Magic Wand” feature to enhance their profiles, offering a competitive edge in the professional arena.
  1. Platform Evolution Attracting Brands
    • LinkedIn is transitioning beyond a job board, becoming a valuable space for influencers and CEOs to build their brands, with a burgeoning market of specialists ready to assist in maximizing LinkedIn’s potential. Explore this evolving platform dynamic to broaden your personal or corporate brand reach, and consider engaging professional assistance to harness LinkedIn’s full potential.


  1. Affiliate Product Display Enhancements
    • New features like product timestamps in clips, bulk tagging for affiliate products, and insights into sponsored mention performance are set to bolster affiliate marketing on YouTube. If you’re into affiliate marketing, leverage these features to enhance your product visibility and track performance.
  1. Supporting News Organizations with Shorts
    • YouTube is allocating $1.6 million to assist over 30 news organizations across 10 countries in creating Shorts, enriching the platform’s news content. Explore YouTube Shorts as a fresh avenue for news consumption or sharing.
  1. Facilitating Diverse Creator-Advertiser Connections
    • A new initiative allows creators to self-identify regarding race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and disabilities, making it easier for advertisers to connect with diverse creators.
  1. Product Timestamps for Enhanced Shopping Experience
    • Creators can now add timestamps to tagged products in their videos, enriching the YouTube shopping experience. Use product timestamps to guide viewers to the exact moment a product is featured, enhancing their shopping journey.
  1. Authoritative News Source Promotion
    • YouTube is nudging users towards ‘authoritative’ news sources through a new watch page, showcasing longform videos, livestreams, podcasts, and Shorts under currently playing content.
  1. Playback and Creator-Focused Feature Rollout
    • A suite of new features including stable volume control, enhanced video descriptions on smart TVs, real-time view, and like counts for the first 24 hours, among others, are aimed at enhancing user and creator experience on the platform.


  1. Halloween-Themed Voice Effects
  1. ‘Parents of TikTok’ Hub Launch
    • A new hub called ‘Parents of TikTok’ aims to spotlight parenting content and create a supportive community for parents on the platform.
  1. ‘Out of Phone’ Ad Expansion
  1. AI Chatbot ‘Tonik’ on TikTok Music
    • TikTok Music is testing an AI chatbot named Tonik, hinting at interactive features in the music domain.
  1. Monetization Feature: ‘Work with Artists’
    • A new feature facilitating collaborations between creators and artists opens monetization avenues.
    • Explore ‘Work with Artists’ to discover collaboration and monetization opportunities.
  1. Mobile Gaming Feature ‘Drops’
    • ‘Drops’ allows viewers to earn in-game props by completing tasks during live streams, enhancing the gaming experience on TikTok.
  1. CapCut for Business Launch
    • TikTok unveils a suite of business-centric video editing tools, including an AI script generator, AI virtual try-on, and collaboration features among others, targeting brands, marketers, and creators. Explore CapCut for Business to elevate your video marketing efforts with AI-powered tools and collaborative features.
  1. Auto Captions on All Videos
    • Auto captions will soon be a default feature on all videos, promoting accessibility on TikTok.
  1. Privacy Fine Challenge in EU
    • TikTok is contesting a €345 million fine over teen privacy concerns in the EU, showcasing the platform’s ongoing legal challenges in the region. Stay updated on this legal battle as it may impact TikTok’s operations in the EU.
  1. Video Mention Feature from Audio Page
    • A new feature allowing mentions of other videos from the audio page enhances content interlinking on TikTok. Use this feature to reference and connect with other content, enriching your video narratives.
  1. AI Memes Generation
    • Generate AI memes on TikTok with a new feature that adds a fun and interactive element to your content creation.

Alternative Platforms


  • Recommendation Feature Expansion
    • Instagram co-founders’ app, Artifact, now assists users in discovering and sharing favorite places like restaurants, bars, or shops, enhancing local exploration.


  • Facilitating Creator-Brand Collaborations
    • Three new tools, including a Paid Partnership tag, Creator Discovery API, and Midroll ads for Stories, are launched to bridge collaborations between creators and brands, offering insightful metrics for informed partnerships.
  • Web Content Embedding Feature
    • Snapchat now allows websites to embed content like Lenses, Spotlight videos, Public Stories, and Public Profiles, broadening content shareability beyond the app.


  • Shutting Down Gas
    • Discord decides to shut down Gas, an anonymous compliments app it acquired earlier this year, marking an end to this unique platform feature.


  • Coca-Cola Social Media Insights
    • An in-depth exploration into how Coca-Cola effectively leverages social media to enhance brand presence and engagement.
    • Takeaway: Delve into Coca-Cola’s strategic approach for potential insights to refine your own social media strategy. Read more
  • Paying to Dodge Ads
    • A look into how much social media users are willing to pay to enjoy an ad-free experience on their favorite platforms.
    • Takeaway: Understand user preferences regarding ad-avoidance to tailor your advertising or subscription-based strategies. Read more
  • New Stories Feature on Twitch
    • Twitch introduces a Stories feature for eligible streamers, enhancing interaction and content sharing with their audience.
    • Takeaway: If you’re a Twitch streamer, leverage the new Stories feature to engage with your audience in a fresh, transient manner. Read more
  • Teen Digital Behavior Insights
    • A study revealing that most U.S teens spend around 4.8 hours daily on social media, with distinct preferences between genders on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.
    • Takeaway: Gain insights into the digital behaviors of Gen-Z to tailor your content and engagement strategies accordingly. Read more

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