NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing 15 Absolute best Non 9-5 Jobs That Can Deliver You Nice Pay and Freedom in 2023

15 Absolute best Non 9-5 Jobs That Can Deliver You Nice Pay and Freedom in 2023


Does the thought of working the same monotonous work routine for the rest of your life scare you? Do you dream of a flexible work schedule where you can be more in control of your day? Luckily, there are many non 9-5 jobs that offer numerous benefits and unconventional hours that we’ll talk about today.

Whether you prefer to get up early or stay up late into the night, there is a well-paid career out there to suit your needs.

Some of these jobs will require you to have a bachelor’s degree and higher education, while others may only need you to have a high school diploma and go through on-the-job training.

So, if you’re ready to break away from the chains of the traditional workday, read on to learn about the best jobs that let you work the hours that suit you!

Online Non 9-5 Jobs

Take a look at the best online non 9-5 jobs that allow you to work independently and enjoy a flexible schedule.

1. Blogging

non 9-5 jobs

Blogging is a type of freelance hustle where you work independently, writing articles and driving traffic to your site.

Once you have enough blog readers, your content can be monetized with paid ads, sponsored posts, selling your own products, and affiliate marketing.

Learning how to start a blog doesn’t take that long, and you can have yours set up pretty quickly. Center your blog around a niche that aligns with your passions but is also what people want to read about.

A few profitable blog niche ideas include:

  • Making money online
  • Digital marketing
  • Personal finance
  • Health and fitness
  • Fashion
  • Cooking and recipes

The beauty about having your own blog is that you can work on it at the times that suit you – morning, evening, or in the middle of the night!

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the Authority Site System. This course teaches you how to build, rank, and monetize a new blog, even with zero experience.

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Average Salary: Earning potential is limitless.

2. Freelance Photographer

Freelance photographers work on their own schedules, taking photos for events, parties, and fashion shows and for news and marketing purposes.

To succeed in this line of work, you’ll need a great eye for taking photos and know how to market your services online and offline.

And another great plus of this type of work is you can sell your photos in many different places on the internet to earn consistent passive income.

To make money from photography online, you can:

  • Sell photos to stock sites
  • Sell photo prints
  • Use your photos on print-on-demand products
  • Start a photography blog
  • Sell photography tutorials
  • Become a photography influencer

Average Salary: $19 – $25 an hour for freelance services. You can earn a lot more by selling your photos online.

3. Freelance Writer

non 9-5 jobs

Freelance writers can work from where they want and enjoy a flexible work schedule.

They often have multiple clients at a time and constantly need to hustle to ensure they have a consistent client base.

In the beginning, freelance writers may need to take on low-paid work to get by, but as they gain experience and good testimonials, they can pick and choose the assignments they want to work on.

Some examples of different types of freelance writing work include:

  • Blog writing
  • SEO writing
  • Product description writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Press release writing

Pay for completed work is often on a project-by-project basis, and there are many sites for freelance writers to find work online.

Average Salary: $20.20/hour for general writing services. Pay can reach $50 or more an hour with experience.

Follow this in-depth guide to learn how to be a copywriter from home.

4. Graphic Designer

While some big companies have graphic designers on staff, the majority are hired on a freelance basis, as and when needed.

This means that if you work as a graphic designer, you can generally choose your own schedule and work the hours that suit you, as long as deadlines are hit.

The type of work you may be asked to work on includes:

  • Logos and branding
  • Business cards and leaflets
  • Product packaging
  • Website designs
  • Magazines and book covers
  • Adverts and promotional material online

While having a bachelor’s degree is helpful in this line of work, it’s not essential, and many people will hire entry-level designers based on the strength of their portfolio.

Take a look at these graphic design AI tools to help you create more innovative designs.

5. Social Media Manager

A strong social media presence is an essential part of driving traffic and sales for brands and businesses.

If you know your way around all the main social media platforms and have experience building followers and getting engagement, this could be a fulfilling job role for you to look into.

The primary duties of this career path include:

  • Creating and scheduling social content
  • Planning and implementing digital campaigns
  • Analysing social media data
  • Grow and expand a company’s social media presence
  • Research and monitor competitors

A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is generally not required to secure this type of job, but you will need to have a strong portfolio to show what you can do.

Follow this guide to learn more about how to make money on social media.

6. Virtual Assistant

non 9-5 jobs

Large businesses previously hired in-house admin assistants, but today, the norm is to hire virtual assistants to help with day-to-day, small office tasks.

This is a win/win for both sides because the business cuts wage expenses, and the virtual assistant can skip the commute and work on their own schedule from home!

The primary duties for this role may include:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Answering customer queries
  • Managing email inboxes
  • Blog and social media management
  • Adding data to spreadsheets
  • Competitor research

Most virtual assistant jobs don’t require you to have a bachelor’s degree or higher education, but you can command higher pay if you have specialized skills.

Average Salary: $24.78/hour, but this can vary depending on experience and who you work for.

7. Website Designer

If you’re skilled at designing and building websites, working as a freelance website designer could be one of the best non 9-5 jobs for you.

You’ll need a thorough understanding of design graphics, how to create various page layouts, website specifications and different web hosting and domain registration platforms.

Some work you’ll be asked to do might include creating a website for a business, or solo clients may hire you to create blogs or Shopify stores.

Skills needed to succeed in this career include:

  • Able to use design software
  • Great visual design skills
  • HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of Javascript
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills

Most web designer roles don’t require you to have a bachelor’s degree or higher, but you will need a strong portfolio and experience in a design field.

Offline Non 9-5 Jobs

If you prefer getting out from behind your computer, take a look at the best offline non 9-5 jobs that offer flexible schedules.

8. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are often required to work non-traditional hours to satisfy the needs of their patients.

You may be asked to work early mornings or late in the evenings, and even occasionally at weekends, and as you progress to having your own practice, you can work the hours that suit you.

However, becoming a dentist is not a career that you can jump into quickly. It takes around 8 years, and you will need:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • To pass the Dental Admissions Test (DAT)
  • Apply and get accepted to the dental school program
  • Complete written study and gain clinical experience
  • To pass licensing exams

If you have the grit and determination to get the right training and experience, the work options and earning potential are well worth it.

9. Massage Therapist

massage therapist

Massage therapists have the option to work from home, in a beauty salon, or for a sports club, spa, hotel, or resort.

Freelance massage therapists can enjoy setting their own schedules and can work either in the mornings or evenings.

Massage therapists working for an employer may also get asked to work unconventional hours to accommodate clients before or after the traditional 9-5 working hours.

To get this type of work, you’ll need to:

  • Complete a massage therapist certification
  • Pass a licensing examination
  • Secure a license for the state you intend to practice in

10. Air Traffic Controller

Planes are flying every hour of the day and night, and an air traffic controller is needed to keep everyone safe.

The primary duties of this job role include:

  • Directing plane traffic and monitoring movement
  • Control ground traffic on airport runways
  • Give takeoff and landing instructions to pilots
  • Keep an eye on weather pattern information

This is a stressful job, and you’ll have to shoulder the responsibility of getting large planes of passengers and crew through flights safely.

Plus, to follow this career path, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and to complete an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program.

11. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work with patients of different ages and provide similar services as a primary care physician.

The primary duties of this role include:

  • Diagnosing illnesses
  • Treating illnesses
  • Performing patient exams
  • Prescribing medication
  • Assisting in surgery
  • Developing and managing treatment plans

This work may require you to work longer hours on some days and shorter on others, and depending on where you work, you may be able to request schedule preferences.

To start this career, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, and you must complete an accredited physician assistant program.

12. Delivery Driver

delivery driver

Thanks to the range of delivery apps on offer today, there are more opportunities than ever before for delivery drivers!

And, the good thing about these delivery companies is that they need drivers in the morning, evening and through the night so you can choose to work a work schedule that suits you.

A few delivery companies worth working for include:

13. Personal Trainer

Personal trainers work independently with individual clients and often in health clubs or with sports teams.

Work hours can vary, but trainers often provide sessions outside the traditional 9-5 hours when it’s better for their clients, before and after work.

The primary duties of this job role include:

  • Conducting fitness assessments
  • Creating tailored fitness and health plans
  • Tracking clients’ progress
  • Training clients one-on-one and in group classes
  • Advising on health and nutrition

A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is not needed to be a PT, but you will need to attain a Personal Trainer Certification.

Average Salary: $23 – $39 an hour, but this can rise with experience and more advanced qualifications.

14. Registered Nurse

Nursing is another career that often requires you to work non-standard hours.

Registered nurses care for patients in a range of settings, such as hospitals, care homes, doctors’ surgeries, schools, and other healthcare facilities.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need a range of skills, such as:

  • Being caring and empathetic
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Have the ability to use good judgement
  • Being able to give good advice and teach

It’s not uncommon for nurses to work all through the night to care for patients’ needs, and you may have to work longer shifts.

To become a registered nurse, you must complete an approved nursing program or an associate degree in nursing to obtain a license in your state.

15. Police Officer

Do you have a protective side and enjoy looking after people?

If so, working as a police officer could be a fulfilling non 9-5 job for you.

Crime happens at all times of the day and night, and as an officer, you’ll be expected to work early morning and late shifts.

A work shift may include you having to:

  • Patrolling the streets
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Making arrests
  • Investigating different crimes
  • Gathering evidence
  • Making traffic stops

No day will be the same in the life of a police officer, and work can often be dangerous and physically demanding.

However, for the right person, this type of work will allow them to thrive, and they’ll get a buzz out of looking after their community.

Last Thoughts on Non 9-5 Jobs

There are many non 9-5 jobs that allow you to create a work schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Don’t stay in a job that’s dragging you down; consider which of the jobs mentioned align with your skills and passions and start making preparations for a career change.

If you feel you lack the right skills, consider taking an online course for business to give you a proven roadmap of how to make money doing something else.

The average person spends over 90,000 hours working in their lifetime – might as well spend that time doing something you enjoy!

Want more ideas for a career change?

Check out these real online jobs anyone can do and make a good living.


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