NovaXyon Entrepreneurial 5 ChatGPT Activates To Practice Nike Founder’s “Shoe Canine” To Your Trade

5 ChatGPT Activates To Practice Nike Founder’s “Shoe Canine” To Your Trade

Phil Knight is the founder of Nike, and Shoe Dog is his memoir. Knight’s memoir covers the early days of Nike right up to 2016, at Nike’s peak of global activewear dominance. Knight built the company to a global brand with yearly revenues of over $50 billion by being a shoe dog; someone who simply loves shoes and is passionate about the industry. Shoe Dog shares relatable stories and business lessons for entrepreneurs aspiring for success on a similarly grand scale.

Five key lessons in the book warrant further scrutiny and may hold the key to tremendous business success for you. Use these ChatGPT prompts to apply Shoe Dog’s main concepts to your business and leadership practice. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Apply lessons from the Nike founder’s memoir with ChatGPT

Start small, dream big

Knight started Nike selling shoes from the trunk of his car, but always had a vision of building a huge shoe company. Big ventures start small. What are you doing in your business right now, on a small and humble scale, that will one day be much bigger? Get ChatGPT’s help to imagine the future. Of where you could be if you just keep going. Find that vision and build it into reality.

“Assume the role of a business coach familiar with the life story of Nike founder Phil Knight. In my current entrepreneurial journey, I’ve initiated [describe a specific small-scale aspect or project of your business]. Given Phil Knight’s trajectory from selling shoes from his car’s trunk to creating Nike, guide me on how to visualize the potential growth of this endeavor. How can I expand this small start into a larger vision and turn it into a significant part of my business in the future?”

Sport for idea generation

It’s no surprise that the founder of the world’s biggest running shoe company (with footwear sales of $29billion in 2022) was an avid runner. For Knight, running wasn’t just exercise, it was a form of meditation. On his regular jogs he would think about his business and come up with new ideas. This personal ritual brought the clarity and resilience that helped with Nike’s exponential growth. He didn’t skip runs for work, they were an essential part of the process. What athletic pursuit could you turn into a practice that helps your business?

“When I’m not working, I regularly engage in [describe specific athletic or physical activities you do]. Considering Phil Knight’s use of running as a meditative process for idea generation, can you suggest ways I can develop clarity, resilience, and idea generation for my business whilst doing those activities? How can I make this routine an integral part of my entrepreneurial process?”

Shoe dog spirit

Phil Knight was a proud shoe dog. He geeked out on shoes of any kind. He was obsessed with them, and studied many types of shoe in detail when creating new designs for his brand. Being highly specialized and deeply passionate about your niche is admirable. Customers want to buy from people who know what they are talking about and love what they do. This passion translates into product quality. What quirky term could you identify with, that applies to your industry in a similar way?

“In my business, I operate within the [describe your specific industry or niche]. Given the way Phil Knight embraced the term ‘Shoe Dog’ for his passion for shoes, can you suggest a quirky and memorable term that captures my deep passion and expertise in my industry? This term should resonate with the uniqueness and essence of what I do, just as ‘Shoe Dog’ did for Knight.”

Playful rivalries

Adidas made less than half the revenue of Nike from footwear in 2022, but throughout Knight’s journey building his brand, they were playful rivals. In fact, Nike was trailing behind Adidas (which was established 15 years earlier) until the launch of the Air Jordan range in 1984. Competition can keep you on your toes. Choosing an aspirational rival just as ambitious as you, in a similar field, might mean you work harder, for longer, in the hope of overtaking them. If it’s good enough for Phil Knight, it’s good enough for you.

“In the world of [describe your specific industry or niche], I’ve always looked up to [name or describe an aspirational rival or leading company] as a benchmark or playful rival. Considering how Phil Knight used the rivalry with Adidas as motivation for Nike’s growth, can you provide strategies or ideas on how I can use this aspirational rivalry to drive my business forward, stay motivated, and continuously innovate?”

Inspiration from unlikely places

Despite their close eye on competitor Adidas, Nike sought inspiration from further afield. Nike’s early innovation, the waffle sole, was actually inspired by a waffle iron. The criss cross pattern for running shoe soles, providing gripping edges and greatly improved traction, was created and patented in 1972 by coach and Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. According to Knight, Bowerman used and ruined his wife’s waffle iron to produce a pair of test waffle soles, then strapped them to his regular shoes before going for a run. Nike began producing the waffle trainers in the same year.

“Based on how Nike drew inspiration from a waffle iron to innovate their shoe design, I want to find unique inspirations for my business. I’m in the [describe your specific industry or niche]. Can you take me on a guided interview, asking me specific questions about everyday objects or scenarios in my life, to help me uncover innovative ideas or solutions from unlikely sources?”

ChatGPT prompts to apply Shoe Dog to your business

Apply the lessons from Nike founder Phil Knight’s popular memoir to your business with these five powerful prompts. Start small to build big, use your personal passions to fuel idea generation and find your own unique entity in your industry with a quirky term. Let friendly rivalry drive you to perform, and seek inspiration in unlikely places. There’s no excuse to not have Nike-size ambitions in your business roadmap.

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