NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Get Able to Community (and Birthday celebration!)

Get Able to Community (and Birthday celebration!)



Affiliate World Asia holds a prominent position in the affiliate marketing landscape and is widely recognized as a cornerstone event in the industry’s yearly calendar.

The conference draws together industry heavyweights, seasoned affiliates, and promising newcomers from all over the globe, providing a fertile ground for knowledge exchange, networking, and the cross-pollination of innovative ideas.

However, nestled within the busy schedule of seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches, there exists a highlight that many participants eagerly anticipate — the Affiliate Big Bash Bangkok 2023.

This event is more than just a social gathering; it has evolved into a vibrant networking hub for affiliates and stakeholders.

What is The Affiliate Big Bash?

The Affiliate Big Bash is THE party of the year for anyone in affiliate marketing.

Hosted by industry legends Raj Tiwari and Renz Gonzales (Head of Business Development at PropellerAds), this event is the highlight for affiliates, networks, and advertisers who come to Affiliate World Asia.

We’re talking an insane lineup of entertainment, food, drinks, music, dancing, games, prizes, surprises, and more!

It’s an affair where everyone can cut loose and have an amazing time together. The venue is always off the hook — decked out with lights, decorations, entertainment, and energy that you’ll never forget.

This year, the party will be at a rooftop venue in Central Bangkok on the 7th of December, from 7 p.m. onwards.

As the Head of Business Development at PropellerAds, Renz Gonzales brings nearly a decade of online advertising experience to the Big Bash.

When he’s not navigating the twists and turns of the affiliate marketing industry, he’s sharing his insights on the empathic approach to leadership through The Empathetic Leadership newsletter.

These two characteristics make him the perfect host.

Renz sees the Big Bash as more than just a regular event — it’s about bringing the community together and forging real connections.

He works hard with Raj to create an unforgettable experience where industry experts can network, share insights, and celebrate success.

Leading up to the event, Renz is heavily involved in the planning, sponsorship deals, and curating the guest list to make sure that the best and the brightest are in attendance.

During the Big Bash, he and Raj will be front and center as hosts to manage the flow of the event and to personally welcome and connect with guests and partners.

Why Attend the Affiliate Big Bash?

If you’re an affiliate, there are a ton of reasons why you should be locking in your ticket for the Affiliate Big Bash. Let’s break them down!

Networking with Industry Leaders and Influencers

It’s not just about what you know; it’s about who you know.

A high-profile event like this offers you a precious chance to mingle with these industry shapers in person and foster solid connections.

You can even solicit their valuable advice or explore potential collaborative opportunities for up-and-coming ventures.

Live Case Studies on Stage

Watch live case studies from top-performing affiliates and other experts in the field. You’ll learn what it takes to create successful campaigns, overcome obstacles, and achieve high conversion rates.

Hot Traffic Sources for Lead-Gen

Who doesn’t want to stay ahead of the curve? Get a lowdown on the hottest traffic sources for lead generation in 2023. You’ll gain some seriously mind-blowing insights that you probably never even considered.

Connect with Participants from All Over the Globe

This global melting pot of a party isn’t just a chance to expand your professional network; it’s a window into the diverse world of affiliate marketing that spans continents.

By interacting with international affiliates, you’re gaining exposure to a broad spectrum of perspectives, strategies, and trends from various parts of the world.

It might open up your eyes to how you should be promoting to international locations to increase your bottom line.

Rub Shoulders with the Top Account Managers

You’ll get the rare chance to interact with top account managers of exclusive networks. Aside from getting a chance to be accepted to these VIP networks, opportunities for unique collaborations may even open up for you.

Learn How to Scale Winning Strategies

This will delve into the nitty-gritty details of the most successful tactics in the industry.

The information you get will enable you to replicate and adapt proven strategies in your own business, paving the way for significant growth and success.

The lessons you learn here could dramatically transform your affiliate marketing operations, propelling you toward becoming an industry leader yourself!

Uncover New Tools and Solutions

The best tools are often discussed and crowdfunded at the Affiliate Big Bash, giving you a chance to stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge software and solutions.

If there’s something new, unique, or revolutionary on the market that can drive your business forward, chances are you’ll discover it here first.

But we can’t forget the real reason why everyone loves the Big Bash — it’s one epic party!

So, don your best attire, get ready to dance, drink, and have a great time with some of the most dynamic and innovative professionals in the industry.

It’s not just about business growth, after all — it’s also about building lasting friendships and memories in a community of like-minded people.



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