NovaXyon Entrepreneurial 6 ChatGPT Activates To Create An Whole E book (and Develop Your Trade)

6 ChatGPT Activates To Create An Whole E book (and Develop Your Trade)


Getting ahead in business requires standing out. But how do you stand out to potential customers as the best option to go with? You demonstrate your expertise, you show how you can help them, and you get them familiar with your work and ready to buy. Producing content can help you do this, and ebooks are a great content format.

Produce your ebook, make it available on Amazon Kindle or give it away in return for an email address. Here are the six ChatGPT prompts to use to create a game-changing ebook today.

Use ChatGPT to write an ebook: prompts to produce your manuscript

Write the back cover

Sometimes you should start at the beginning and sometimes at the end. When writing a book, begin with the back cover. Why? Because when someone is browsing in a bookstore, the first thing they do is flip one over to read the back. The back cover contains a concise summary of who it’s for and why they should read it. It summarizes and convinces in one go. Although no one will physically flip over your ebook, this description will be on your Amazon listing and website page. Writing it first means the rest will fall into place. When ChatGPT gives you its first draft, keep prompting until you’re happy with the words.

“I am an expert in [describe your area of expertise] and I have ideas for an ebook about [describe your book ideas]. My target audience is [describe your target audience]. Based on this, can you help me craft a compelling back cover description for my ebook? This description should succinctly summarize the book’s content, appeal to my target audience, and clearly articulate why they should read it. The goal is to create an engaging and persuasive summary that encapsulates the essence of the book and convinces potential readers of its value.”

Define the concept

Now you know what the book will do for the reader, you need a compelling concept. A great title and subtitle will mark the difference between your book being memorable and forgettable. Between you being proud to push it and less bothered about who reads it. Borrow ChatGPT’s cleverness to conjure up the subtly clever title that you can’t wait to bring to life. Ask for more options than you need and test them out with members of your audience. Select the one with the best shot at success

“Now that I have a clear back cover description for my ebook, I need a compelling title and subtitle. The title should be memorable, catchy, and reflect the core message of the book. The subtitle should expand on this, providing more insight into what the reader can expect. Can you generate 7 options for both the title and subtitle? I plan to test these options with my target audience to ensure the final choice resonates well and has the best potential for success.”

Create the structure

The title, subtitle and strong description are clear, now it’s time for the plan. If you have ideas for components of the book, include them in the prompt. Apart from that, let ChatGPT suggest a structure for your book that makes complete sense and leaves your reader with no questions. Copy the great nonfiction writers that have gone before you by splitting your book into clear, concise sections.

“I’ve decided on the title ‘[insert chosen title]’ and subtitle ‘[insert chosen subtitle]’ for my ebook, which focuses on [briefly describe the main theme or purpose of the book]. I’d like to include specific elements such as [list any specific elements or focuses you want in the book]. Can you help create a structure for the book that includes an introduction, 5 main chapters, and a concluding chapter? For each section, provide a catchy name and a brief bullet point outline of its contents. The structure should flow logically, ensuring the book is comprehensive and leaves the reader with a clear understanding of the subject.”

Write each section

The wrong thing to do here is to tell ChatGPT to “write my book.” The right thing is to go section by section and generate the copy from the information and stories you give the chat. Great chapters include stories, stats and memorable information, much of which can only come from you. For each section to be enjoyable and valuable to a reader, they need to learn something relevant to their situation and be compelled to keep reading. Work your way through the main sections using this prompt for each, one-by-one.

“For the section titled ‘[insert the catchy name of the section]’, my ethos on the topic is [describe your ethos or perspective on this topic]. Before drafting the section, please ask any clarifying questions about the specific stats, data, or examples I want to include: [list any stats, data, or examples you plan to incorporate]. Also, I will share case studies and stories to illustrate my points: [describe relevant personal stories]. If needed, ask for more details on these case studies and stories to ensure they are accurately and effectively integrated. The aim is for this section to be informative, engaging the reader with relevant learnings and compelling narratives and giving them clear action points on what they should do after reading the section.”

Wrap up powerfully

Your ebook has a purpose and the conclusion is where you make that clear. Your conclusion should be about your reader. Which course of action do you want to inspire and motivate someone into? How is the best way for them to take what they learned and see results? Be clear on their next steps, including how they can get in touch and work with you. Open with something they will resonate with, include a summary of the sections you covered and what they should have taken away from each one, and end with a powerful call to arms where you emphasize that you are here, cheering them on and wishing them every success.

“Now that the main sections of my ebook are complete, I need to write a powerful conclusion that reinforces its purpose. The conclusion should start with an opening statement that resonates with my readers [mention any specific opening ideas]. It should include a concise summary of each of the main sections, highlighting the key takeaways from each. Finally, conclude with a strong call to action, inspiring readers to take specific steps based on what they’ve learned. Also, include how they can get in touch with me for further engagement or assistance. The aim is for the conclusion to be reader-focused, providing them with clear next steps and emphasizing my support and encouragement for their success.”

Go back to the start

We started at the end, now we’re ending at the start. Use this prompt to write your ebook’s introduction, based on everything that ChatGPT has produced so far. Once you have this, you can copy and paste every section into a fresh word document and get a second opinion on your manuscript. The introduction is probably the most important part. It sets the scene, it sells the rest of the book and it gets someone pumped for the journey they’re about to start. Don’t get this section wrong.

“Now I need to write an introduction for my ebook. The introduction should start with a strong attention-grabbing opening. It should then lay out the pain points or challenges the reader is facing. Next, paint a picture of a better future they can achieve by reading this book and briefly outline the key learnings they can expect. Include a rewrite of my bio, which explains why I am an expert on this subject: [enter your bio here]. End the introduction with a compelling reason for the reader to commit to reading the entire book.”

Make the graphics

Every component of your book is ready to be put together and tested. Next is for the graphics. If you’re using paid ChatGPT you can enter this prompt right away and ask for the cover and inside illustrations. Specify your dimensions, share your brand colours and get ChatGPT’s ideas for your cover. Prompt until you get a publish-ready file, or share it with a graphic designer to get the final version created. You’ll be ready to start selling in no time at all.

“I have completed all components of my ebook and am now ready to create the graphics, including the cover and inside illustrations. The dimensions for the cover are [specify dimensions], and my brand colors are [mention your brand colors]. I am looking for a design that [describe any specific design ideas or themes you have in mind]. Generate initial graphic designs for the cover and [number required] key illustrations inside the book. Please be open to making amendments based on my feedback, as I want to ensure the final design perfectly aligns with my vision and the content of the book. The aim is to have a visually appealing and professionally designed ebook ready for publication.”

Write your book with AI: 6 ChatGPT prompts to go from idea to finished product

When you’re busy running a business it’s difficult to find the time to write a book. But a great ebook makes an effective business card. Train ChatGPT to write like you and produce your ebook with these six prompts. Once you’re happy with everything you’ve done you can start giving the book away to as many people as possible. Get them to read and share, help them out with their problems with your ideas and expertise. Look forward to them coming back for help with implementation, raring to become your customers and making the ebook writing endeavour worthwhile.


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