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5 ChatGPT Activates To Change into A Commanding Chief


Great companies are run by great leaders. They motivate and inspire. They set the bar for the actions of everyone in their team, and they establish their commitment to quality for clients. Without a great leader, a company lacks direction. It meanders around, doesn’t stick to a strategy, and no one knows what it stands for or why they would buy. As soon as you open a company you’re a founder, but being a great leader doesn’t happen by default. It happens when you take ownership and get in control.

Become an unequivocally commanding leader with these powerful prompts for ChatGPT. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Improve your leadership skills with these ChatGPT prompts

Define your leadership style

What kind of leader do you want to be? There are multiple styles that you could adopt, but you need to choose just one. Without being intentional about how you will take command, your team will be confused, and you will be too. You won’t know whether to be their best friend or stay at arms-length. To practice what you preach or lead from top down. You can make any style work as long as you decide. Use this prompt to define and embrace your method. Practice consistency with a high degree of integrity to empower your team and inspire your clients.

“I want to better understand and define my unique leadership style. Generate a list of quiz questions that explore various aspects of leadership. These questions should cover topics like decision-making, team dynamics, communication style, problem-solving, and motivation techniques. Once I answer these questions, analyze my responses and suggest which leadership style I most align with. This could range from transformational to democratic, autocratic, laissez-faire, or others. Understanding my leadership style will help me be more intentional and consistent in my approach, ultimately empowering my team and inspiring my clients.”

Identify weaknesses

Now you know your natural leadership style, be better at doing it. Find your blind spots and get crystal clear on where you need to improve. Use this prompt to find the common pitfalls of your style, identify scenarios where your commands could be ignored, and transform your approach to increase your assertiveness and respect. Turn your weaknesses into strengths that propel your company forward.

“Based on my identified leadership style of [insert your leadership style], I’m looking to address areas where I’ve fallen short as a leader in the past. Specifically, I’ve struggled with [describe specific instances or areas where you feel you failed as a leader]. Can you suggest strategies and approaches to overcome these weaknesses? I’m particularly interested in ways to enhance my assertiveness, command respect, and ensure my directives are followed. The goal is to transform these areas of weakness into strengths that will not only improve my leadership but also contribute positively to the success of my company.”

Establish authority and chain of command

If no one knows who is in charge, chaos will inevitably ensue. Without a clear person to look to, the role simply goes to the person who shouts the loudest. That’s probably not what you want for your business. For maximum chance of success, everyone should know their role and be responsible for their decisions. This includes you. Get clear on the lines of reporting and accountability processes in your company. Leave no one guessing what to do or who to listen to.

“To ensure clarity in roles and responsibilities within my company, I need to establish a well-defined organizational chart. I will describe the key people in my company, including their roles, responsibilities, and any existing reporting lines. Based on this information, create an organizational chart that clearly illustrates who reports to whom and where accountability lies. Here’s the information about my team: [provide detailed descriptions of team members, their roles, and any current reporting structures]. The chart should make it easy for everyone in the company to understand their position in the hierarchy and their reporting relationships, ensuring smooth operation and clear authority lines.”

Communicate decisively

You can have meticulous plans and do the best work in the world, but unless you know how to communicate effectively it’s all worth nothing. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Get ChatGPT to analyze your communication to crank it up a gear. Share your last few written messages to get a critical eye on what you say and how you say it. Communicate clearly and confidently to assert your position at the top of the tree.

“As a leader, I understand the importance of clear and concise communication. I’d like ChatGPT to critique my recent written communications to help me improve. Here are examples of emails or memos I’ve recently sent: [insert examples of your recent emails or memos]. Please analyze these for clarity, conciseness, and decisiveness. Offer feedback on how I can make my messages more straightforward and authoritative, ensuring they effectively convey my intentions and assert my leadership position. The goal is to refine my communication style to be more impactful and confident, in line with my natural leadership style of [insert your leadership style].”

Listen and empathize

Leaders need all the right information to make strategic decisions and communicate their master plan in the right way. Understanding how your team thinks and operates is crucial to successful leadership. If you don’t know what team members really mean, you can’t play to their strengths and your plans are at risk. Get good at listening and understanding the meaning of every sentence. Enlist ChatGPT’s help to decipher messages so you don’t miss anything your team is trying to tell you.

“To improve my leadership skills, I recognize the need to be a better listener and empathizer. I have a transcript from a recent Zoom meeting and an email from a colleague that I’d like ChatGPT to analyze: [insert Zoom transcript or email text]. Please review these communications and help me understand the underlying messages, concerns, or suggestions that my team members are expressing. Highlight any nuances or sentiments that I might have missed and suggest how I could respond in a way that shows empathy and understanding. The aim is to enhance my ability to gather crucial information from team communications and use it to make informed, empathetic decisions.”

Command your team effectively using ChatGPT

Become a better leader with these five powerful prompts. Do the inner work to discover who you are and how you want to show up at work, to empower your team, serve your clients and deliver your mission.

Get clear on your style with an enjoyable quiz, then avoid falling into the pitfalls that may have cost you in the past. Establish authority by sharing the reporting lines within your business then ensure you communicate clearly and don’t miss what others really mean when they communicate with you. As the best leader possible, you are unstoppable. Discover what you’re capable of and unlock the true potential of yourself and your team.


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