NovaXyon Entrepreneurial 5 ChatGPT Activates To Turn out to be A Sought-After Concept Chief

5 ChatGPT Activates To Turn out to be A Sought-After Concept Chief


When you are renowned for your expertise, business becomes easier. Rather than going out and convincing people to work with you, they come and find you. Prospects complete your intake form, follow you on LinkedIn, make requests and are ready to pay. Your reputation precedes you and signing clients seems simple. If you’re good at what you do and you know your stuff, you might be closer to this scenario than you think.

Dillon Kivo helps clients establish their expertise to grow their personal brand and win new clients. As a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Authority Playbook and owner of PR company Authority Titans and news site Kivo Daily, his clients include Fortune 500 companies, high-level executives, household-name entrepreneurs and budding thought leaders working on making their mark.

Kivo shared his top ChatGPT prompts to become an authoritative thought leader, based on his five pillars of establishing your expertise. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Become known as a thought leader with these ChatGPT prompts

Access mastery

“Mastery is the most basic element of expertise and is only accomplished through dedication to a craft or business,” explained Kivo. To be considered an expert, you have to gain mastery, which he said is, “a highly misunderstood concept.” Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need years of experience and education to build mastery, because “many people spend years of their lives practicing the same subject only to be upstaged by someone much less experienced who happened to discover something that the expert who had been working in that niche for years had never considered.” Use this prompt to find the loopholes and hidden passages reserved for those who know where to look.

“I operate a business in [describe your business and niche]. To gain mastery and establish myself as an expert, I’m looking for potentially overlooked strategies that could propel me ahead in my field. These might include unique topics to write about, untapped client demographics, or innovative approaches within my niche. Based on my business description, can you suggest such strategies or areas where I could focus to develop a deeper expertise and stand out from others with more traditional experience? The aim is to identify less obvious but highly effective paths to becoming an authoritative thought leader in my industry.”

Practice consistency

Consistency will help turn your actions into repeatable results, especially when it comes to your personal brand. “Consistency is a mark of a true expert. Rather than getting lucky and creating the perfect product once, the expert knows how to consistently provide the necessary skill to create the perfect product over and over again, like an assembly line.” Are you doing this with your online presence? Could you honestly say that you are showing up consistently, with a consistent commitment to excellence? “This isn’t something you do with random sprints of energy,” said Kivo, “It’s a pattern you develop over time.” Social media helps you share your expertise on a regular basis, but your message has to match. Check your post consistency with ChatGPT.

“I’ve pasted my recent social media posts below. Could you assess their consistency in terms of language, style, tone, and topics? I am aiming to establish a strong personal brand, and it’s crucial that my content reflects a consistent identity across all platforms. Look for patterns or deviations in how I present my messages, the type of language I use, the overall tone, and the subjects I cover. This analysis will help me understand if I am successfully creating an assembly-line-like consistency in my branding efforts, or if there are areas where I need to improve to maintain a steady and reliable presence.”

Use social proof

In a sea of many companies or experts that all do the same thing, social proof will make you stand out. “The opinions of customers and clients will either drive sales in the future or stagnate the returns that your business experiences.” How often are you collecting reviews? Every compliment, every bit of positive feedback, every time a client says you changed their world, make sure it’s saved and used in your public communications. Kivo recommends you provide, “direct responses to customers on every channel through which they contact you,” and “directly engage your clients however you can.” Use this prompt to provoke email testimonials that you can share far and wide.

“I’m drafting an email to my client to request their feedback and stories about their experience with [describe the nature of your service/work]. This feedback is vital for showcasing the effectiveness of our services on my website and in public communications. Can you help me compose an email that encourages them to share their positive experience, either in response or on one of these platforms [add names of where you want the reviews]? It should convey appreciation for them or their business, highlight the importance of their feedback in helping others [mention specific ways their feedback helps], and assure them that sharing their experience is straightforward and impactful.”

Harness existing knowledge

If you’ve got this far, you have existing knowledge. But you might not be making the most of it. “Experts get their position by proving a deep knowledge and understanding of a niche.” Customers know exactly what to ask them for. Are you clear on what you know, and could you explain who you are and what you stand for in simple terms? Become well known in your field by being synonymous with your craft, which Kivo says is simply, “what people pay you for.” He added that, “many will pay for education, but when it comes to getting a task done, they pay for the educated.” Get crystal clear on what you’re actually selling with this prompt, and use it for meeting new people and explaining what you do on your website or social media bios.

“I work in [describe your industry or field] and create results for my clients like [describe the specific results or changes you bring about for clients]. Based on this, can you help me define the exact niche I own and what I stand for, in simple and effective terms? The goal is to articulate my unique value proposition and expertise clearly, making it evident why clients should choose my services. This definition should encapsulate my knowledge, experience, and the distinct benefits I offer, positioning me as a go-to expert in my field.”

Leverage new skills

“While there is a lot you can do to expand your skill set, the only skills that matter are those that differentiate you from your competition,” explained Kivo. If you learn what everyone else is learning, you’ll get the results everyone else is getting. But you want more than that. Being an authoritative thought leader means amassing new knowledge and skills, and sharing the results with your unique style. Can you teach someone how to do something brand new? Can you be at the cutting edge of your industry and pass on the insights? Position yourself as a thought leader by learning and teaching new material. Figure out what to learn and develop with this simple prompt.

“In my current role as a [describe your current role or position], I’m looking to expand my skill set in ways that set me apart from the competition in [mention your industry or field]. What are the emerging skills or knowledge areas in my industry that I should focus on learning to maintain a cutting-edge position and maximum relevance with my clients? The aim is to identify areas where I can gain new expertise that not only differentiate me but also allow me to share unique insights and teachings with others, thereby reinforcing my position as a thought leader.”

ChatGPT prompts to establish and grow your authority

Become an authority in your field and win the game of business. The more established you are, the more people will seek you out, the less effort it takes to win clients and create results. Access mastery and find new paths to explore, practice consistency and build trust in your public posts, and generate social proof by asking happy clients to share their words. Harness your existing knowledge and ensure it’s clear who you are in the minds of your audience, then figure out what to learn and apply to stay super relevant. Use these ChatGPT prompts to soar your influence to new heights.


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