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4 Mindset Shifts To Make As A CEO In 2024


For the CEO, stagnation is a myth. You’re either moving forward or getting swept backward in the lightning-fast world of business. There is no standing still.

The world is constantly evolving, and your mindset should be as well. Purposefully shifting your mentality will ensure that you continue thriving as a CEO in 2024.

Here are four critical shifts you should consider making as you work toward becoming an even better leader.

1. Embrace Your Creativity

I recently read a Grit Daily article that talked about embracing your “artist power.” The idea is to rediscover and nurture the boundless creativity and vitality within yourself.

Garrain Jones, who coined the term, said, “artist power is the little kid who remembers, the little kid who’s filled with life, vitality, boundless energy, creativity, bigness. It’s truly the magical world of the inner YOU. You don’t adopt it; you accept it.”

It’s a journey back to the pure, unadulterated joy and imagination of childhood. And as we enter into the holiday season, our inner child often wants to come out already.

To tap into your “artist power,” revisit activities you found fun or meaningful during childhood. I will be decorating Christmas cookies to hand out to my neighbors this year. I don’t claim to be a great artist, but it’s something I used to do with my grandmother, and it brings me joy.

If you lose the connection to your creativity and childlikeness, you may feel empty, which can result in compensatory behaviors like overworking. While there are times to buckle down and throw yourself into your company, don’t neglect yourself. Channel your inner child, unlock creativity and take a moment to enjoy your success.

2. Strike a Genuine Balance

Balance is your new power word. Yes, you’ve heard it a million times, but let’s frame it differently. It’s not just about work-life balance but balancing every aspect of your business and personal undertakings.

Leadership coach Mitch Garber says, “All sorts of people work all sorts of hours, and arguably, if you want to work 24/7, you should be able to without being restricted. CEOs, who notoriously work incessantly through high-pressure situations, need to actively put things in place to make sure they reach some sort of work-life balance and don’t arrive at their deathbed wishing they’d done things differently.”

Make sure you’re taking the time to be your best self. Wake up 30 minutes early to get that workout in, be mindful of your nutrition, and take steps to minimize stress. When you feel your best, you can perform your best.

3. Build a Team Around You

You may be the most capable person in the company, but let’s face it — you’re not a superhero. And that’s OK. Many entrepreneurs and CEOs notoriously fall into this trap. The sooner you realize you can’t do it alone, the better. This is the year to lean into the power of teamwork, collaboration, and delegation.

Start by building a team you trust. Then, truly empower them, giving them the autonomy to make decisions (and mistakes). When you truly trust your team, they’ll do their best to deliver for the business and demonstrate that they’re deserving of the responsibilities placed upon them. This not only produces buy-in from your team, but it shifts the burden from being placed solely on your shoulders.

Also, work to broaden your network. Seek out mentors, join peer groups, and never underestimate the power of a casual chat over a cup of coffee. Having a solid support system around you is imperative to your success.

4. Don’t Marry Your Ideas

Being passionate about your ideas is a sign of a great CEO. But it’s never wise to get married to them, no matter how sure of yourself you may be. The market is constantly changing, and your plans and strategies should reflect that. It’s all about being adaptable.

There’s a thin line between passion and stubbornness. One breeds innovation, the other stagnation. Being married to your ideas can also create friction with your leadership team and cause you to miss out on great business opportunities.

Instead, host regular brainstorming sessions with your team and other trusted advisers. This creates an environment where ideas are welcomed, and free-flowing thinking is embraced. Encourage (and execute) other’s ideas to show that you’re willing to actually consider other perspectives. Do everything you can to avoid being the only thing standing in the way of a great idea.

Your mindset is everything when it comes to growth.

2024 will undoubtedly bring more change and a need for adaptation. CEOs must remain in a constant state of flexibility and growth. The four mindset shifts recommended in this article offer a holistic approach to leadership.

By heeding this advice, CEOs can remain resilient and successful when it comes to navigating the uncertain waters of the future. Those who dare to embrace personal growth will be well-positioned to lead their companies and be an inspiration to those around them.


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