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The Exciting Age of Origins: Mastering Farming within the Virtual World

Welcome to the thrilling Age of Origins, where farms aren’t just places with cute animals and hay bales, they’re your ticket to virtual prosperity! If you’re here, you probably already know that farms are like the rockstars of this game, and you want to be the farmville genius. So, let’s embark on this agricultural adventure with all the enthusiasm of a caffeinated squirrel on a sugar rush.

Groundbreaking Steps to Cultivate Your Digital Eden

1. Open the game. Click My Info -> Account. It’s almost as crucial as remembering to breathe. Bind your accounts, and not just emotionally. Go for the full commitment with email, Google Play, or Facebook. Trust me, a fling with just email will leave you heartbroken, and by heartbroken, I mean game-less. Bind wisely.

2. Click on New Game. It’s the birth of your farm. Cue virtual confetti and pixelated fireworks. Congrats, you’ve started a farm! Now, resist the urge to throw a virtual baby shower.

Resource Retrieval – The Drama Unfolds

Forget about transferring resources; that’s so last century. Attack your farm, but here’s the plot twist—send your troops to gather first. If not, your main account might face a troop apocalypse. We’re talking drama on a digital scale.

Pro Tips – Because Who Needs Average Farms

* Before diving into the farming frenzy, ask yourself, “How many farms can I handle?” Steel farms are the Kardashians of Age of Origins. Rush them to city level 15 like your farm’s life depends on it. Only upgrade what’s necessary, just like picking features for a high-tech gadget. City level 19 unlocks the 4 queue—because who doesn’t love a good queue?

* Personally, I only upgrade to city level 20 if I plan on turning my farm into a mineral haven. Mineral farms are like the VIP lounges of Age of Origins, and you need a city level 20 ticket to enter. After that, I treat my farm cities like fine wine—no aging beyond level 20.

Daily Chores – Because Even Digital Farms Need TLC

Your farm is not your main squeeze; it’s more like a side piece. Spend your time wisely. To maximize your farm’s output, log in three times a day. Donate to the tech alliance (because tech matters, even in the virtual countryside), grab your daily recruits (they’re like the stray cats of Age of Origins), and gather and collect resources like a virtual farmer with a PhD in pixelated agriculture. If officers are your thing, go for I Medici.

With these tips and tricks, you’re well on your way to becoming a farmville genius in the Age of Origins. So, grab your virtual pitchfork and get ready to cultivate your digital Eden!

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