NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing How To Use Incentives To Get Other people To Briefly Purchase Associate Merchandise

How To Use Incentives To Get Other people To Briefly Purchase Associate Merchandise


As an affiliate, you can easily
increase your affiliate commissions by offering incentives to motivate your audience to buy right away.

These incentives can take various forms, and they typically invoke value because it’s a “free”
added benefit that customers wouldn’t get if they purchased an affiliate product on its own.

Today, you’ll learn the basics of using incentives to
market your affiliate products and 4 examples of incentives you can use to boost your affiliate sales right away.

What Is An Incentive?

incentive is a reward or benefit offered to individuals or customers to encourage them to take a specific action. 

Incentives are designed to
motivate people to make a purchase, sign up for a service, participate in a promotion, or perform any other action that aligns with the purpose of a given marketing campaign.

Incentives are a powerful tool in affiliate marketing because they tap into
human psychology – influencing behavior by appealing to customers’ desires for value and exclusivity. 

When properly implemented, incentives can significantly impact sales, often boosting conversion rates for even
big-ticket affiliate products.

4 Types Of Incentives That Can Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Let’s look at several of the most popular incentives
super affiliates use to boost their sales in a hurry. 

Only advanced affiliates know how to implement these incentives effectively, but by the end of this article, you’ll know how to use these incentives to grow your affiliate sales also.

Here’s the first incentive you can use as part of your
affiliate marketing strategy:

1) Exclusive Discounts Or Coupons

Exclusive discounts can be a powerful incentive to get people to buy an affiliate product. 

You want to make sure the discount is attractive and
clearly communicated in your marketing materials. This creates a sense of urgency and incentivizes readers to make a purchase through your affiliate link.

Here’s how you can effectively offer exclusive discounts to boost affiliate sales:

  • Negotiate With The Product Owner

Reach out to the product owner or
affiliate program manager and discuss the possibility of obtaining exclusive discount codes for your audience. Explain how these discounts can benefit both the product owner and your affiliate marketing efforts. 

  • Highlight The Exclusive Nature Of The Discount

Clearly communicate that the discount is exclusive to your audience. Emphasize that it’s not available elsewhere and can only be accessed through your affiliate link or a specific promo code. 

  • Provide Clear Instructions

Ensure that your audience understands how to access and apply the exclusive discount. Clearly explain the steps they need to take, whether it’s using a
unique promo code during checkout or clicking on your affiliate link that automatically applies the discount. 

  • Create Urgency With Limited-Time Offers

Consider setting a specific time frame for the exclusive discount to create a sense of urgency. 

  • Promote The Exclusive Discount Widely

Actively promote the exclusive discount through various channels. Leverage your blog,
social media platforms, email newsletters, and any other relevant marketing channels to reach your audience. 

2) Bundles And Bonuses

Offering additional bonuses to people who purchase through your affiliate link can drive sales quickly – especially if the bonuses are high-value.

These bonuses enhance the perceived value of the purchase and make it more enticing for readers. I’ve seen super affiliates offer
t-shirts, mugs, hats, books, DVD’s, digital products, and other forms of bonuses that bring more attraction to the offer.

Here are some steps to implement this approach:

Clearly communicate the bonuses to your audience in your affiliate marketing efforts.
Create compelling sales copy that emphasizes the additional value customers will receive when they purchase the affiliate product through your link. 

Package the affiliate product with the bonuses as an attractive bundle. This encourages customers to choose your affiliate link over others by making the offer more enticing. 

  • Customize Bonuses for Different Audiences

Tailor your bonuses to different segments of your audience, if applicable. Consider creating specific bonuses that cater to different demographics or customer preferences. 

  • Provide Exclusive Access or Early Bird Bonuses

Offer bonuses that are available only for a limited time or to a specific number of customers. This creates a sense of
exclusivity and urgency, encouraging customers to take immediate action. 

  • Clearly Explain Bonus Redemption

Provide clear instructions on how customers can access or redeem the bonuses. This could involve directing them to a dedicated download page, sending them an email with instructions, or providing a special code to unlock the bonuses. 

  • Showcase Bonuses in Product Reviews or Demonstrations

If you create content such as
product reviews or demonstrations, highlight the bonuses within that content. Explain how the bonuses complement and enhance the value of the affiliate product. 

After customers purchase through your affiliate link, follow up with them to ensure they receive and are satisfied with the bonuses. 

3) Giveaways And Contests

You can organize giveaways or contests where readers can enter to
win the affiliate product or related prizes. 

Require participants to perform specific actions, such as subscribing to your newsletter, sharing your blog post, or following you on social media. 

This generates buzz, increases engagement, and
drives traffic to your site, boosting the visibility of the affiliate product.

Here’s a
step-by-step guide on how to host giveaways to sell affiliate products:

  • Define the Giveaway Prize

Determine what prize(s) you will offer as part of the giveaway. Ideally, the prize should be related to the affiliate product you’re promoting. 

Decide on the
entry requirements for participants. This could include actions such as following your social media accounts, subscribing to your newsletter, sharing your content, leaving comments, or tagging friends. 

  • Leverage Social Media Platforms

Utilize social media platforms to promote your giveaway. Share engaging posts, images, or
videos on Youtube that showcase the prize and encourage participation. 

Consider using dedicated giveaway platforms or tools to streamline the process. These platforms can help you manage entries, select winners randomly and fairly, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

  • Collaborate with Product Owners

Reach out to the product owners or vendors and inform them about your giveaway. They might be willing to support your efforts by providing additional prizes, promoting the giveaway to their audience, or offering exclusive discounts for participants.

  • Follow Legal and Platform Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with the
legal requirements and guidelines
related to giveaways in your jurisdiction. Additionally, be aware of the rules and policies of the social media platforms you’re using to host the giveaway to avoid any violations.

4) Personalized Support

Provide personalized support to readers who purchase the affiliate product you’re promoting. Offer assistance via
email, live chat, or a dedicated support channel to address their questions or concerns. 

Offering personalized support is a valuable strategy to sell affiliate products because oftentimes, people want to mimic your expertise to have the same success you’re having. 

Here’s how you can leverage personalized support to
boost your affiliate sales:

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Product

Take the time to thoroughly understand the affiliate product you’re promoting. Familiarize yourself with its features, benefits, and potential use cases. This knowledge will enable you to provide effective support and address customer inquiries or concerns.

  • Be Responsive and Accessible

Make yourself available to customers who have questions or need assistance regarding the affiliate product.
Respond promptly to emails, messages, or comments, and ensure that customers feel heard and valued. 

Provide personalized guidance to potential customers who are considering purchasing the affiliate product. Answer their questions, address their concerns, and help them understand how the product can meet their specific needs. 

  • Create Detailed Reviews and Tutorials

Develop comprehensive
reviews and tutorials that walk customers through the affiliate product’s features, functionality, and benefits.

  • Provide After-Sale Support

Offer ongoing support to customers who have purchased the affiliate product. Assist them with any setup, installation, or usage issues they may encounter. 

  • Engage in Active Listening

Actively listen to customer feedback, concerns, and suggestions. Use this information to continuously improve your support and refine your messaging. 

  • Leverage Multiple Communication Channels

Engage with customers through
various channels such as email, social media, forums, or live chat. Choose the platforms that your target audience prefers and ensure a consistent and personalized support experience across all channels.

Final Thoughts About Using Incentives To Explode Your Affiliate Sales

Incentives are a proven way to motivate your audience to buy through your affiliate link, and the 4 incentives mentioned today will entice them to do just that.

Before you choose an incentive, make sure you have a
solid goal in mind. What behavior do you want to motivate with the incentives? What platforms will you use to promote these incentives?

No matter the goal you want to achieve or the platform you use to promote your incentive, incentives can significantly impact your sales – thus
driving your affiliate income through the roof.

Be sure to implement these 4 incentive examples today so that you can make your affiliate marketing business even more profitable than it is now.


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