NovaXyon Money-Making 15 Jobs Like Amazon Flex in 2023

15 Jobs Like Amazon Flex in 2023


There may not be a need for Amazon Flex drivers in your area, or maybe it’s difficult to earn a consistent income. Thankfully, there are several delivery app alternatives that offer competitive wages and flexible schedules.

Top Jobs Like Amazon Flex

You can deliver packages, groceries and errands through these Amazon Flex alternatives. These options are listed alphabetically and you can try several money-making driving apps operating in your town to make extra cash and remain occupied. 

1. partners with restaurants, supermarkets and laundromats in many mid and large-sized cities across the country, including college towns. Most opportunities are for restaurant deliveries for lunch or dinner. 

Unlike many delivery apps with on-demand flexibility, each franchise is locally-owned and you work with the operator to form a delivery schedule. The application screen lets you share how many hours you wish to work each week.   

Pay: $20 per hour

2. DoorDash

The busiest food delivery app in most cities is DoorDash, which connects with numerous restaurants, convenience stores, grocers and retail stores. You can deliver by car, bike, or scooter and begin accepting delivery requests from your phone as your schedule permits.

Drivers keep 100% of customer tips and can earn bonus income by completing challenges or delivering during peak hours. Our DoorDash driver review provides tips to maximize your income. 

Pay: Up to $25 per hour

3. Favor

Do you want to be a delivery driver in Texas? Favor operates exclusively in the Lone Star State and coordinates deliveries for restaurants, convenience stores and H-E-B.

Each delivery requires a minimum $2 customer tip and averages $6, according to the platform.

Completing at least 100 monthly delivery favors lets you qualify for the Elite Runner loyalty program which includes free instant payments and exclusive bonus opportunities.   

Pay: Up to $22 per hour

4. GoPuff

Try GoPuff to be a warehouse delivery driver similar to Amazon Flex. Deliveries consist of merchandise and groceries. Thankfully, you don’t have to shop for the items as the in-house staff gathers the ordered items, and you place them in your vehicle.

You can create a flexible schedule and deliver from one of the 250 micro-fulfillment centers nationwide. Learn more about being a GoPuff driver to compare it to other apps.

Pay: Up to $20 per hour

5. GoShare

GoShare is a last-mile delivery service that bases the driver’s pay on the vehicle type. Larger vehicles, such as cargo vans and box trucks, earn the most as you can haul bulky shipments.

This is one of the best delivery apps to make money with a pickup truck with average hourly earnings of up to $70 per hour. You can also offer to haul items with a trailer and assemble them at the destination for additional pay.   

Pay: From $45 to $168 per hour

6. GrubHub

GrubHub is one of the oldest food delivery apps with a prominent presence in many cities.  Consider this service to deliver for restaurants in your local area by car, bike or scooter.

College students can earn consistent income from this side hustle by applying for campus jobs where most deliveries are to university students. Working adults can be frequent customers in many college towns too.

Pay: Up to $20 per hour

7. HopSkipDrive

Provide safe transportation to students on HopSkipDrive as you transport them between home and school. Drivers can earn up to $50 per ride and accept requests up to seven days in advance. This is more lead time than many competing apps, and you get to help families. 

This service requires at least five years of caregiver experience and a four-door vehicle to qualify. In addition to more stringent driver requirements, the service is only available in major metros across the United States.

Pay: Up to $50 per ride

8. Instacart

Stay busy delivering groceries as an Instacart Shopper. You can shop at local supermarkets and retail store grocery aisles to fill the order before delivering the food to the customer. 

This app has flexible scheduling and can be more rewarding than delivering restaurant meals. For many, Instacart or DoorDash are the busiest food delivery apps with competitive rates. 

Pay: Up to $20 per hour

9. OnTrac

Several online retailers and local stores utilize OnTrac by having drivers pick up the items at a nearby fulfillment center. Merchants such as Walmart, Temu, and Vitacost contract with this service instead of using FedEx or UPS for package delivery.

Similar to Amazon Flex, many vehicles qualify with trucks and vans able to deliver packages for a multi-hour shift. It’s also a good option as you transport merchandise exclusively.    

Pay: Up to $20 per hour

10. Roadie

Roadie is a subsidiary of UPS specializing in courier package deliveries going directly from the sender to the buyer. You can deliver merchandise and gifts. Drivers with large vehicles or special equipment can deliver appliances and luggage locally.  

Most orders are same-day and happen within the same city, but some are for long-distance requests. You can bundle delivery requests to compound your earnings.

Pay: Up to $30 per local delivery

11. Senpex

Senpex couriers can utilize small or large personal vehicles to deliver business orders, legal documents, medical samples, and high-value products quickly. Catering, grocery, and retail deliveries are available as well.

Anticipate making deliveries that cannot wait for the traditional shipping process. Customers make on-demand requests and you have flexible hours.

Pay: Up to $23 per hour

12. Shipt

As a Shipt Shopper, most delivery requests are for merchandise orders from retailers and warehouse clubs. First, you walk the aisles to shop for the items before delivering. 

You may also be eligible for the Shipt Driver program which provides more schedule independence. Instead of going to an Amazon Flex location, these opportunities involve going to a designated Target pick-up location and delivering packages to several along the same route.

Pay: Up to $22 per hour

13. TaskRabbit

It’s possible to offer personal shopper and courier services in select cities through TaskRabbit. Most delivery assignments only require local delivery and the platform will match your skills with the customer’s requirements. 

Residential and business customers use this platform for assembly, repair and property maintenance services. It’s easy to build a side hustle stack by offering additional services and running errands.

Pay: $15 per hour

14. UberEats

UberEats lets you deliver food orders using your bike, car or scooter. It’s a popular restaurant app with steady demand in major cities across the country. As a result, it’s possible to earn consistent income without working a scheduled shift.

Each successful delivery lets you earn points in the Uber Pro loyalty program to redeem for exclusive perks. Some examples include cash back on gas purchases and complimentary Costco memberships which other delivery apps may not offer.

Pay: Up to $20 per hour

15. Walmart Spark

Most towns have at least one Walmart and Spark Driver lets you deliver online orders directly from the local store to homes. Depending on the order, you will shop for or pick up the merchandise and grocery order from Walmart or a retail partner.

Customers may also have you return items to nearby stores and get paid. Search for extra earning opportunities and bonuses within your store’s delivery zone to increase your income. 

Pay: Up to $23 per hour

Tips for Choosing the Best Amazon Flex Alternatives

There are many delivery app jobs like Amazon Flex that can help you achieve your income goals. 

Here are several factors to consider to find the best platform: 

Delivery type: Delivery apps tend to specialize in grocery, merchandise, or restaurant orders. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages and you should consider the one that’s most appealing.

Service area: You may consider apps with nearby requests to minimize driving and wait times. Increasing your efficiency can boost your hourly rate.

Available requests: Some apps are busier than others and you may need to choose the more popular ones to earn consistent income.

Pay potential: Some apps pay more due to specialized requests, challenges, or peak pay periods. Consider joining several apps to find the highest-paying offer right now.

Vehicle requirements: Certain platforms require a four-door vehicle or larger for optimal cargo capacity. You may pursue other more lenient apps when you only have a scooter or bike to deliver with. 

Work schedule: Many apps allow on-demand scheduling and the ability for frequent drivers to schedule shifts in advance. Other services need stability and require a shift, yet may pay more for the extra commitment factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions people regularly ask about delivering for Amazon Flex and other jobs.

Can you make a full-time income with Amazon Flex?

It’s possible to work full-time for the package delivery app when you can schedule shifts far enough in advance. However, most people choose to work part-time between several apps and money-making ideas when they pay more or have more convenient working hours.

Which jobs pay more than Amazon Flex?

Gig economy jobs such as handyman repairs, home improvement and freelancing online can pay more while having flexible hours. These jobs can pay from $30 to $40 per hour, while Amazon Flex tends to max out at $25 per hour.

Can you work for more than one delivery company?

Yes, as you are an independent contractor who doesn’t receive employer benefits and usually drives a personal vehicle to complete delivery requests. Therefore, you can accept one-time assignments or delivery shifts from the app, offering the best pay or schedule. 


There are many jobs like Amazon Flex offering similar pay and experience.

Consider trying out several to see which one has the most take-home pay, available offers, and schedule flexibility to increase your income with ease.


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