NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Clicks and conversions lurk in Telegram channels for associate entrepreneurs, ET BrandEquity

Clicks and conversions lurk in Telegram channels for associate entrepreneurs, ET BrandEquity


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Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in India – 384.06 million active users in the country (close to 55.5% of India’s total internet users). This is seconded only by WhatsApp which has 531,46 million active users. India is one of the largest markets for Telegram with 22% of lifetime app installs coming from the country.

Digital marketers have found a new way to leverage Telegram – for affiliate marketing. There are multiple advantages to using Telegram to market to audiences. The first and foremost advantage is that Telegram channels enable one-way communication to an unlimited number of subscribers. This is beneficial for broadcasting affiliate links, promotions, and content to a wider audience.

Another interesting way that an affiliate marketer can use Telegram is by utilising Telegram’s bots feature. Telegram supports bots capable of automating various tasks, such as posting from other social media platforms and scheduling posts.

Rohit Raj – founder of Discounts Deck, an affiliate marketing Twitter account that shares deals across product categories on X (formerly Twitter) comments that Telegram has proven to be a highly effective channel for generating link clicks and conversions for us. He explains that the platform’s instant notification system ensures that our offer messages reach users quickly, making it a perfect place for time-sensitive promotions or exclusive deals. This immediacy is particularly beneficial when promoting time-sensitive offers or limited-time discounts such as flash sales.

When it comes to link clicks and transactions – Raj estimates that on an average, If 1,000 users visited an affiliate link and 50 of them will complete the transactions. He draws attention to a specific Telegram feature that improves conversions – Telegram link previews that allow users to see a preview of the content before clicking.

“This can lead to higher click-through rates, as users can preview the offer and make an informed decision before navigating to the destination. However, It is worth noting that click-through and conversion rates can vary based on the products and time of posting, with lower-priced products generally having higher conversion rates than higher-priced ones,” he says.

What works in the favour of people Telegram provides more precise control over privacy settings, allowing users to determine who can view their phone number, profile picture, and last seen status. This flexibility contributes to a more comfortable and secure environment for users interacting with affiliate content.

Also, It is worth noting that the newly launched “Whatsapp Channels” mimic some of these features and may emerge as a competitor to Telegram in the future. When an affiliate marketer such as Raj wants to work with different affiliate networks or partners, they can participate in affiliate programs or networks relevant to their chosen niche, such as Amazon Associates, Flipkart Affiliate, and Admitad. Enrolling in these programs are typically free, and typically requires details about our Telegram channel or group, such as subscriber count, engagement metrics, and channel type.

“Affiliate networks use broadcasts to share important updates, promotional schedules, and guidelines, ensuring all affiliates receive information simultaneously and stay informed about ongoing campaigns. Also, Telegram’s file-sharing features are useful for exchanging documents, promotional creatives, and marketing materials like banners and graphics that affiliates may need for promotions.” says Raj.

When e-commerce sites host big ticket sales such as Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, the links on the Telegram channel typically see a good response. This is in part because during major sale events, users on the channel are actively seeking deals and discounts, making it a perfect time for affiliate marketers to engage with their audience.

“The urgency and excitement surrounding sale events often result in higher click-through rates, with users more inclined to explore and click on affiliate links offering discounts or exclusive deals during these periods. The time-sensitive nature of sale days can lead to faster conversions, as users in a buying mindset are more likely to promptly complete transactions, resulting in a spike in conversion rates,” says Raj.

The DiscountsDeck account has more followers on X (formerly Twitter) than on its Telegram Channel. But Raj tells us the organic reach on Twitter is lower when compared to Telegram, which is mainly influenced by factors such as timing of posts. Additionally, the conversion rates on Twitter are slightly lower than those on Telegram. On average, out of 1,000 users who visit an affiliate link, approximately 35-40 of them complete transactions.

The conversion rates for items in the mid-to-high price range, such as Smart TVs, appliances, and furniture, are higher on Twitter. In contrast, lower-priced products like clothing, bags, shoes, and groceries tend to have higher conversion rates on Telegram.

Festive seasons and sales are also typically when people buy essential items for their house such as air conditioners, refrigerators, mobile phones etc. Swati Bhargava , co-founder of Cashkaro calls these categories the best performing during festive season. The price wars on sites such as Amazon and Flipkarts and deep discounting also pushes traction.

According to Bhargava, Telegram users form a big part of the company’s audience. A Telegram group can have 2,00,000 members whereas a Telegram Channel can have an unlimited number of followers.

“Cashkaro has collaborated with the top 80 per cent of Telegrammers in India so that their affiliate links and deals are promoted in various Telegram channels. This is a high performing channel for us,” says Bhargava. The variety of products they sell ranges from beauty products to home furnishing to cryptocurrencies and financial products as well.

Puneet Dua, co-founder and CMO of Sportsbaazi, says that when it comes to branding and marketing, people tend to think about it from a retainer point of view – such as buying a billboard for X rupees per day, but that is a short time value in the modern marketing scheme.

People can leverage their social currency as influencers. When it comes to sporting events like the India versus Australia T20 series subject matter experts are talking on YouTube and Telegram about news and their thoughts, predictions etc. The subject matter experts also suggest to people how to invest and what kind of contests to engage with.

On Telegram – a user subscribes to content because he might relate to it or be interested in that information – such as stock market trading tips or . It’s not on the basis of say, a digital ad they saw. This is why Dua stresses on the importance of choosing the right affiliate marketers to work with, keeping in mind relevance to the category.

“An influencer with a million followers might result in the company getting 10 new users whereas someone who’s got around 100,000 followers might be able to help you get 100 new users. Depending on your media mix and messaging”, says Dua.

Dua explains that the channels feature on Telegram helps individuals pursue particular interests such as stock markets or sports, but the privacy features of Telegram ensure that it can be done anonymously. Some influencers also share links to their YouTube channel on Telegram. It provides for a way for them to get in touch with the audience in a casual way and have impromptu interactions with users.

These impromptu interactions especially work when real time sports tournaments are going on. That is the time when everyone is making their teams on Sportsbaazi. At a time like that, users might not be receptive to a full YouTube video but might be more open to text interactions from the influencers who might be seen as subject matter experts.

Over 100 websites blocked for facilitating organised illegal investments

These websites were identified and recommended for blocking by the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C), an initiative of the Home Ministry aimed at addressing cybercrimes in a coordinated and comprehensive manner through its National Cybercrime Threat Analytics Unit (NCTAU), an official spokesperson said.

  • Published On Dec 14, 2023 at 07:34 AM IST

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