NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Tough Instagram Notes Pointers For Higher Social Media Leads to 2023

Tough Instagram Notes Pointers For Higher Social Media Leads to 2023


New to Instagram Notes and want to know what they do?

No problem.

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into this subtle form of communicating with your Instagram followers.

TLDR: Instagram Notes are these short posts that show above your inbox DMs. You can share them with followers who you follow or with your close friends list.

Keep reading to learn more about what the benefits are, and for a list of Instagram Notes Ideas you can start using today.

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes are short activity status updates you can share with your Instagram followers. These non-intrusive messages show at the top of your follower’s inbox and have a limit of 60 characters.

What are Instagram Notes?
Credit: Facebook

Containing text and emojis, Instagram Notes are visible for 24 hours only (a bit like Instagram Stories), and you can update or delete your Notes whenever you like.

When posting an Instagram Note, you can choose to share it with Instagram followers you follow back or with your ‘Close Friends’ list.

Furthermore, you can include music to Notes, which people will hear when tapping on them.

Lastly, followers and friends can respond to your Notes at any time, and replies will appear as a DM in your inbox.

This can be an effective way to engage with your followers, especially if you want to become an Instagram influencer.

What Are The Benefits of Instagram Notes

There’s one thing that differentiates Instagram Notes from other features, such as direct messages, Reels, and Stories.

And that is their subtlety.

Even so, they shouldn’t be taken for granted, as these inconspicuous messages offer a lot of power when used right.

In particular, influencers or businesses who make money on Instagram can use them to communicate important information to their audiences.

This is significant when the rule of 7 comes into play. This marketing principle suggests that people need to be exposed to your brand 7 times before buying something from you.

In other words, they’re a great way to gain brand exposure and build a more loyal following, which can improve engagement rates and your bottom line.

How to Add an Instagram Note

Creating Instagram Notes is super easy, but as it’s a new feature, let’s go through the steps together.

Open the Instagram App and tap on the messages icon:

How to add Instagram Notes

Then, at the top, you’ll see other notes other mutual followers have shared. To add your own, tap on your profile photo where it says Your note:

Add an Instagram Note

Then tap inside the bubble and type your note. The note will need to be 60 characters or less. If you want to add music to your note, tap on the musical note icon:

They can also include music

Choose a song from the list or search for one:

Instagram notes music selection

Drag the slider to choose the part of the song you want to be played and tap the tick:

Then, before tapping share, select the followers you want to share your note with by tapping the text at the bottom.

You can select Followers you follow back or Close friends:

Share Instagram Notes with all followers you follow or your close friends list

Tap share, and you’ll see your new note at the top of your DMs:

Instagram notes stay active for 24 hours

If you want to change it or delete a note, simply tap on it to get these options:

You can then leave a new note or delete the one you created. Notes will disappear by themselves after 24 hours.

That’s it!

If you want to up your Instagram game even further, check out our post on the best time to post on Instagram here and check out Tailwind’s smart scheduling tool.

11 Ways to Use Instagram Notes [Plus 33 Instagram Notes Ideas and Examples]

Just like we helped readers find questions for an Instagram story, here are some use cases and Instagram Notes Ideas to enhance your content strategy.

Notice the use of emojis. This will help grab people’s attention.

1. Quick Announcements

Great for sharing timely and relevant information like upcoming event reminders, limited-time offers, or new product launches.


  • 📅 Mark your calendars! Live Q&A event this Friday @ 6PM EST
  • 🚨 FLASH SALE! 20% off selected items until midnight tonight! ⏰
  • Restock Alert! ✨ Click link in bio before they run out! 🔥

2. Daily Tips or Facts

Stand out in your niche and claim trust and credibility with daily tips or interesting facts.


  • ☕ Freeze coffee in ice trays for non-diluting iced coffee ❄️
  • 😄 Laughing 15 mins burns 40 cals. Keep smiling! 🔥
  • 🇫🇷 France is the most visited country in the world! ✈️

3. Behind-The-Scenes Insights

By sharing updates of your day, this Instagram Notes idea can help humanize your brand and build a deeper connection with your audience.


  • 🧼 Crafting handmade soaps today! Who wants to see?
  • 🌅 Upcoming peak of my morning ritual for optimal focus 🧠
  • ✒ Documenting my writing process today. Stay tuned! 📱

4. Content Highlights

By using Instagram Notes this way, you can direct followers to your latest posts, Stories, and Instagram Reels for optimal visibility.


  • ❤️ Check our new post and give it some love. It’s wild! 🤯
  • 👓 New story alert! You won’t believe what happened Today 🚀
  • 📽 Just dropped a Reel on my workout routine. I’m Done! 💪

5. Exclusive Offers

Offer discounts or coupon codes for loyal followers who check your Instagram notes.


  • 👀 Shh! Discount alert! Use code NOTE to get 20% off today!
  • 🐤 Early bird savings! Up to 40% discounts start today! 💸
  • 🚚 Free shipping on all orders over $20. Quick, today only!

6. Affirmations or Inspirational Quotes

Positive affirmations or quotes are a great way to brighten your audience’s day. This would be ideal for coaches or anyone in the wellness space.


  • ✨ “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – T. Roosevelt
  • I attract abundance and positivity into my life! 🌟
  • 🎨 “Happiness is a habit—cultivate it.” – Elbert Hubbard

7. Quick Polls

Get feedback from your audience with a quick one-question poll. Great for coming up with content ideas.


  • Quick Poll: Reply 🍓 or 🍒 with your favorite flavor!
  • 💬 We love your feedback! Tell us what you want to see next!
  • What content do you prefer? Tutorials 📹 or Vlogs 🤳

8. Content Previews

Build anticipation for upcoming content by sharing sneak peeks into what’s to come. This can improve engagement when new content is published.


  • 👀 Can you guess what we’re working on? Tap to reply 👆
  • 🎙 Sneak Peek in Stories: Podcast episode drops tomorrow 📆
  • Coming soon: Stay tuned for a project we’ve been working on!

9. User Engagement

Enhance your engagement by asking followers to reply with their thoughts about specific topics.


  • 📚 What book are you currently reading? Just posted mine!
  • What are your vacation tips for Europe? Going next year ☀
  • 🧠 What’s your go-to productivity hack? Need to get focused!

10. Celebratory Messages

Get your followers into a seasonal spirit by recognizing holidays or celebrating your personal milestones.


  • 🌍 Happy World Mental Health Day! It’s OK to not be OK 🤗
  • 🎉 Milestone Alert: We’ve just hit 10k followers! Thank you!
  • 🎄 May this Christmas season bring lots of joy this year!

11. Calls to Action

Create calls to action for your email list, a newsletter, or signing up for a webinar.


  • ⏰ Last chance to join our community group 👉 Link in bio!
  • 📩 Get expert marketing tips sent to your inbox 🔗 Link in bio!
  • 💻 Our private webinar starts in 1 hour. Link is in the bio!


There you have it, an in-depth overview of how you can use the Instagram Notes feature with some examples to use yourself.

Adding Instagram Notes to your social media strategy is a great way to engage with your most loyal followers and build stronger connections.

They can boost rapport and even enhance your conversion rates when used in creative ways.

What’s next? Switch up your IG game by discovering how to start a blog on Instagram.


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