NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing 5 Techniques To Develop Your Income in 2023

5 Techniques To Develop Your Income in 2023


If you’re curious about how to monetize your site, look into how to get ads on your website. Monetizing your online presence can transform your website into a revenue-making machine. This is one of the best ways to earn passive income, and it can be achieved in a number of ways.

Learning how to get ads placed on your website can feel like an overwhelming obstacle, but it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Ad placement is a widely adopted strategy for publishers.

By using website ads, you can tap into a stream of passive income that makes you money in your sleep.

In this article, we’re breaking down how website ads monetization works:

  • How to get ads on your website
  • 5 strategies to start monetizing your site with ads
  • How to get companies to advertise with you.

Let’s go!

How To Get Ads On Your Website

google ads costs.

Setting up ads on your website is about selecting the right advertising platform for your site and audience, creating ads, and integrating them into your content.

Platforms like Google AdSense can streamline this process by helping you automate ad placement. You also have options available to you about:

  • Ad types
  • Ad formats
  • Display options.

To gain a better understanding of how ad revenue works, tools like Google AdSense Help, can be useful. With this knowledge, you’ll be better able to tailor ad types, sizes, and other features so your ads can have the best impact on your audience.

To begin monetizing your website through ads, your first step should be to explore your options.

Get started by reading these 5 proven ways how to get ads on your website.

5 Proven Strategies How To Get Ads On Your Website

To effectively monetize your website, using a mix of advertising strategies can help you create diverse revenue streams. 

Here are five proven methods you can implement to start hosting ads on your site:

  • Partner with an ad network
  • Choose an ad network marketplace
  • Publish an Advertise page
  • Pitch advertisers
  • Join an affiliate network.

Let’s get into it!

1. Partner with An Ad Network

Joining an ad network is one of the top ways publishers monetize their content with advertising. An ad network is the middleman between advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers work with publishers and have their ads placed on publisher websites to gain exposure, traffic, and leads and increase brand awareness.

Publishers get an opportunity to monetize their content with ads, creating a passive income stream for their website.

There are several ad networks available to choose from. The top players in this industry are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Ezoic
  • Mediavine
  • Raptive (formerly Adthrive).

We’ll talk a bit about each one to share the differences and help you determine which ad network is the best fit for you.

Google Adsense

Adsense vs Adthrive - Adsense homepage screenshot

Google Adsense is an ad network that works with publishers to help them monetize their content. Advertisers can display their ads on participating publishers’ websites, and publishers make money based on the number of views their ads receive.

  • Sign up to Google Adsense
  • Follow the instructions to get ad tags and place ads on your site
  • Customize ads as needed to adjust placement, display, and ad format.

Adsense is a good entry point for ad revenue for smaller publishers since there’s no minimum traffic requirement.


Mediavine is an ad network for publishers that receive at least 50,000 monthly sessions on their website. 

The setup process for Mediavine is somewhat similar to Google Adsense but is more hands-off for you.

First, you’ll apply for acceptance into the network. Once approved, Mediavine will work with you to have their script placed on your website so ads can start displaying.

Like Google Adsense, Mediavine supports various ad types and formats like:

  • Display ads
  • Native ads
  • Video ads.

Publishers make money based on ad performance.

Raptive (Formerly AdThrive)

Raptive is another ad network option to consider. This is reserved for publishers with the highest volume of traffic, 100,000+ monthly page views. 

It starts with an application. Next, once your account is approved, you’ll work with Raptive to get ads placed on your website.

This is a good option for publishers with high traffic volume. If you meet the minimum traffic requirements, consider joining Raptive.

How To Boost Your Traffic To Qualify For Ad Networks

All ad networks are not created equal, as you see. Some require minimum traffic volume to be approved. Networks with low or no traffic minimums can sometimes be problematic, according to Redditors, who talk about horror stories with networks like Ezoic.

Some may argue that it’s just better to wait until you reach the minimum traffic threshold of networks like Mediavine and Raptive.

If this is you, check out these traffic tips which might help:

2. Choose An Ad Marketplace

Selecting an ad marketplace like BuySellAds can give you more control over which ads appear on your site. It connects you with advertisers looking for websites like yours, letting you negotiate rates and placements directly.

BuySellAds connects publishers with advertisers for buying and selling ad space.

After you apply and are approved for the platform, you can create an inventory listing, set your pricing and ad space specs, sit back, and start earning on the sale of your ad space. 

3. Publish An Advertise Page On Your Website

Create a dedicated “Advertise with Us” page detailing your traffic stats, audience demographics, and ad options is another option how to get ads on your website.

Attract advertisers and give them all the information they need to choose your site.

Make sure to prominently display your website contact details so advertisers can easily contact you.

Here are some examples of Advertise pages from publishers to give you an idea of what it might look like:

Niche Pursuits Advertise Page

The Savvy Couple Advertise With Us Page

4. Pitch Advertisers

Reach out to businesses and brands that align with your site’s content and pitch them your advertising opportunities. The process of pitching advertisers is pretty similar to pitching to become a contributor to major publications.

Personalized outreach can lead to long-lasting partnerships that resonate with your audience.

Research Potential Partners

Find companies that align with your audience, find their contact details, and pitch them!

There are plenty of creative ways to pitch, including sending a personalized, thoughtful email, making a phone call to their office, or reaching out on social media.

Craft Your Pitch

Create a short, punchy pitch that tells the advertiser:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why you’re contacting them
  • Why you’re a fan of their brand and why you think a partnership would be mutually beneficial.


Once they accept, start negotiations. Maximize your revenue here by offering a package deal that’s personalized to whatever their needs may be, like:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increasing leads
  • Growing their email list.

Sign a Contract

Then, sign a contract outlining the details of the agreement. This can be produced by you or the brand.

Create Your Content And Publish

Start creating the content and publish deliverables based on the timeline outlined. Track your results.

Follow Up

After the campaign concludes, review the final numbers tracked. Follow up with the brand to get their feedback and pursue future collaboration opportunities.

5. Join An Affiliate Network

Impact Radius Landing Page

Affiliate marketing networks provide a way to make money from commissions by promoting products or services.

For example, referring an air fryer could earn you a $20 commission per sale. Reviewing the air fryer in a blog post to your audience could result in 100 commissions for the month, earning you $2,000 ($20 commission X 100 conversions)!

And this is just from one affiliate partnership!

Affiliate marketing is actually one of the most lucrative ways to monetize websites. 

Yvonne Ivanescu makes $5K/month from her travel blog from affiliate marketing and SEO!

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, this beginner’s guide will teach you everything you need to know.

Choose products that relate to your content, and your readers will be more inclined to click and make purchases, earning you a cut of the sales.

Examples of affiliate networks:

  • Impact Radius
  • Panthera Network
  • Partnerstack
  • Awin.

How To Get Companies To Advertise On Your Website

To attract companies to advertise on your website, first, focus on establishing a solid online presence. 

Your website should:

  • Have an attractive, professional design
  • Loads fast, and is
  • Mobile-friendly.

These factors contribute to a positive and engaging user experience.

Build Your Audience

  • Grow your website traffic by creating high-value content
  • Engage with your audience on social media platforms
  • Utilize search engine optimization (SEO) for higher search visibility.

Ad Placement Strategy

  • Decide on ad formats and which ad placement strategy to use on your website 
  • Keep the user in mind so your audience still has a good experience on your site with ads in place.

Create A Media Kit

  • Highlight key metrics like monthly page views and audience demographics
  • Showcase testimonials, reviews, and case studies from other advertisers
  • Offer clear, competitive pricing.

Direct Outreach

  • Identify potential advertisers within your niche and create an outreach campaign to contact them directly
  • Craft personalized pitches that communicate the value of advertising on your site
  • Follow up regularly and cultivate long, lasting professional relationships.

Affiliate Marketing And Ad Networks

  • Partner with affiliate programs relevant to your content and audience
  • Join ad networks that can connect you with advertisers
  • Use multiple ad strategies, as outlined in this post.

How To Get Ads On Your Website: Bottom Line

When you’re ready to monetize your site, incorporating ads is a solid solution to consider. 

Start by evaluating all your options. Then, choose the right ad network. Next, optimize ad placements, which can help you balance your revenue with audience experience, a tip suggested by HostAdvice.

From here, it’s all about maximizing your visibility. While many of these options are great for earning passive income, this isn’t set-it-and-forget-it online advertising.

Review your metrics, monitor ad performance, and track your analytics consistently to see which ads are performing best. Make tweaks and changes as needed to maximize your ads’ performance.

Now, you know how to get ads on your website!

Which ad strategy are you starting with?


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