NovaXyon Money-Making 100 Simple Tactics to Make Cash As a Child in 2023

100 Simple Tactics to Make Cash As a Child in 2023


Want to make money as a kid?

In this article I will go over some of the time-tested ideas as well as several unique ways kids can make money.

100 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Since everyone is different, we wanted to give you various ways to make money as a kid. Here they are.

1. Have a Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great way to make money. This will help with an immediate cash flow problem clean out the house, and hone a child’s project management skills.

If you don’t want to slave away at an in-person yard sale all day, you could try selling stuff online to make money from items around the house. One easy option to consider is Decluttr.

This site allows us to scan the bar codes of products, and they will instantly give you the price they paid for it.

2. Sell Your Crafts

Etsy is an amazing way to make some extra cash selling crafts and can also help younger kids tap into their inner creative selves.

Kids can sell anything from paintings to candles and everything in between. It’s a great way to learn how to develop a product that sells based on market feedback.

Time management skills also come into play because there are so many moving parts in building an Etsy business.

This is one of the best ways for kids to make money.

3. Start a T-Shirt Business

Is your child creative and intuitively knows what people want? If this is the case, they should consider starting a T-shirt business and developing their creative side to make money.

This could be an additional product to sell in an Etsy shop. Or your child can sell the t-shirts on Redbubble or Cafepress or sell them in local markets.

And there’s no need to stop at t-shirts! You can put the same designs on tote bags, phone covers, and more.

4. Offer Pet Care Services

Anything from walking, washing, or overnight stays with furry-legged friends, pet sitting and dog walking can be a fun way for kids to make extra money.

Older children may be able to start a Teen Caregiver account on to find pet-sitting jobs. Asking around the neighborhood is a good way to start this enjoyable income stream.

Earning potential: $17.50 per walk for dog walking

5. Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys often requires you to be over age 18, but with Swagbucks, children 13 and older can take surveys to earn money.

Lifepoints is a survey site that allows you to take online surveys starting at age 14 and offers similar payouts. You can even play video games for cash on some sites.

This can also be done in the comfort of your own home, so it’s one of the best ways to make money online.

6. Start a Babysitting Business

Moms need a break sometimes. If your child is good with younger kids, this is a great option for them. Teenagers can also set up a profile on with the help of a parent.

Babysitters can often earn at least $15 per hour. But make sure your child is mature enough to handle the responsibility of this option.

This is one of the best ways kids can make money.

Earning potential: $16.75 per hour on average in the U.S.

7. Do Small Jobs Online

Older children can do small tasks online via websites like Fiverr and Snagajob. Fiverr requires a minimum age of 13, and Snagajob’s minimum age is 14.

This is a great way to make some quick cash by helping people around the house when you need it.

Check out these places that hire 14 and 15-year-olds.

8. Started a Design Business

The creative field can make a lot of money! Try starting with designing logos or smaller things for people’s websites.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use graphic designers to create the perfect image for their brands. You can offer your services on Fiverr for $5 for small graphics and charge more for bigger projects or add-on services.

If your kid excels at a particular type of software, they could specialize to charge more.

This is one of the top ways kids can make money online.

9. Start an Instagram Account

Mila Stauffer has stolen the hearts of over 333,000 Instagram followers with her sassy yet adorable videos of her thoughts. She’s found an excellent way to make money online.

Want to know how old she is? She hasn’t even made it to the double digits yet. She is three years old. And she has been able to get social media sponsorships from major players like Tylenol.

If you learn how to make money with Instagram, you could pay for college before starting kindergarten! Social media can be a great way to earn money.

10. Start a Jewelry Business

Jess Lively states in a podcast episode with Pat Flynn that she accidentally started her own business at the age of 15 when she was making jewelry at a pool, and people were coming up to her and wanting to purchase it.

She made a couple hundred dollars. It’s not bad for a day lounging around for a day at the pool.

If your child has an eye for design, this could be a creative way to earn money.

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11. Have a Lemonade Stand

This is a timeless way to make money as a kid.

A lemonade stand can teach them the ins and outs of product-oriented business with inventory control, cost management, advertising, and customer service.

It’s possible to tackle this opportunity with a couple of friends and neighbors to make the experience more fun. All your kid needs to do is stir together a pitcher of lemonade.

Plus, it’s easy to add other products to your lemonade stand as the need arises. For example, hot chocolate might sell better in the winter.

12. Wash Cars

Washing cars is an excellent way for kids to get out from behind the computer and out in the sun to exercise while making money.

The start-up materials are fairly basic. But be sure to budget for a bucket, soap, rags, and towels. It’s possible to charge more by offering an interior clean with the help of a portable vacuum.

And of course, you’ll need access to water. You could set them up in your driveway. But many customers will let the kids access their own water hose, making this a good way to earn money.

13. Win a Pageant Show

You don’t have to wear 10 pounds of makeup to make good money with pageant shows.

If your child has a specific skill set that they love doing and are genuinely good at, sign them up for a pageant show.

These skills could include but are not limited to singing, dancing, miming, playing an instrument, etc.

14. Become a Boat Cleaner

If you live near the ocean or another body of water, this is a great way to make some great money and exercise.

Cleaning up after a boat outing isn’t a chore relished by many boat owners. So, you’ll find plenty of customers if you live in the right area.

If you don’t live near a body of water, then consider offering to clean campers or other recreational vehicles.

15. Water Plants for the Elderly

Oftentimes, the elderly are too tired or forget to water their plants. This is a great opportunity to make some extra cash and give back to the community!

If a senior needs help to water the plants, they might be looking to hire help for other odd jobs. For example, they might have to run errands, tidy up their home, or even play a round of cards.

Local retirement communities are a good place to start looking for this kind of work.

16. Change People’s Car Oil

Getting your oil changed is often one of the most dreaded tasks of being an adult. You may have to sit in the waiting room for hours at the dealership, sometimes even if you have an appointment!

If your kid can learn how to change the oil and offer to let the customers wait in the comfort of their homes, that will give your child a competitive advantage against other oil-changing services.

17. Repair Cracked Windshields

Again, this is an unpleasant and often unexpected task that is a hassle for many people.

If your child can offer this service and meet their customers at their homes, this could give them a competitive advantage against dealerships.

18. Have a Bake Sale

A bake sale can be a great way not only to make some extra cash but also to improve your skills in the kitchen.

You could sell your goods at a farmer’s market, a local business fair, or a craft show. However, checking local laws about selling baked goods before jumping in is a good idea.

19. Put Up Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations often look beautiful. But making a home look festive for the season can take a lot of time and energy. Many homeowners don’t have the time to spend precious hours putting up each year.

If your child has spare time to do this task for busy parents or the elderly, they can make extra cash and give back to the community.

20. Clean Tile Grout

This is a dirty and time-consuming job that many people don’t want to do. It involves scrubbing between the lines of the tiles and showers.

It can be lucrative because no one else wants to do it. According to Thumbtack, property owners pay between $0.75 and $3 per square foot to clean their grout.

21. Clean Gutters for Your Neighbors

Having dirty or overfilled gutters can cost a lot of money for homeowners if they are not cleaned out regularly.

You can clean them out by using a portable sprayer. You could even install gutter guards for your customers as an extra service. This will save them money and time down the road.

But you’ll need a sturdy ladder to get started. Due to the risky nature of this work, it’s best for serious kids or teens who remember to be careful on the job.

22. Aerate Lawns

Yards not only need to be cut and watered, but they also need oxygen for the lawn to be healthy. If you own or rent an aerator, this could be a lucrative endeavor for your child.

23. Clean Furniture

Cleaning furniture may mean disinfecting beds, couches, chairs, and more. Believe it or not, furniture needs to be cleaned regularly.

To make more money, try to target homes with dogs. Pet owners tend to have their furniture cleaned more often.

24. Wash Windows

Windows collect dirt and handprints that can make the space’s interior miss out on ideal lighting opportunities. You can fix that problem by carefully washing windows.

Many higher-end homes have tall windows and can afford to outsource this task. To maximize revenue, you can offer services for inside and outside work.

You can also offer your services to local stores with lots of windows.

25. Organize Closets 

Many homeowners dream of an organized closet. But carving out the time to tackle this often daunting chore is easier said than done. If your child has a special gift for organizing things, this money-making opportunity is a great option.

Most people don’t have time or the desire to keep their closets neat and organized and may be willing to pay someone else.

If you want to make money as a kid with this option, start by putting the word out to family and friends. After you do a great job, word of mouth will help you land new clients.

26. Paint the Exterior of a Home

Painting the house is a major job that homeowners often put off because it is either too hot out or too cold.

However, kids may be able to offer this service during spring break or summer break. They can also charge a lot of money because it is such an unwanted task.

27. Paint the Interior of a Home

Again, this is another time-consuming task that homeowners often put off. They may be very willing to outsource it to someone else.

You’ll need to be very detail-oriented to do a great job as a painter. But it’s a great skill to learn. There are always homes that use a fresh coat of paint, and you’ll be there to provide what they need.

28. Paint Window Frames

Does your child have a careful hand? This can be beneficial in dealing with the crevasses of the door and window frames.

Window frames need touch-up paint jobs done every so often. If you do a great job, word will get out to property owners who don’t want to commit any time to this tedious task.

29. Paint Garages

Garages are often the last part of a home that gets any TLC. If your child has spare time and this has been on the to-do list of your neighbors, they may be able to help get it crossed off. For a fee, of course!

30. Paint Fences

People love to have their homes have a cohesive feel. However, that requires a lot of tedious work. If a homeowner already has everything else painted, your child might be able to step in and paint the fence to finish the job.

Homeowners are willing to pay you to paint their fences, making this a good opportunity for kids to make extra cash.

Plus, wooden fences need a coat of paint every few years to prevent deterioration. If you aren’t sure where to start, turn to a YouTube channel for helpful DIY painting tips.

31. Offer Manicures or Nail Painting

A lot of women love being pampered. Being pampered in the comfort of their home is a bonus and offers a competitive advantage to your child. You can likely charge less than a salon and still earn a great profit.

Consider practicing with friends and family until your nail skills are at the professional level. When you are ready, having a great set of nails offers an instant recommendation for your skills.

32. Brush and Groom Dogs

A lot of dogs need to be brushed daily and bathed regularly. However, it can be a hassle for pet owners, especially if they have long, curly hair, like a cocker spaniel.

If your child loves animals and has the patience for squirming animals, then this is a definite option for them. As a bonus, they’ll get pet snuggles!

33. Change Air Filters

It can be difficult for some people to get to high ceilings and change the filters themselves. This is a great service, especially for the elderly or a soon-to-be mom.

This is also a service that your child could perform regularly, giving them a chance at repeat income.

34. Install Fences

Homeowners love the idea of the white picket fence, but they don’t always have the time or willpower to put that idea to fruition. If your child is handy, they may be able to help make it happen for homeowners with this money-making opportunity.

Although it can take significant effort, the accomplishment will pair well with a nice payday.

35. Clean Out Motor Homes

This is a great service to offer to people that you know who are about to go on vacation or people who use their camper frequently.

Cleaning is never fun, so they are probably too happy to hire your child to do it for them. Come to the job prepared with cleaning supplies and trash bags to tidy up the RV.

If someone uses their camper regularly, they might quickly become repeat customers.

36. Shine Shoes

People have gotten so busy with work that they forget the small details that make their wardrobe seem put together.

Offering this service could put a bit more of a pep in their step from looking sharper, as well as your child when they have a little more jingle in their pocket.

37. Dispose of Christmas Trees

People love picking out trees for Christmas, but dismantling and disposing of them after the fact is an entirely different scenario. It can be a challenge to tear down the beautiful setup.

This could be a great option for your child, especially if your child can drive or has access to someone who can drive, as well as a truck to haul them away.

Many cities offer tree recycling services, so you’ll even be doing a bit of good for the planet.

38. Run Errands for Moms

Moms are busy, especially new moms. Offering your services to get lunch or pick up some baby food is a great way to make cash.

If possible, advertise your services in neighborhoods close to popular stores. Otherwise, make sure to factor in travel time and gas costs when setting your rates.

39. Weed Gardens

Homeowners love to outsource this, as it is more tedious. It’s a win-win situation for the homeowner and your child. The homeowner doesn’t have to do it, and your child makes extra cash.

Not only will you offer them a helping hand, but you also get paid in the process.

40. Build Sandboxes for Families

If your child is handy, they may be able to build sandboxes for families in your neighborhood. This is a cheap way to entertain that family’s kid for hours.

The materials to make a sandbox are pretty affordable. But consider your time and effort when pricing out this service.

41. Operate and Repair Sprinklers

Sprinklers need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. Like all things, they can break, leak, or need to be installed. For handy children, this can be a great business.

Young kids will likely need some basic tools to get started. But it could be a worthwhile investment for a DIY-inclined child.

42. Catch and Sell Lizards for Pets

If you live in a state where lizards are common (which is most of the U.S. and the world), why not catch young lizards and sell them as pets?

Lizards can make great pets for reptile lovers and be very personable despite their somewhat off-putting appearance (I’m talking to you, moms and dads).

Note that you’ll have to check with your state’s Department of Commerce to make money selling lizards. Some states have specific rules for selling lizards and other reptiles.

Also, you’ll have to have habitats in your home that are conducive to keeping the lizards safe and healthy as you wait for buyers. Advertise the lizards you have for sale amongst your friends at school or via social media.

43. Collect and Sell Firewood

Everyone loves to enjoy a fire surrounded by friends and family members. However, collecting and splitting wood is not fun for everyone.

If your child loves to be outside and likes to exercise, this is a great option to make money.

It’s especially useful if you have access to a free supply of wood.

44. Start a Fundraiser

If your child wants to make money for a notable cause, starting a fundraiser is a great way.

Organizing an event will also help your child practice communication and persuasion skills.

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45. Lay Sod

More homeowners are using sod instead of seeding a new batch of grass. Laying sod is a labor-intensive job that involves a lot of time outside.

If your child can handle this task, it’s another great way to get exercise while making money doing it.

46. Mow Lawns

Mowing lawns is a classic way of making money as a kid. You can not only get some extra income but work out at the same time.

If your parents have a lawn mower, ask if you can borrow it. Otherwise, consider purchasing a lawn mower as an asset to help you earn money by mowing lawns.

You can advertise your services on social media.

47. Collect and Sell Eggs

This requires more maintenance as your child must maintain the chickens to collect the eggs. Nonetheless, there is great potential for profit and making money fast.

Eggs could be sold at a Farmer’s market or marketed locally through word of mouth.

48. Sell Flowers

If your child has a green thumb and a knack for arranging flowers, they may be able to sell flowers for the various holidays and events throughout the year.

People get busy with work, kids, and other issues that can come up in life. However, they still know and want to show appreciation for their loved ones on holidays.

If your child is in the right place at the right time, they could make a killing.

49. Sell Glow Sticks

If your child has an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a great seasonal money-making opportunity for them.

Your child can buy glow sticks for cheap when they are on sale and sell them at major events like the Fourth of July and make money fast.

50. Tutor Others

Have your child become a tutor for kids in their class who struggle in the things that your child excels in.

Is your child good at math, or can he or she churn out beautiful papers? If so, this is a great way to make cash, practice communication skills, and help others.

If tutoring is not your thing, but you know how to play an instrument, you could even consider giving music lessons.

51. Create a YouTube Channel

It is amazing how many young kids are making money on YouTube. If you like making videos and being consistent, this can be a fun hobby and a way to make money.

You can make money from ads, selling products, landing sponsorships, working with brands, or licensing your content on your YouTube channel.

Your channel could include anything from tips on playing video games to music lessons and more.

Take a closer look at YouTube as an income stream in this full piece.

52. Sell Your Photos

Do you like taking pictures with your phone? Do you have an eye for getting the perfect shot?

There are sites like iStock and Shutterstock where you can sell your photographs for their stock photography library.

In addition to selling photos, you can also earn money by selling drone footage, videos, and vector graphics. This is a fun way to turn a hobby into an income stream.

53. Get a Paper Route

Although the newspaper is not as common as it used to be, this is still a way to make some extra cash as a kid.

You can deliver papers early in the morning, which makes this a good option if you are still in school and can’t work a job during the day. Check with your local newspaper to see the requirements to get started.

There are even online tutoring gigs available that help address any transportation hurdles.

54. Set Up A Hot Cocoa Stand

Want a quick way to make some cash? How about a hot cocoa stand? This may be seasonal, but what a great way to earn dough.

The best time to do this is during the winter school break. Grab some friends, recruit a parent to help, then get the word out. 

Set up a table in a busy section of your neighborhood, get some styrofoam cups, hot cocoa and a bucket of mini marshmallows ready to go. Then, set the price at, say, $1.00 a cup to make it easy for people to stop by and grab a cup.

55. Refurbish Old Clothing

Grandma used to say, ‘They don’t make it as they used to.’ This applies to clothes as well. Did you know you can refurbish old clothing into something new?

If you love to sew with a needle and thread or even a sewing machine, this is for you. Upcycling or doing creative reuse is very popular these days. 

Once you have redesigned the clothes, consider selling to friends, online, or even resale clothing boutiques. 

56. Restyle Old Shoes

Similar to clothing, taking old shoes and creatively reusing them is super popular today. In high school, I used an old pair of high heels from a wedding to silk print Andy Wharhol-style images of Marylin Monroe. I added a little bling on the heel to make them a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Old shoes are super easy to clean up and resell. Not to mention, cleaning up a pair of vintage Chuck Taylors may get you a few bucks.

To resell, check with local boutiques or set up an Etsy store to showcase your work. Or, see if your friends and family would like to shop at your custom-made store.

57. Prom Make-Up

Are you good at doing your make-up and helping friends with theirs? Then this may be your ticket. Make-up is actually an art and a science. Finding the right products and then learning the right techniques takes time.

Professional makeup sessions can cost hundreds of dollars. You can offer your services for prom, homecoming, and other special occasions like weddings and bar mitzvahs. 

Get the word out to friends, family, and neighborhood Facebook pages. You can charge by the hour or a flat fee. Make your rates competitive, then increase as you get more clients.

58. Buy and Resell Dresses

If you love beautiful dresses, this one’s for you. Finding dresses at great prices is possible. You jusr have to look.

You can find dresses at resale shops, Goodwill, and even online. Some neighborhood moms even create Facebook marketplace posts specific to specialty dresses. It makes sense if their daughters only wear a dress once for homecoming, then try to resell it. 

If you can get dresses at a good price, you can retail arbitrage them for great rates.

59. Sell Baby Clothes on eBay

The idea of selling clothes on eBay is possible. And there is a market for baby clothes.

When my kids were born, they received high-end baby clothes as gifts. The hard part was the clothes were the wrong season, and they grew out of them. Hence, the clothes were never worn.  

Between the high-end clothes and the collection of onesies and leggings, I found a market to resell them on eBay. 

60. Crochet Baby Clothes

Did you know that crocheting is not only fun but also therapeutic? And baby clothes, including hats and mittens, are fun and easy to make.

Crocheted baby blankets, booties, hats, and jackets can be sold on Etsy for up to 100 dollars. Start simply by learning a basic technique that is easy to repeat. Once you get the hang of it, repeat, repeat until you have a cute style you can resell.

Selling baby crochet clothes is simple. Sites like Etsy, eBay, and local Facebook marketplaces are great ways to sell your treasure.

61. Pet Food Delivery

Regarding pets, owners will do anything to ensure they are cared for, including pet food delivery.

One idea is to help owners pick up dog food when they go into town. Local prices are still cheaper than online so helping neighbors have a plan is a great way to make some cash. Picking up dog and cat food or making pet food for your neighbors is a good option. 

Local farms also need help feeding their horses and cattle. Helping deliver food by helping pitch hay and filling feed buckets is a great way to make some ranch hand cash.

62. Make Candles

Candle-making is fun and easy. Plus, they make great gifts. And who doesn’t love a great homemade gift to buy?

With the help of a parent, get some melted wax, a crayon, and a few drops of scented oil in a jug. Mix well. Put a wick in the center of a mason jar and secure it with some glue or wax. Then, pour the wax mix into the mason jar. 

Once your creation is done, tie on some ribbon and get the word out your goods are ready to sell.  

63. Power Wash Driveways 

Most neighborhood driveways start out with simple cement.  After a time, the light concrete color becomes dirty and stained. Plus, many HOAs require homes to maintain a clean stature.

This is where you come into powerwash. Get the word out, create a competitive cleaning fee, and get started.  You can rent a power washer or borrow it from your dad. 

And if you do a great job, create a repeat customer list to clean their driveway each year simultaneously. This way, you could have hundreds of happy customers.

64. Make Soaps

Clean soap is making a comeback. My family will buy hand soaps made in Europe, knowing they are free of dyes and chemicals. To make clean soap, it is really simple.

Finding DIY clean soap recipes is popular online. Find a recipe you like, and then have Mom help you get the ingredients. Main ingredients include lye, distilled water, refined coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and sunflower oil.

Once you’ve made the soap, wrap them in simple tissue paper, tie them off with ribbon, and get the word out you have soap for sale.

Besides hand soap, homemade safe laundry soap is popular and pricey in stores. Making some to sell locally is a great option.

65. Make Lotion

Just like soap, clean lotions are very popular. And if they are clean and chemical-free, they can even be called luxury lotions.

To make lotion, you will need a few simple ingredients. Search online for your favorite recipe to try. Most ingredients include jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils, and shea butter.

Once your lotion is made, use small bottles from the dollar store and work with Mom to make labels. When your luxury lotion is ready, get out to friends and family.

66. Sell Bottled Water At Games

Most national games have rules about who can buy or sell water and other items. Yet local HS games or pee-wee soccer games offer a great venue to sell water.

Next time your younger sibling has a t-ball practice, ask mom if you can fill the ice chest with ice and water bottles and sell them at the game. 

A 48-pack runs 10 dollars, making each bottle around .21 cents. Selling each bottle for 1 or 2 dollars will make you a profit.

67. Sell Old Video Games

At our last garage sale, a man stopped by and asked if we had video games. I let my daughter get her collection that was collecting dust. She made a quick $20 bucks.

If the kids have old video games in good condition, sell them. Sell them at your garage sale, a local Game Stop, or online. 

Check online to see the going rate since some old classics like Mario can sell for up to $20.

68. Sell Brownies and Snacks

Do you like to bake? Then this is a perfect gift for you.

 If your family has a garage sale, consider setting up a table to sell snacks. You can bake or buy snacks in bulk, then turn around and sell them at the garage sale.

A few other ways to sell your goodies are at your local farmers market. And don’t forget the holidays. Offer to help your friends and neighbors with treat trays for their holiday parties.

69. Make Dog Treats

For my bakers who love pets, this one’s for you. Making dog treats is pretty easy. 

Sites like have easy-to-make dog treat recipes. My favorite is their peanut butter doggie biscuits. And my poodle loves any treats made with pumpkins.

To sell your treats, start selling to friends and family with pets. Make sure to list the ingredients so owners are aware of what’s inside.

Other places to sell your treats are at farmer’s markets. You can also sell online, like Etsy and eBay. Check with a parent to see if there are any regulations involved in pet food safety.

70.  Pet Poop Removal

Pet waste removal has become a popular side gig. Who knew? Yet, if you think about it, your neighbor with a big dog and a busy career probably has little time to pick up after their dog. Or maybe they need the kitty litter box cleaned out.

This is where you come in. Offering dog poop or cat box removal is easy. Post signs on community mailboxes, or have a parent post on your neighborhood Facebook group. 

Next, offer competitive rates. Maybe offer a $10 per 1x week visit. And get creative with promoting your services. My friend’s son Cooper called his services Cooper’s Scoopers.

71. Grow and sell flowers

Flowers are a great way to make someone’s day. My neighbor used to have these amazing rose bushes that would produce the most amazing flowers.

Flowers like Zinnias and Sunflowers are often easy to grow and popular to sell. 

To sell your flowers, consider making mini bouquets and selling them in the neighborhood. Or get creative and sell them at the local farmer’s market. 

72. Grow Fruits and Veggies

Similar to flowers, growing fruits and veggies can be fun for kids. 

Like some other selling ideas here, setting up a table and selling them in your neighborhood is a great idea. Check with a parent to find the right spot in the backyard and make a plan to grow your plants.

Once you harvest your fruits and veggies, ask your neighbors if they want to buy some. Or set up a table to sell them. Another idea is to sell at the local farmers’ market.

73. Create Wall Art To Sell

If you love to make crafts and any kid of art that can hang on the wall, this is the one for you. 

Wall art comes in many ways. From large canvases to macrame to simple hand or feet stamp images, the ideas are endless.

Once your art is created, consider selling online on sites like Etsy or at craft fairs, yard sales, or farmer’s markets. 

And don’t forget to ask Grandma if she wants to buy your art.

74. Make Game Tutorials

Are you good at gaming and have a specific game you could walk someone through? For new gamers, having a simple tutorial to walk you through is gold.

Consider making tutorials for all sorts of games. From video games to board games and even card games.  Many people look to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook Reels.

Obviously, you need to be 18 to have an account on YouTube. Yet with a parent’s help, you can set it up with subscriptions to get started.

75. Raise Feeder Bugs

Did you know there is a market for breeding and selling bugs? Plus, the bugs can help with breaking down food scraps, so it is a win-win.

Bugs like Crickets and Mealworms are easy to grow. Finding a simple video online can get you started after you ask your mom if you can grow bugs in the house.

To sell your bugs, check with friends who may have lizard pets. Another option is to get the word out on neighborhood Facebook posts.

76. Grocery Delivery

This may seem like a job for an older person, yet if you have a parent who does Shipt or Instacart grocery delivery, why not see if you can help them and share in the proceeds?

Grocery delivery is very popular due to our busy society not having time to shop. Many adults have picked this side gig up to make some extra cash. 

If you know someone who delivers, consider offering your services to help unload the grocery bags at the front door, helping them work faster and potentially get more gigs. 

Offer, say, $1 per drop-off help. After 1 hour and 10 drop-offs, that could mean $10.

77. Make Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make any occasion fun, even for kids. As a kid, making gift baskets you know other kids will appreciate is smart business.

Designing gift baskets for any occasion is simple. First, get the basket, treats, candy, and tissue paper. Next, make the basket up and tie on a ribbon for style. 

Get the word out that you have baskets to sell for any occasion. Hit the web to get more ideas on what goes in a basket. For pricing, see the going rate, and then set a competitive price that covers the cost of your goods.

78. Write Love Letters

Love letters are sweet and should be to the point. If you are good at writing, think about writing love letters to sell. 

This may sound a little weird initially, but many people, those in love, have trouble writing down their families. 

First, create some sample letters to write. Then, share some of them on sites like Facebook marketplace or with friends. Next, set the price so your letters sell.

79. Make Cool Pillows

Pillows are fun and easy to make. You can use yarn, cloth, fleece, or even recycled clothing.. DIY how-to kits are all over the internet. Pick one that works, then get to work.

Once you have your pillow mastered, get the word out you have cool pillows for sale. You can sell them on Etsy, eBay, FB Marketplace, and more. And don’t forget friends and family, including grandma.

There’s no limit to decorating pillows. Ask your potential new customers what styles and colors they like.

80. Make Pet Collars and Leashes

Most people with pets love to embellish them with collars, leashes, clothes, toys, and treats. Pets can be spoiled more than most people’s kids. 

Making cool collars and leashes is a great way to make cash. Collars with holiday themes like Halloween, July 4th, or Christmas will surely be a hit.

You can also make dog dresses that act as a dog harness. Get the word out to friends and neighbors, or sell on Etsy. People with pets love extras to spoil their fur babies.

81. Clean Houses

House cleaning is very pricey. Offering a competitive price to clean your neighbor’s house is a great way to make cash.

Most cleaning companies use their own cleaning supplies, so you may need to work with your mom to negotiate prices. 

Instead of being overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning a whole house, consider offering cleaning services for areas in the house. Maybe offer toilet cleaning, sweeping, floor mopping, and dusting.

82. Write and Sell Class Notes

For younger kids, this may seem strange. However, once in High School or College, this is a money maker. So why not start young?

When you miss class, you miss class notes. Like tutoring, sharing class notes is a great way to make a few dollars. This is a great gift if you are good at taking notes in class and keeping things organized.

83. Make Feather Earrings

Making earnings is fun and easy. Making feather earrings is even more fun.

Feather earrings are super popular today. You can make the earrings by finding the crafts and tools at your local Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Jo-Anns, and other craft stores.

Once you have a few prototypes, get the word out. My daughter and friend recently hosted an earring live showcase on Instagram and made some sales.

84. Walk Dogs

My friend down the street got a new puppy, yet works all day. She hired the neighbor boy to walk her dog once he got home from school. And he loves it.

Get the word out that you are available to walk dogs. Once you have a few gigs, tell your clients to get the word out so you can get more gigs. Set your price competitive to make it worth their while.

And don’t forget to bring doggy bags to clean up after the dog. Having a great reputation for being a good walker goes a long way.

85. Write e-books

Creating fun stories as a kid can be profitable. My friend Susan’s son Josh loved to make cartoons. One day, they published them on Amazon as an e-book.

E-books can be any style, from comic books to stories to devotional journals. The ideas are endless.

This may be a project you need to work on with Mom, yet once they are up for sale, they stay up.

86. Sell Album Art

Album art goes on an album, record, or CD cover. New music artists always need good artwork to promote their music. 

Sites like Artgrab are always looking for new artists. Or get the word out. Who knows, your older sister’s band may need an album cover.

And don’t forget the school band. If they are recording music and selling it to parents, they definitely will need a cover.

87. Draw and Sell Book Covers

Similar to album covers, books need covers too. And new writers are always looking for a catchy book cover.

Book covers can be as simple as a title, author, or a splash of color. They can also be a cartoon cover that showcases the content inside.

Sites like and Upwork let you create a profile to get hired. 

88. Sell Candy To Classmates

My daughter has been doing this since Fourth grade.  She would sell candy or other treats I put in her lunchbox. If it were something super special, she would get a bit more for it.

For some kids, candy is a special treat, and they will pay for it. You may only make a quarter occasionally, yet it may add up. 

Some candy and snacks can land you a dollar, especially if homemade. 

89. Sell Handmade Jewelry to Classmates

Maddie Bradshaw was only 10 when she started Snap Caps. She made jewelry out of bottle caps. She made them for a few friends, and then other kids wanted them and were willing to pay.

Making handmade jewelry is easy and fun. From earrings to string bracelets and necklaces, the ideas are endless.

You can easily get the word out if you have social media access. Or bring a few samples to school and sell them at lunch break. If one style sells more, you know you have your design.

90. Dishwasher

Being a dishwasher is a simple, behind-the-scenes job. Most restaurants require you to be a teenager, yet you can start at home by asking your mom if you can be the dishwasher for a small fee. 

Starting at home is a great way to get started. This is because your mom will be the best coach to help you wash dishes correctly.

Expand your dishwashing skills in the neighborhood by helping neighbors host parties, weddings, and more.

91. Become a Blogger

Blogs are super popular these days. Topics range from a multitude of things. If you have something you are passionate about, you should blog about it.

Getting started as a blogger is pretty straightforward. You may need parental help getting your site up, yet for content, you choose.

Once your site is up, make sure to add content weekly. This is important to sites like Google.

92. Build Websites And Sell Them

Creating websites today is super simple. Most are drag-and-drop with little code. Tech-savvy kids may love this option.

First, get your website up and running. This may require a parent to help cover set-up costs and requirements.

If you find a niche for creating websites, people are willing to pay you to create them. Get the word out on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

93. Get Paid To Play Games

Many sites pay you to play games. They may pay you to test games. 

My friend Marcela’s daughter would test VR games for Microsoft as a kid. Today, VR games are everywhere.

Playing games varies by site. Additionally, some sites also have surveys to complete and earn money.

94. Make and Sell Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have been around for years and are fun to make. I learned how to make them one summer at camp. The next week, my best friend and I made and sold them.

Consider making them on a long car ride. Once you have a bunch, sell them at lunch or recess. Or sell them for a fundraiser.

Make sure to set the price low enough so they sell. Otherwise, your friends may consider making themselves.

95. Clean Pools

On July 4th and New Year’s Day, my pool gets loaded with fireworks debris. My pool cleaning service only comes on Fridays. If there were a kid in the neighborhood who cleaned up after these days, I would gladly pay.

Cleaning pools does not mean you need to have all the equipment and chemicals. It can be as simple as helping maintain weekly maintenance like leaf removal.

Set your price competitively. Get the word out through neighbors and only neighborhood apps.

96. Organize Files

If you like keeping things in order, this is for you. Keeping files up to date is very important for adults. Especially tax files, receipts, bills, and more.

My sister got a job helping a neighbor with her files and house cleaning. Her neighbor had a debilitating disease and needed the extra hands to keep things in order.

Sell your organizing skills to neighbors, friends, parents, and more. 

97. Wash Trash Cans

This may sound like a dirty job, but people will pay you to clean their trash cans. Get the word out and show up on time.

Most people have a hose on the side of their house. Ask your client to put their empty stinky can in front of their house at a certain time. Spray down the inside of the can with some soapy water and rinse.

Most neighborhood HOAs require homes to keep their trash cans out of sight. This means typically in their garage.  Nobody wants a stinky trash can in their garage. 

98. Clean Bathrooms

Hiring a full cleaning service is expensive. This is where you come in. Offering to clean a bathroom or two is a great way to save people money.

Everyone loves a clean bathroom yet rarely has the time to clean it. Offer your services online through local neighborhood apps.  Ask your client if they have the cleaning supplies while you offer the labor.

You can negotiate the cost of your time to clean.

99. Empty Trash Cans

One item in our house that always gets forgotten is trash cans. Inside and out. 

Offer to empty the trash is a great way to make some quick cash. Ask your client if you supply the trash bags, and you can offer your services. 

Additionally, taking the weekly trash cans is a great way to make quick cash. Some people have to leave home early for work and get home late. 

Offering to put the trash out and back after it is picked up is a great way to make a few bucks.

100. Set Up / Take Down Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are a must in my house. As I get older and my kids go off to college, I would gladly offer money to get some help to decorate. 

Offer your services through local neighborhood apps or have your parents get the word out.

You can charge by the hour or by project. 

And remember, this one is not just for Christmas. Many people like to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, July 4th, and more.


The options for making money as a kid are plentiful, especially in this day and age. Making extra money doesn’t have to mean slaving away and working at a minimum-wage job that your kid doesn’t like.

Having a little bit of creative thought and knowing their natural talents can prove lucrative for your child and help them learn new skills and hone their talents.


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