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Best 10 Virtual Product Associate Systems


Do you know what a
digital product is? A digital product is a product that is intangible and can only be downloaded. Some of the
most common forms of digital products are:

There’s a huge market for digital products, as it’s a
multi-million dollar industry.
And as a result of its popularity, many digital product affiliate programs have been created to help boost the autopilot sales of the merchants of these products.

You see with digital products, there aren’t the traditional costs and hassles that there are with physical products. 

With digital products, there are no shipping costs, no inventory costs, there’s instant delivery, and high-profit margins. And because of these high-profit margins, product owners are willing to pay their affiliates
big commissions for helping to sell these kinds of products.

If you want to be an affiliate for a high-commission digital product, but don’t know where to look, this blog post will show you where to find them. 

I want to give you my top 10 digital product affiliate programs you can sign up for and start promoting so that you can
make high-dollar sales

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Digital Product Affiliate Programs

Here’s number 1 on my list of the top 10 digital product affiliate programs to promote on the Internet:


Clickbank is a digital products marketplace where sellers can add their digital products and have affiliates promote them for them. There are
hundreds of digital products on Clickbank, and they’re located in some of the tiniest niches. And this is good news for you.

The average commission rate for digital products on Clickbank is
and you will find digital products that sell for around
$300. You can easily find prospects who will be good candidates for digital products in this marketplace.

For tips on how to promote Clickbank digital products successfully, check out the article here:

Envato Market

Envato Market is a marketplace that sells millions of digital products per year. You can promote Photoshop actions, videos, WordPress themes, plugins, and more with this site. And they also offer free training that can help you be successful.

Combined their affiliates are earning over
$3 million per year. As an affiliate, you earn a 30% commission for affiliate sales made on any Envato Market site in its network.

Studiopress & WP Engine

No surprise here. This digital product package is a treasure trove, and for every sale you make, you’ll
earn $200 on each sale. 

WP Engine is a web hosting service that’s
and StudioPress creates WordPress themes and tools to make WordPress easier. 

Running a high-quality WordPress site with this package is easy for consumers. It offers premium themes, hosting, and plugins all in one simple affiliate program. It’s a killer offer.

You can promote this affiliate program via ShareASale if you want to get started with it.


Wondershare is a software solution that designs services and software. Some of their most popular products are:

You can use the
affiliate network ShareASale to promote this digital product. Plus they give you the marketing tools you need to be successful. 

This digital product affiliate program offers a 30% commission, and you can earn higher commissions of up to 50% if you have monthly sales of $2,000 and above.


If you sell to
professional photographers, this would be a great digital product to promote to them.

InPixio is a photo editing software for photographers, and it offers video tutorials, support, cutting-edge features, and an easy software design.

ShareASale manages this affiliate program, and the commission rate ranges from
30% – 50%.
You’ll earn upwards of 50% when customers buy more from in-cart upsells.


Have you ever heard of
InkyDeals? It’s heaven for graphic designers.

InkyDeals offers digital products such as graphic design templates, WordPress templates, Photoshop actions, fonts, textures, and vector packs.

ShareASale is in charge of this affiliate program, and you’ll receive a suite of marketing tools to help promote this product. 

Their products are highly converting, and they offer a 25% commission for every sale made.


Whatever you need for your computer,
SoftwareKeep is your go-to source. They’re an
authorized reseller for Microsoft,
and their average order value is $115.

Now with that being said, the commission rate on every item sold is 10%. But the sales rack up fast because customers can buy popular products like Microsoft Office Suites, anti-virus software, and Microsoft Office programs.

As an affiliate, you’ll get access to text links, banner ads,
affiliate tracking, and reporting tools to see your progress.

Dover Publications

If you want to promote books and ebooks on your
affiliate site, then Dover Publications is for you. Dover Publications has over 10,000 ebooks and books in a wide variety of categories.

They’ve recently upgraded their site for the sole purpose of
increasing conversion rates. Their commission rate for each sale is 10% and they use ShareASale to manage their affiliate program.

The products on Dover Publications are easy to sell, and they’re a trusted book retailer.


develops software for people in the media, building, entertainment, manufacturing, architecture, and construction industries. 

So far they’ve served over
10 million customers and they aren’t looking to slow down any time soon. 

The commission rate for this digital product is 9%, and it’s managed by the
affiliate platform (formerly Commission Junction).

You can promote their products in Europe, Asia, South America, and North America, and you can also signup to join their international affiliate program.

Adobe Affiliate Program

You’ve heard of
Adobe right? No doubt you’ve probably used their products hundreds of times without blinking an eye So what is Adobe?

Adobe provides software for the creation of video, print, illustration, animation, and photography. 

But their flagship product is
Adobe Photoshop.
People will easily spend hundreds of dollars on this product alone. 

Also, the paid version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular product to promote also.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a program that allows people to
sell digital products with WordPress. This includes ebooks, WordPress plugins, themes, MP3 files, and more.

It comes with the ability to add discount codes, unlimited file downloads, tracking and reporting features, and includes a full shopping cart. 

When you sign up you’ll be given banners and other marketing tools to promote this popular digital affiliate program. 

If you sell to business owners who want to sell digital products on their website, Easy Digital Downloads is an affiliate program you’ll want to sign up for.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to promote one or some of these digital product affiliate programs? They all offer attractive features, and you can
make high commissions from promoting them on your website.

There are more digital product affiliate programs out there that offer high commission rates, but these 10 are on my list as the top to start with. 

Make sure you promote a program that closely aligns with your
niche and the theme of your website. This will greatly increase the chance of you making sales from the digital products that you’re promoting.


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