NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing 13 Perfect Web sites to Lend a hand You Get Top-High quality search engine optimization Leads in 2024

13 Perfect Web sites to Lend a hand You Get Top-High quality search engine optimization Leads in 2024

SEO leads are prospective buyers of your SEO services. They are potential clients who have an interest in the SEO service offerings you have. Leads are incredibly valuable because they can turn into paying customers. 

And, with a high-value, expensive service that can lead to recurring revenue, SEO leads can potentially promise a very lucrative future.

Discover 13 of the best websites to generate SEO leads for your company. 

Let’s go!

13 Places To Generate SEO Leads For Your Business

SEO leads are the fuel to your business. If you’re not continuing to funnel fresh leads into your company, it can grow stagnant and potentially fail in the future.

Leads can be tricky, whether you’re looking for an SEO for startups strategy or a more seasoned approach for long-running, enterprise-level organizations.

Ultimately, for the best results you should try using your own lead generation strategy along with utilizing these tools.  

1. UpLead

UpLead is a real-time lead verification and prospecting tool to build your prospect list of SEO leads.

This B2B database scrapes and collects contacts with a 95% accuracy guarantee.

  • Search using 50+ filters
  • Export leads with 95% accuracy 
  • Find ready-to-buy prospects

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin sales navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription that offers sales tools to help you connect with more prospects and increase sales.

  • 14+ filters to use for finding prospecting opportunities
  • Access customer insights like hiring trends, department headcount, etc.
  • Identify the connections that are closest to you and your organization

The tools offered include:

  • Key decision-maker alerts: Get real-time alerts to help you identify the times that are best to reach out to key decision-makers within an organization.
  • Account IQ: Use generative AI and LinkedIn data to gain a deeper understanding of accounts.
  • Relationship Map: Map out stakeholders.
  • CRM integrations: Add contacts directly to CRM, add your contacts to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and buyer intent capabilities.

3. Niche Pursuits Facebook Group

Did you know Niche Pursuits has a Facebook group? This bustling community of nearly 40,000 members is a place to interact with students, coaches, peers, sharing and swapping strategies, and more.

It’s an excellent place to talk SEO and learn about SEO service offerings to help with lead generation.

This can include:

  • Where to buy SEO services
  • How to use social media with SEO
  • Where to get an SEO audit
  • How to find your potential customer on the internet
  • Google ad and SEO campaign success tips

The group is filled with tons of helpful info to help you in your journey of acquiring high-quality SEO leads.

And there are always members asking for help – so don’t miss your chance to save the day!

4. SEO Signals Facebook Group

seo signals facebook grpup

SEO Signals Lab is a private Facebook group community. The purpose of the group is to network, connect, and collaborate with other group members.

They encourage you:

  • Share your SEO experiments and case studies
  • Share your knowledge and expertise around technical SEO, SEO strategy, content, inbound marketing, link building, and other relevant info that would be helpful

How Can You Use The Facebook Group For SEO Leads?

While promoting your own service or selling your products isn’t allowed, it’s not unusual to find group members sharing their success with SEO lead generation services they’re using.

In an effort to uncover the lead-gen gems that exist and you’re unaware of, you can even search the group for keywords like SEO services, lead generation services, SEO lead, etc. 

5. Affiliate SEO Mastermind

affiliate seo mastermind

The Affiliate SEO Mastermind is a private Facebook group dedicated to helping people excel with affiliate marketing using SEO.

It’s an open discussion group where all conversations are welcome, even taboo ones.

This is a great way to integrate affiliate marketing into your SEO efforts if you’re not already. You can also learn from the SEO strategies discussed to improve your lead-generation efforts and boost your overall SEO.

6. Hunter

Hunter is an email outreach program you can use to connect with people at other companies.

With the Hunter Chrome extension enabled, you can browse company websites within your target audience and activate the extension to find the right contact to reach out to.

In seconds, you have access to the contact details of the organization’s decision-makers, right at your fingertips (and you can also check out Hunter alternatives if needed).

After identifying your target audience and compiling a list of leads to target, Hunter is an excellent tool to perform the next step, researching the contact information.

7. Lusha


Lusha is a B2B database where you can access company contacts and business leads.

  • Prospecting
  • Buyer intelligence
  • API
  • CRM data enrichment
  • Chrome extension
  • Integrations with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Outreach

Exact audience targeting with filters like company location, revenue, country code, department, and number of employees, to name a few.

8. BuiltWith


BuiltWith is a technology lookup resource. If you want to spy on the website tech stack, a company has, you use BuiltWith.

You can uncover valuable insights like:

  • Website theme
  • Hosting
  • Shopping cart
  • Plugins and,
  • Software

It’s different from other tools in this list for SEO leads.

Instead of searching for contact details like a phone number and email, you’re researching the technology fueling their business.

You can use this info to your advantage when you pitch a custom-tailored solution.

For example, if you’re researching a company using a certain SEO plugin, you may pitch your SEO services for personalized SEO management, which would lead to better optimization and higher search rankings!

Also be sure to check out these Builtwith alternatives!

9. RocketReach


RocketReach helps you find the emails you’re searching for across 30+ million companies.

Search and uncover email addresses, phone numbers, and social media details.

You get features like:

  • Automated prospect lists
  • AI-powered recommendations
  • Integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, and other tools
  • Browse extension
  • Global contact information with up to 98% deliverability on verified emails
  • API

10. Seamless AI

seamless ai

Seamless AI is a resource you can use to find contacts, email addresses, and phone numbers. They are an alternative to Hunter, with over a billion contacts for 150+ million companies.

Their free trial will allow you to test out the software to see how easy it is to find contacts online.

Start by taking your list of prospective SEO leads, install and activate Seamless AI, then visit the company websites, which will produce a list of contacts for the company. 

With that contact list, including email and phone number, you can reach out to the right person at the organization to pitch your SEO company.

11. Zoominfo


Zoominfo is a B2B database where you can search and find customers. 

Search for prospects using their extensive database. Toggle on filters like industry, location and other filters to narrow down your precise target audience.

Collect contacts, save them to a list, and begin the process of turning those cold SEO leads into paying customers.

12. Twitter

Twitter is one of the top social channels I’ve seen entrepreneurs grow their businesses on. For SEO leads, it’s about creating a Twitter account for your business and focusing on building an audience by sharing helpful, save-worthy content.

I also see a lot of Twitter users give away freebies to their audience like a free course, a free ebook or other resource. In exchange, they ask for a like, follow, and retweet of their Twitter message.

This strategy is surprisingly effective and has aided some of the most well-known Twitter accounts grow a ton!

Twitter is also great for sharing behind-the-scenes of your business, ongoing case studies you’re working on, and success stories.

And, social proof also shines!

13. TikTok

best TikTok captions.

TikTok is one of the best social media platforms to use for SEO leads. Put your SEO agency on TikTok, create relevant and helpful content, post your email signup form, and watch the leads get funnelled to your list.

Then, you can create an automated email sequence to take your lead through a sales funnel:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Consideration
  4. Intent
  5. Evaluation
  6. Purchase
  7. Post-purchase (optional)

I’ve seen TikTok accounts flourish on the platform by creating helpful content that attracts their target audience, like Austin from SocialtyPro and UsefulAIWebsites. He has grown multiple TikTok accounts to 100K+!

How Do SEO Leads Work?

SEO leads can be generated through any of the methods described above. Once you attract these potential customers, you’ll nurture the lead and hopefully convert them into a paying customer.

This is a critical step in maintaining and growing your SEO business.

How To Buy SEO Leads?

Buying leads is a pretty common business practice and SEO strategy to adopt. Companies do this to supplement their lead-generation efforts.

You buy SEO leads through a reputable SEO lead generation service. 

Make sure you research areas like:

  • The reputation of lead generation services
  • Data accuracy guarantee
  • Real-time verification
  • Customer service
  • SEO audit
  • Free trial

Buying SEO leads is a great complement to the organic and paid digital marketing strategy you’re already using like search engine optimization, keyword research, SEO content writing services, local SEO, and local search.

Using lead buying with your current strategy could be a great way to improve your quality leads and help you acquire your next potential client.

Bottom Line on SEO Leads

SEO leads are a crucial part of building your SEO agency business. Building a lead generation campaign alongside one or more of these tools is a smart way to best arm you with what you need to excel and grow in this industry.

The cold outreach process just got a lot easier!

Which of these SEO lead generation tools will you be trying?

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