NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing How you can Make Additional Cash: 31 Facet Hustle Concepts

How you can Make Additional Cash: 31 Facet Hustle Concepts


Over the past few years, we’ve all seen more of our friends or family members start a side hustle to make extra cash. Some rent their property on Airbnb, work on gigs during the weekend, or even sell their clothing on Poshmark. This is great news! 

There is ample opportunity for anyone to start a small business and generate passive income

The big question is: Are there any legitimate methods out there? 

Let’s explore some possibilities with these 31 proven ways to make extra money!

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
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Provide businesses with services such as email management, calendar management, content creation, and organizational tasks. If you have strong administrative skills, excellent communication abilities, and a talent for customer service, you can find numerous clients on online platforms such as Upwork to offer support and earn additional income.

2. Become a User Experience Tester

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Businesses around the globe are looking for feedback on their beta platforms, websites, and even mobile apps. Is it easy for you to discern whether a website is user-friendly after spending a few minutes scanning it? You can get paid to provide constructive feedback to companies like UserTesting and TryMyUI. You can potentially earn $10 for each 20-minute test you complete! Get those extra bucks! 

3. Become a Tutor Online

Female teacher teaching online
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It’s not necessary to be an A student to be a tutor. Your knowledge of different topics or skills can make you extra money fast. Online tutoring companies like and TutorMe hire subject experts to teach students on various topics. On these sites, some users are merely looking for help with their essays or homework. Make sure the postings you are applying for match your expectations and skills.

4. Fill Out Surveys

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You might be surprised to find out that some survey websites are not just scams to get your information. You can actually make easy money from home! Consider survey sites like MyPoints or Survey Junkie, where you will get paid to complete surveys and share your opinions. Take your time with your selections so you don’t take a survey you are uncomfortable with.

5. Use Apps That Offer Cash Back

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Have you ever seen ads for apps that promise to make you money quickly? Plenty of mobile apps have new commission or earning programs where you can make extra money by doing simple tasks. Take advantage of mobile apps like Ibotta and Rakuten to earn some extra cash.

6. Tutor Students in English

Woman working as Virtual Assistant 
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Make money online while helping others? There’s no downside to this deal! Similar to tutoring, but with VIPKid, you’re teaching English. Let me reassure you: There’s no need to be nervous about the word “teach.” The platform handles all lesson plans and grading! However, you must be willing to guide an online class and have a desire to help others learn.

7. Earn Money for Your Creativity

Woman working in laptop with cup of coffee
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Do you have a creative soul and want to showcase your skills online, but you’re unable to find a client base that will appreciate your work? Check out Fiverr, a platform that connects freelancers and creators with clients worldwide specializing in graphic design, editing, writing, etc.

8. Become an Influencer

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Getting paid to post on social media isn’t only for big icons or bloggers on the internet anymore. You might already be considered an influencer if you have a large following on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Pick a niche, build your brand, and become a go-to resource for businesses on the internet. Most influencers make a living by posting product links, creating content and tutorials, or simply giving reviews. 

9. Join the Affiliate Marketing Industry

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Are you open to creating content for brands looking for affiliate marketing and sponsored content? Earn money online! On sites like ShareASale and Amazon Associates, you can find great programs for affiliate marketing that offer specific commission percentages on sales. 

10. Take on the Role of a Social Media Manager

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Maintaining a social media presence is important for most companies, if not imperative. Most companies already have a social media presence of some kind. Some companies have a small team and need a skilled social media manager to help them post across different platforms, create engaging blogs and posts, and build the brand online.

11. Sell Vintage Clothing Live

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If you thought your Disney T-shirts from 1999 wouldn’t sell on eBay, you were wrong. The vintage trend is here to stay, and many people are looking for these items to add to their homes, closets, or collections. Supplement your income by selling your unwanted clothing online!

The WhatNot mobile app provides sellers a platform to interact with multiple buyers in live sessions and sell their items through bidding. Many sellers earn a living from their sales profits by selling various items such as Pokémon cards, vintage articles, vintage clothing, Nike shoes, and more.

12. Get Paid for Your Photographs

Wildlife Photographer
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Do you love taking pictures? Is your camera roll filled with stunning sunset photos and perfectly staged lattes? You can make money from your photos even if you aren’t a professional photographer in your spare time. 

Besides paying up to $10 for a photo (sometimes you can fetch more for special “missions”), Foap also takes 50% of the sale. It’s not guaranteed that people will buy your photos, but even selling just a few can still earn you some easy money for work you’ve already done.

13. Work as an Uber or Lyft Driver

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If you’re looking for a flexible job and need some extra cash, you could consider becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft. You can work as much or as little as you want and set your own schedule. 

It’s important to note that the amount of money you’ll earn will depend on your location and how frequently you drive people around. If you have a free Saturday now and then, becoming a driver could be a fun way to explore your city while getting paid for it.

14. Become a Food Delivery Driver

Woman getting food delivery
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If you want to earn some extra money in your free time, you can become a food delivery driver for Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Postmates and deliver food to hungry clients. You can be a hero by delivering food to their front porches in your city. The best part? Your car will smell amazing, and you will get bonus points for that!

15. Get Groceries Delivered

woman buying grocery checking mobile
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If you enjoy shopping but don’t want to spend your own money, Shipt might be of interest to you. Shipt is an on-demand service that pays you to shop and deliver groceries to clients. According to the company, Shipt shoppers can make up to $22 per hour! Who wouldn’t want to get paid for shopping? Sign us up!

16. Become a Babysitter

Woman with baby having coffee
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The market for babysitters is always in need of recruitment, whether it be by teens or adults who are willing to watch kiddos. The majority of parents in the US require assistance from babysitters who are kind and attentive toward their children while they go out for a night or special occasion. To secure some babysitting jobs, you should consider signing up on a website like Sittercity or

17. Become a Pet Sitter

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Are you a true pet lover? If you want to promote your own pet-sitting business, there are several ways you can do it. You could advertise on social media, put up signs in your neighborhood, or use a website such as Rover. 

With Rover, you can set your own fees and schedule, but keep in mind they will take a portion of your earnings as commission from your pet sitting.

18. Advertise on Your Car

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Have you heard about Wrapify? It’s an app that provides an opportunity to earn passive income by advertising on your car. By wrapping your car with a business advertisement, you can get paid for driving. 

It’s a great way to earn extra income without much effort. The average person who wraps their car makes $264–$452 a month, according to Wrapify. In other words, if you’re still paying off your car loan, that’s a car payment!

19. Assist People with Tasks

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If you’re looking for quick ways to earn some extra cash by doing odd jobs or running errands, TaskRabbit is a great option. You can perform a variety of tasks, such as yard work or assembling furniture. This is an ideal opportunity to earn money if you enjoy tinkering with things. Become the ultimate DIY master!

20. Become an Amazon Delivery Driver – Yuri A // Shutterstock

Receiving a package at your doorstep is always exciting, and Amazon is well known for its efficient delivery system. If you want to bring joy to people by delivering packages, sign up for Amazon Flex. You can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want.

21. Boost Your Income by Commuting

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Make money while driving your regular route with Roadie. You can deliver packages or pets from one point to another. Find apps in your area that reward you for carpooling. In Nashville, Hytch compensates individuals for carpooling with one or more people. Get paid for your daily commute!

22. Take Up Photography as a Career

Use your photography skills to make extra money. Research the going rates for sessions in your area, and consider setting your prices lower than your competitors. You can make $75–$100 per session.

23. Get into Car Detailing/Washing

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Are you a big car enthusiast? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity for you! You may even have the necessary tools already at your disposal. It’s remarkable how many individuals are willing to pay someone else to perform tasks they dislike. As a bonus, you could run this business from anywhere and meet with clients at their preferred location!

24. Start Your Own Blog

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Blogging is a great way to share your interests. While you can make good money from it, building a readership takes time. Once you’re ready, monetize your blog by enrolling in Google AdSense or using affiliate marketing. 

25. Start an Online Business

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Are you ready to make your dream of starting your own business into a reality? This is the perfect time to do it. Online platforms such as Etsy and Amazon FBA have made it easier than ever to start a business.

26. Rent Out Your Home

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Got a spare room? Rent it out on Airbnb to make some extra cash! Taking the rental route may seem intimidating if the idea of strangers in your house worries you. Airbnb provides $1 million in accidental damage coverage and host protection insurance. They don’t check out every guest, but they do let hosts and guests rate each other so you can feel at ease about the person you’re letting in.

27. Rent Out Your Car

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Renting out your vehicle through Turo is a great way to earn extra cash, even if you only use it occasionally. You could make an average of $10,516 per year, and the company provides ample insurance and coverage for any potential damage or theft. So, let your car hit the road and enjoy the extra income!

28. Sell Your Old Phones and Electronics

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It feels like new electronics and gadgets are coming out every day. When you’re actually ready to upgrade, do you know what to do with the old, unused device? You could just put it wherever you keep your old devices, like a junk drawer, but you could also sell it! Websites like Swappa and Gazelle buy up old phones, gaming systems, and laptops. 

29. Get Money for Your Old Movies and Music

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Are you looking for a way to sell your old movies and CDs that are lying in your basement and earn some extra cash? Decluttr can make the process easier for you. 

With this service, all you need to do is scan the barcodes of the items you no longer need, and the company will tell you how much money they are willing to pay for them. Instead of waiting for a potential buyer to purchase them, Decluttr will buy your items directly from you.

30. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

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Got a Kohl’s gift card you won’t use? This is one of the best opportunities for you to earn some money by selling it on sites like Raise or similar ones to make some extra cash. Every gift card deserves to be used, so give it a chance to find a new owner while you get your cash back!

31. Rent Out Anything You Own

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You can rent out almost anything you own using the popular renting platform Fat Llama. Camera equipment, projectors, and audio equipment are some of the most in-demand items. You can even rent out your lawn mower, tractor, or scooter.

Ready to Start Earning Extra Money Fast? – Yuri A // Shutterstock.

As you see, the options and possibilities are endless. You can earn a passive income online, at home, at your office, or even at your computer by checking out the different platforms that can connect you with people in need of goods and services. 

The opportunity is waiting for you to take advantage of it. Start now, and make extra money! 

This article was originally produced and syndicated by Financially Well Off.


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