NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing A Awesome AI Device for Fiction Writers in 2024?

A Awesome AI Device for Fiction Writers in 2024?

In this Sudowrite review, we’ll see if this AI tool can help you with the fiction writing process and boost your creativity.

Here’s what this comprehensive review will cover:

  • Sudowrite use cases and who it’s for
  • Its standout features for fiction writers
  • The pros and cons of Sudowrite
  • And some alternatives.

Get ready to embark on a transformational journey and discover if Sudowrite AI holds the key to storytelling excellence.

In a hurry? If you want to expand your creativity and write inspiring novels or fiction stories, try Sudowrite. It’s one of my new favorite tools! Try Sudowrite here!

Sudowrite Review

  • Ease of Use

  • Available Features

  • Customer Service

  • Price


Sudowrite is an excellent AI fiction writing tool with a generous free trial. If you’re a fiction author wanting assistance with generating story ideas and creating images, then you will love this tool. It has some truly impressive features that revolutionize the storywriting process. Try Sudowrite today.


  • Helps generate ideas and refine details about characters, plot points, worldbuilding, etc
  • Beat writer’s block through brainstorming
  • Has story-specific features such as Story Bible
  • Helps improve your writing using Describe, Expand, and Rewrite
  • Is tailored for fiction writing
  • Ease of use and intuitive interface
  • Affordable pricing
  • Generous free plan of 20,000 words
  • Supportive community and responsive founders


  • No built-in plagiarism checker
  • Outputs can be inconsistent at times
  • May struggle to write long pieces
  • Limited research capabilities

Sudowrite Review: Is This AI Fiction Writer Any Good?

Sudowrite Review

In full transparency, I’m not a fiction writer, but this AI writing tool has me hooked.

After adding some details to the Story Bible feature, Sudowrite has got me excited to write my own novel.

With that, I can say from my own experience that this tool is excellent for complete noobie writers.

However, there’s a lot of lingo only professional writers will know about. This makes it clear that professional novelists run the tool.

So if you’re a fiction writer, the benefit of Sudowrite AI is assisting you in the writing process, keeping things structured and flowing well.

It’s also great if you’re struggling with writer’s block, which is a common issue many writers face.

And for amateur writers like myself, the tool is great at teaching you how to write captivating stories, even if you’ve never written anything before.

Overall, Sudowrite is a fantastic creative writing tool for fiction authors and novelists needing some help getting their stories out into the world.

Who is Sudowrite For?

Sudowrite was built for fiction writers and novelists looking to spark their creative process.

The tool is powered by artificial intelligence to help you brainstorm, overcome writer’s block, and improve your writing skills.

Its user interface also brings structure to help you develop your story faster and assist you in character development and outlining.

Sudowrite editor

Here are a few use cases and how Sudowrite can help:

  • Saves you time and keeps you on track
  • Help refine and match your writing style
  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Develop story ideas
  • Getting feedback from AI
  • Improve writing skills.

Lastly, in my testing, I found Sudowrite useful when creating blog content. Even though the tool is primarily for fiction writers, bloggers, and content marketers might find this AI tool very useful.

Sudowrite Review: 7 Eye-Opening Features You Need to Know About

This Sudowrite review wouldn’t be complete without looking at its main features. And there are some exciting features worth mentioning.

Here are 7 Sudowrite features every human writer didn’t know they needed.

1. Story Bible

Story Bible, AKA Story Engine, is like an AI writing assistant that helps you get started with your story. When you switch it on, it opens up a panel underneath the main writing area.

Sudowrite Story Bible

It also acts as background information the AI will use when assisting you when you write.

First, you have to fill in some of the boxes at the top. This tells the AI important details about your story, such as Genre and Style.

I thought of a quick story and added it into the braindump section to get me started:

Sudowrite Review

Once you’ve filled out the first few boxes, you can click the buttons to auto-generate information about the Synopsis, Character, and Outline.

I was quite impressed with the output I got for the Synopsis:

Sudowrite AI Story Generator

For each section response, you can give the AI instructions to make changes to the initial text and click the Rewrite button.

This feature is excellent for clarifying the main premise of your story and to better guide the AI when writing.

2. Canvas

Canvas is another excellent feature in Sudowrite that helps you organize your story visually.

Sudowrite Canvas

You can use it to plot the storyline and for character development.

For example, it adds the outline to the Canvas like this:

Each part of the outline can be filled in using AI to give you ideas of how the story plays out.

This feature is really useful if you have no idea of your narrative or you’re struggling with writer’s block.

3. Brainstorm

The brainstorming feature is another awesome way to beat writer’s block by clarifying the different aspects of your story.

Sudowrite Brainstorm

These are all the different areas you can work on:

  • Dialogue
  • Characters
  • Worldbuilding
  • Plot Points
  • Names
  • Places
  • Objects
  • Descriptions
  • Article Ideas
  • Tweets
  • Something Else.

When you click on each topic, there are different boxes to fill in.

The main box is “Give me a list of,” which you can fill in yourself or get the AI to populate.

Other optional boxes allow you to provide context and examples to help guide the AI’s response.

It’s an excellent feature to spark your creativity and get inspiration.

4. Guided Writing and Tone Shift

This feature is used in the main editor. There are three options to choose from: Auto, Guided, and Tone Shift.

Sudowrite AI Story Writer
  1. Auto simply outputs text after the text in your editor or where you place the curser.
  2. Guided lets you add text to a field or lets you choose from a list of suggestions.
  3. Tone Shift changes your style of writing to switch things up if they’re feeling stale.

The settings let you adjust the level of creativity, number of suggestions created, length of words, and more.

All the responses are output in the right-hand panel, which you can insert into the main body of your document.

5. Rewrite

Rewrite is just how it sounds; you select the text and click the button.

You can choose to rephrase, make it shorter, be more descriptive, show, not tell, and more.

The AI will rewrite or rephrase the text with a focus on the option you chose.

You can also change the number of cards that are created. Just beware that the more cards you populate, the more credits you’ll use.

6. Describe

The Describe feature takes the text you highlight and makes it more descriptive. The AI outputs a different response for each of the five senses and even metaphors.

It’s an impressive feature that helps bring different scenes to life.

7. Plugins

Plugins in Sudowrite are additional add-ons that extend its capabilities. There are six default plugins and hundreds more created by community members.

Here’s what you can do with the default plugins:

  • Shrinkray: Creates a document summary into four output types; logline, blurb, synopsis, and outline. These create a pitch, short promo pitch, longer synopsis, and structured list of story beats for your book.
  • Twist: This plugin takes your story in an unexpected direction, helping you keep your readers engaged.
  • Characters: Creates more characters similar to the ones you add. This can help with character development.
  • Poem: Create a poem based on some seed information you add.
  • Visualize: This plugin creates an AI-generated image based on the highlighted text.
  • Feedback: This one reads the text in the editor and provides feedback, mimicking the way a human would. It points out areas it likes and areas that could be expanded on.

Overall, plugins make Sudowrite an even more robust AI story generator for fiction writers.

Can You Use Sudowrite for Blog Content?

The quick answer is it depends on the topic. If you’re writing content that’s niche-specific, say “the keto diet” or “business software,” then Sudowrite probably isn’t the best option.

However, if your blog covers topics that are more subjective and share opinions or short stories, then it might be the perfect AI partner in crime.

For example, I found a keyword to do with self-publishing on Amazon and added it to my document:

Then, I added some instructions and clicked the “Write” button. Here’s the outline it produced:

I continued to ask for instructions to see what its responses would be:

And the content:

Not bad, really. I can imagine this tool being useful to help engage your audience by writing more compelling content.

If you spent some time on its key features, you could guide the AI to produce high-quality content for blogging with a narrative twist.

Overall, a writing tool such as Koala Writer might be a better option if you want to scale blog content production.

You can learn more in our KoalaWriter review.

Sudowrite Review: Pros and Cons


  • Helps generate ideas and refine details about characters, plot points, worldbuilding, etc
  • Beat writer’s block through brainstorming
  • Has story-specific features such as Story Bible
  • Helps improve your writing using Describe, Expand, and Rewrite
  • Is tailored for fiction writing
  • Ease of use and intuitive interface
  • Affordable pricing
  • Generous free plan of 20,000 words
  • Supportive community and responsive founders


  • No built-in plagiarism checker
  • Outputs can be inconsistent at times
  • May struggle to write long pieces
  • Limited research capabilities

Sudowrite Pricing

Pricing for Sudowrite is very reasonable. Plus, the free trial gives you 20,000 words to play with.

There are three plans to choose from: Hobby & Student, Professional, and Max, all giving a different monthly word count.

If you want to pay monthly, plans start from $19 per month. Or you can pay annually and get 50% off.

Payment plan breakdown:

  • Hobby & Student: 225,000 credits per month
  • Professional: 1,000,000 credits per month
  • Max: 2,000,000 credits per month

Sudowrite Alternatives

Sure, Sudowrite might be one of the best AI fiction writers, but it might not be for everyone. Here are a few alternatives to consider.

Novel AI

Novel AI is a great alternative to Sudowrite for fiction writers. With features like Text Adventure Mode and Storyteller, Novel AI helps you generate ideas and overcome writer’s block.

It also has AI image generation to create fantasy-style images that help you bring your stories to life.

While Sudowrite offers many custom tweaks to guide the story, Novel AI aims to give you more flexibility.

Pricing for Novel AI has a slightly cheaper price point than Sudowrite, starting from $10 per month. There’s also a free trial available.

You can read our Novel AI review for more details.


Squibler is another great Sudowrite alternative for novelists and fiction writers.

Although Squibler can be used for fiction writing, it has more flexibility than Sudowrite as it caters to all writing types.

So, screenwriters, bloggers, and technical writers will find this writing tool very useful.

Features include drag-and-drop chapters for better organization and templates for different genres.

Its AI Smart Writer will also help you generate ideas and combat writer’s block.

Squibler has a much simpler pricing model. The free plan gives you 6,000 words every month, and their only paid plan is $20 per month. You can also get 20% off when paying annually.


Last on the list is ChatGPT, simply because it provides the most flexibility. If you’re good at prompt engineering, this writing tool can help you write incredible stories.

The downfall is that you’ll need to know all the lingo and concepts that create a great story. There’s nothing to guide you as it’s only a simple chatbot.

That being said, you can always ask the AI for help by using the right prompts for fiction writing.

Another benefit is that the GPT-3.5 model is completely free, and if you upgrade to GPT-4, you get unlimited words.

Sudowrite Review Conclusion

That concludes this Sudowrite review. In a nutshell, this tool is one of the best AI writing generators for fiction writers.

But it doesn’t just spit out random content. It produces highly imaginative and engaging content that will hook every reader.

Not only that, but it’s the perfect tool for brainstorming ideas and piecing together your story for faster publication.

Sign up to Sudowrite here and claim your free account.

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