NovaXyon Amazon FBA 15 Absolute best (Unfastened and Paid) Jungle Scout Choices at the Marketplace Proper Now

15 Absolute best (Unfastened and Paid) Jungle Scout Choices at the Marketplace Proper Now


Making money on Amazon is much easier when you leverage the right tools, and there are a lot to choose from, especially Amazon product research tools. Tools like Jungle Scout make it easy to find profitable products to sell on Amazon, optimize listings, drive more reviews, analyze your sales, and more. Jungle Scout is far from the only option, however. There are plenty of high quality Jungle Scout alternatives, and this article is going to introduce you to each of them.

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Quick Note: This article is by no means a slight to Jungle Scout. They have done great work and are a tremendous software. But, it’s important that you understand what else is out there if you’re really looking to take your Amazon business to the next level. I still endorse Jungle Scout, but a lot of people ask for sites like Jungle Scout, and I do have a tool I personally prefer more (mentioned later in this article).

Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

I’ll dive into each tool, but I want to start with the options that really do stand out from the pack.  

Most Accurate Alternative

sellzone logo

SellZone is the newest tool mentioned in this list, but it comes with industry leading data points and algorithms to give you the most accurate data possible. Sellzone’s free plan is also by far the best free Jungle Scout alternative.

Read my full Sellzone review here.

AMZ Scout Logo

If all you’re looking for is a Chrome extension replacement to Jungle Scout, this is exactly what you want (and it has a lifetime offer available). 

Best for Feedback and Reviews

Seller Labs Pro Logo

Not a replacement for Jungle Scout product sourcing features but the industry leader in listing optimization and maximizing feedback and total positive reviews.

Here are the top Jungle Scout alternatives everyone who sells on Amazon should know about. The first 2 options are the best and appear in order. Everything after is in no particular order.

The best true alternatives to Jungle Scout are…

  • Helium 10 (10% off first month with NM10 at Checkout)
  • SellZone (1 Month for $1 Spring Promo)

The following are tools that have many of the features but don’t do everything that Jungle Scout does OR that provide data that isn’t accurate enough for me to list them in the top 3. Most of them are great Amazon product research tools, but they lack some functionality. 

Let’s break all of these tools down in more detail.

Jungle Scout Functionality

Jungle Scout MockUp

Before I dive too far into the Jungle Scout alternatives, let’s define exactly what Jungle Scout offers.

Jungle Scout offers many different features and functions in two distinct ways.

  1. A web based application
  2. A Google Chrome extension (product research tool)

Jungle Scout isn’t a downloadable software; it runs in the cloud. 

Here are it’s core functions:

  • Product research tool
  • Keyword research
  • Trend research
  • Collecting and analyzing reviews
  • Competitor research
  • Historical data and analytics
  • Listing optimization (building and improving)
  • Price history
  • Reverse ASIN lookup
  • Amazon FBA profit calculator
  • Sales rank 
  • Sales estimator tool (sales velocity)
  • And many other tertiary features…

The only feature that Jungle Scout is lacking is the ability to split-test your listings.

Read more about Jungle Scout in my full review here

Jungle Scout pricing varies. They offer several payment tiers and provide a huge discount on annual plans.

Jungle Scout Pricing

How I Graded the Jungle Scout Alternatives

When reviewing the Jungle Scout competitors, I’m looking at a few things.

Accuracy – Nothing matters if the data isn’t accurate. What we’re looking for here is sales velocity estimates vs. actual sales. To do this, I’ve compared multiple products that we’ve sold and compared them to the data provided by the alternative tools.

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Features – Not every one of these tools is a perfect clone of Jungle Scout. I’ll review whether the alternatives have the same functionality and if they have things that Jungle Scout does not. The main features I’m looking for are…

  • Product Research
  • Keyword Research
  • PPC Management
  • E-mail Follow Up
  • Sales Analytics

Also, I will review what platforms the programs work on. Some are just Chrome extensions, while others are more robust and run as web apps (a web app doesn’t require a download on your device). So for each tool, I will note if it includes…

  • Web app
  • Chrome Extension
  • and/or Mobile App

Price – The price ranges vary wildly, and I’ll go into detailed tiered pricing information for each Jungle Scout alternative. This includes whether or not there is a free trial. 

Ranking Jungle Scout Alternatives by Completeness

Not all the tools mentioned cover every feature that Jungle Scout has. The table below will show what amount of Jungle Scout the tool really replaces. 

Includes all of Jungle Scout’s core features and then additional things like A/B testing.

Very close to replacing Jungle Scout.

Very close to replacing Jungle Scout.

Close but usage limitations and a few missing minor features make ZonBase functionalty fall short of Jungle Scout.

Offers a few things Jungle Scout doesn’t, but if you want something to run your own sales analytics, this won’t be it. 

Sellzone replaces Jungle Scout from the product research side but doesn’t yet replace it for things like your storefront analytics. It also doesn’t have a Chrome extension yet.  However, Sellzone‘s free plan is also by far the best free Jungle Scout alternative.

A must have tool for all Amazon sellers that has the most accurate sales data on the planet, BUT it doesn’t replace Jungle Scout.

This is a Chrome extension only. You will be able to replace much of Jungle Scout’s product research functionality but not much else.

The Amaze Owl Chrome Extension will be useful for product research but not much more. It is also not web-based; it is a hard download that runs on Windows or Mac.

An amazing tool for optimizing your existing listings and managing inventory, but it lacks product research tools.

Chrome Extension only. Nowhere near as accurate or powerful as Jungle Scout’s product research tool.

Chrome extension that isn’t much better than any free ones. Far from the best product research tool available.

Affordability is about all this tool has going for it. Not a true replacement to Jungle Scout.

Insightful and free but far from a full Jungle Scout alternative.

Free Chrome extension that is useful for product sourcing but lacks most of what makes Jungle Scout so valuable. 

Price Comparison of Jungle Scout Alternatives

Here are the general price range breakdowns for all Jungle Scout’s competitors. 

Keep in mind, each tool offers different tiers, so be sure to review the pricing in details before signing up.

Note: All prices are shown as monthly rates when paid annually. You can pay more if you’d like, but I’d suggest going the annual route whenever possible to save. I will also be listing the plans that are most comparable to the Jungle Scout Pro Plan. This means that each plan likely has a more affordable tier than I am showing.

No. 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

No. 10 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes. 15 Niche Searches with Chrome Extension

No. 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes. 1 Niche and 3 Tracked Keywords

No. 200% Money Back Guarantee for 7 Days.

No. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Yes. Free Chrome Extension

Yes. Basic Searching Available on Website.

Yes. Website and Chrome Extension Are Free.

Feature Comparison of Jungle Scout Alternatives 

Jungle Scout does a lot of things, so a complete replacement is hard to find. If you don’t go with Helium 10 or Sellzone, you might need to purchase multiple other tools to fill the void left by leaving Jungle Scout.

Accuracy Comparison of Jungle Scout Alternatives

Sales estimate accuracy is extremely important. Overestimates can cost you a fortune by causing you to buy more inventory than you can sell. This leads to high storage fees and more tied up capital. 

Underestimating how many sales we will get will lead to you going out of stock frequently and missing out on potential profits. 

Of the two, overestimates are worse, so tools that err on overestimating sales are penalized more than the tools that underestimate sales. 

If you want the most accurate sales estimate possible, I always suggest Keepa to every Amazon seller I know. It is the industry leader in sales estimate accuracy and costs just $17.50/month. 

Sales Estimate Accuracy Grade

#1 Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout

Helium 10 MockUp

Helium 10 is a suite of software that boasts over a dozen unique tools for Amazon sellers.

  • Find high ranking keywords
  • Split test listings
  • Identify trends
  • Spy on competitors
  • Optimize product listings 
  • And more

It is the best Jungle Scout alternative on this list and is the only tool that I can say is a truly complete replacement AND THEN some.

You can read my full Helium 10 review here.

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 Annual Pricing
Helium 10 Adtomic - Diamond Bundle

#2 Sellzone vs. Jungle Scout

Sellzone Mockup

Sellzone is the newest Amazon sourcing software on this list, but it had a tremendous head start thanks to being a part of the SEMRush family. 

SEMRush is one of the biggest names in the keyword research and SEO space. They are masters of data and have access to an absurd amount of it. 

Sellzone takes full advantage of this and brings similar functionality to Jungle Scout in a beautiful, easy to understand interface.

Read my full Sellzone review here

Sellzone seems to have better data than Jungle Scout, but it lacks many of the features that make Jungle Scout popular. It isn’t a perfect alternative, but it is perfect at what it does do. 

Sellzone Pricing

Sellzone is slightly more affordable than Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and Viral Launch. Note that you will have to pay annually to get the discounts shown below ($200 savings on Pro plan).

Also, the Sellzone free plan is very useful and is the best Jungle Scout free alternative I’ve found. The only downside is that it doesn’t include a product research tool extension (yet). 

SellZone Pricing

#3 Viral Launch vs. Jungle Scout

Viral Launch Mockup

Viral Launch is 1 of 2 Jungle Scout alternatives that I consider to be true, perfect replacements. 

It offers everything you get in Jungle Scout and even a little more like A/B testing.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch is much more expensive than the comparable Jungle Scout plan (Pro Plus Ads is equivalent to Jungle Scout’s pro plan).

Viral Launch Pricing

#4 AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout

AMZ Scout Vs. Jungle Scout

AMZ Scout is a Google Chrome extension only. It won’t replace much of what Jungle Scout does, BUT it is a very nice little Amazon product sourcing tool.

AMZ Scout Pricing

AMZ Scout is one of the few tools that offers a lifetime offer. The $799 PRO Extensoion plan will get you more than enough to get going, but the $1,599 bundle also has some cool add-ons like stock stats (see when competitors go in and out of stock) and a free Amazon training course. They’ve also added a $999 plan recently, which might be the sweet spot for you. 

AMZ Scout Lifetime Pricing

#5 Zon Base vs. Jungle Scout

ZonBase Mockup

ZonBase is a relatively new software to the marketplace. It was launched by shamed Amazon guru and YouTube star Kevin David. 

It has much of the same functionality of Jungle Scout but is definitely less feature rich. For new sellers, this can actually be a good thing, since you won’t have that “paralysis by analysis” that you get with the more complex Jungle Scout alternatives. 

ZonBase Pricing

ZonBase is more affordable than Jungle Scout with plans ranging from $30/month to $200/month when paid annually. 

Zonbase Pricing

#6 Amaze Owl vs. Jungle Scout

Amaze Owl Logo Transparent

Amaze Owl is a neat program, but it is not a complete Jungle Scout replacement. It is valuable for product research but won’t replace many of the other core Jungle Scout features. 

Amaze Owl also is different from Jungle Scout in that it is a download for Mac and Windows vs. a web application or browser extension. 

Amaze Owl Pricing

Amaze Owl is very affordable starting at just $12.99 or $19.99/month when paid annually. Their free plan also offers enough functionality to merit a download. 

Amaze Owl Pricing

#7 Seller Labs Pro vs. Jungle Scout

Seller Labs Pro Logo

Seller Labs is a very well-respected company in the Amazon space and has been around even longer than Jungle Scout. 

You won’t get much in terms of product research, but Seller Labs Pro is the best Jungle Scout alternative for growing your feedback and increasing your average rating score. 

Seller Labs Pro Pricing

Seller Labs Pro is priced on a tiered basis. What you pay is based on how much revenue you drive each year. 

#8 ASINSpector Pro vs. Jungle Scout

Asinspector pro logo final

I have to mention it because many people see it as an alternative, but ASINSpector Pro is simply not anywhere near the caliber of Jungle Scout or most of the other competitors on this list. 

It is a Chrome extension only, and the data is wildly inaccurate. I was once a big fan, but it has gone downhill and has not improved since it launched, while other tools continually improve. 

ASINSpector Pro Pricing

The only redeeming factor here is that ASINSpector Standard is just $97 and Pro is affordable at just $187 for lifetime access. 

#9 Unicorn Smasher vs. Jungle Scout

Unicorn Smasher Pro

Like ASINSpector Pro, Unicorn Smasher has weak data and isn’t on the same planet in terms of functionality as Jungle Scout or Helium 10. 

Unicorn Smasher Pricing

Unicorn Smasher Pricing Plans

You can purchase lifetime access from only $49 if you absolutely insist on using it, but you get what you pay for.

#10 AMA Suite vs. Jungle Scout

Amasuite new logo

AMA Suite is another desktop app for Mac and Windows. 

AMA Suite Pricing

Lifetime access for $67.

#11 AMZ Base vs. Jungle Scout

AMZ Base

AMZ Base is a free Chrome extension that offers much of the functionality of the Jungle Scout Chrome extension but little else. Great tool but not a perfect replacement for Jungle Scout. 

AMZ Base Pricing


#12 Smart Scout vs. Jungle Scout

SmartScout Logo

Smart Scout is a program that seems to target smaller businesses, whereas Jungle Scout offers solutions for small and large sized businesses. 

Smart Scout also advertises itself as a tool for online arbitrage and wholesale sourcing. Although it doesn’t hold a candle to Tactical Arbitrage (which I compare to Jungle Scout here as well)

It’s a decent program that lacks much of the Jungle Scout functionality at this point and is priced a bit too high for its limitations.

Smart Scout Pricing

When paid annually, Smart Scout actually costs more than Jungle Scout (with the exception of the newly added Basic plan which is a few dollars cheaper per month than Jungle Scout’s cheapest plan).

SmartScout Pricing

#13 ZonGuru vs. Jungle Scout


ZonGuru is one of the most underrated tools on this list. I admit, I found the name to be a bit cheesy (none of you love “gurus,” and the “zon” thing is beyond overplayed), but it’s actually a pretty capable Jungle Scout alternative.

ZonGuru Pricing

If you want basic product research, Zon Guru is only $29/month. However, if you want the full suite, it is priced based on the number of SKUs you have. 101-1,000 SKUs is the top tier, and many sellers reach that easily, so you’ll be looking at around $159/month if paid annually. 

ZonGuru Pricing

#14 Keepa vs. Jungle Scout

Keepa Icon

Keepa doesn’t replace Jungle Scout entirely, BUT it’s my #1 recommended tool for all sellers. It is the Rosetta Stone of sales estimates and offers many useful features for private label, wholesale, and arbitrage sellers. One of the must-have Amazon product research tools.


Keepa Pricing

A Keepa subscription will cost you $17.50/Month. It used to be free, but they finally realized that it was worth something (they could ask for WAY more, and hopefully they don’t).

#15 CamelCamelCamel vs. Jungle Scout

camelcamelcamel-logo------------b--c--dbb-----ce-ddf----ff ---

CamelCamelCamel is a website and Google Chrome extension that specializes in showing you price drops and sales graphs. Most sellers seem to have it installed. Far from a replacement to Jungle Scout, but it’s pretty standard to have installed on your Chrome browser. 

Discounts on Tools Mentioned


Junglescout is one of the premier Amazon product scouting softwares on the market. This is the best discount you’ll find anywhere. 



Use coupon code FBATODAY at boost your Amazon product launch with Viral Launch for 20% off any monthly plans or 40% off any annual plan for LIFE!




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Enter NM50 to get 50% Discount on your first month of Helium 10. This Helium 10 discount code works for A La Carte, Platinum & Diamond Plan.



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Here are some quick answers to common Jungle Scout related questions.

What Is the Best Jungle Scout Alternative?

Jungle Scout is an amazing software, but I prefer Helium 10 as the best true alternative. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with Helium 10.  Click here to get started with Helium 10 and use code NM10 for 10% off for life OR use code NM50 at checkout for 50% off your first month. 

Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout Poll

I polled my group FBA Today, and it’s pretty safe to say that Helium 10 is the more popular solution (most alternatives on this list didn’t even get a single vote) with 19 votes compared to just 9 for Jungle Scout. 

Is There a Free Jungle Scout Alternative?

There are several free tools that do much of what Jungle Scout does, but there is no true free alternative that would make me decide not to buy a more premium tool like Jungle Scout or Helium 10. 

Sellzone has a free plan that offers a lot of awesome Jungle Scout like features, and AMZ Base is a great, free extension that can help replace the product research features of Jungle Scout.

Is Jungle Scout the best tool for Amazon FBA?

I’d still say Helium 10 is slightly better, but they are so close that it can come down to preference. Both tools are extremely important though, and I highly suggest investing in one of them. You really can’t go wrong with either though. 

Is there a Jungle Scout Free Trial?

They don’t offer a free trial, but there is a 14 day money back guarantee. Use my link for 15% -20% off your first year.


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