NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Running From House Jobs Are No longer Vacations! | by means of Deon Christie | ILLUMINATION | Aug, 2023

Running From House Jobs Are No longer Vacations! | by means of Deon Christie | ILLUMINATION | Aug, 2023


No Holidays When Working From Home With Online Jobs!

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Working From Home Jobs Does Not Mean Having Holidays
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What you will learn from this Medium Story.

Stop thinking working from home jobs are holidays.

Facing and overcoming failure with working from home jobs.

Set working hours with working from home jobs.

Working from home jobs requires planning.

Working from home jobs are not holidays conclusion.

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Stop thinking working from home jobs are holidays.

All the success stories you see with working from-home jobs, mean it did not happen overnight. Sadly, this is what you are often not told. Because working from home jobs are not holidays, contrary to popular belief. Or as is often suggested.

Working from home jobs means you are going to work harder than you ever have before. Regardless of the 9 to 5-day job you wish to leave behind. If you’re unhappy with your hours and monetary reward now.

You are going to be shocked with working from home jobs, income, and working hours. Especially when you’re just getting started. We say again, working from home jobs are not holidays and Lamborghinis!

We do not mean to discourage you, because you can be rather successful with working from home jobs. Like writing, affiliate marketing, networking, and a ton of other options. But you must know the truth!

Working from home jobs, none of them are permanent vacations, please stop thinking that way. There are lots of working-from-home jobs, systems, programs, and opportunities that will make you money online. The motivation killer, however, is the time it takes to “get there”.

But the real power of working from home jobs is you, and the effort that you apply! With affiliate marketing, for instance, within your profitable niche, you will purchase, test, and refund more programs, products, systems, and shiny objects than you will later care to recall.

Overcoming failure with working from home jobs.

Before we get to avoid treating working from home jobs as holidays, allow us to tell you a story. But when you read it, please try, and picture the events, it sends a much clearer message.

I started first with working from home jobs, what feels like an eternity ago (Around 12 Years). My lovely little sister, or rather the daughter I never had in our profile pic. Started showing interest, so I took her into the world of online marketing with me.

Besides, she’s much better looking than me…lol! These days I have a long grey beard. But enough of that, let’s take a trip down memory lane with working from-home jobs. Are you ready?

Getting started, I had zero computer skills and zero knowledge of working from home jobs. Heck, I couldn’t even send an email, true story. I couldn’t even perform simple tasks like copy and paste.

Born in 1969, we didn’t grow up with technology, therefore, I was extremely technologically challenged. And working from home jobs was completely new, and way outside my profession at the time.

Needless to say, naturally I was the “village idiot” in many circles. Laughing at my dream. “You’re going to be an online entrepreneur?”, and then just busting out laughing. You will never understand that kind of humiliation if you have not been there, it can be devastating and degrading!

I consider myself a rather educated and experienced qualified Electrician (30+ Years Post Apprenticeship). But that is not my true passion, it’s just an interest. Writing is my passion, bordering obsession. Or it might already be too late.

Regardless, I just kept working through the hunger for knowledge and smashing through the pain of mental humiliation. Because that is what true greatness requires, let them laugh, but also make them swallow it one day. Lions aren’t concerned over the opinion of sheep.

Now with being technologically challenged, I soon started drowning in information overload. SEO scared the daylights out of me, and I spent years exploring, aiming to understand the logic behind the concept of making money online.

See, being an Electrician teaches you a lot about logical thinking, so that is a good thing. Perhaps my only advantage back then, along with my writing passion since early childhood. You have to “do this”, in order for “that to happen”. Basic common-sense rules.

My very first affiliate marketing (from Clickbank) paycheck in 2014 was $123.79, after months (I’m a little embarrassed to say) of trying I might add. I actually framed this paycheck, and it now hangs on my office wall. A reminder that if I could make $100, then I can make $1,000,000.00.

Working hours? What is that? I just kept working, most days from AM to AM. Searching, learning, exploring, testing, writing, and designing it was exhausting let me tell you. But today, it was so worth all the hardship, long hours, setbacks, and failures. Not to mention the laughter.

Around 8 years down the line, things started falling into place. This time with a lot more PC knowledge. I was no longer technologically handicapped. The next challenge, competing at a professional level to build recognition and trust. As the Laughing started dissipating.

So after that, it was game on and has been ever since! My message to you. Push through the pain, break through the hunger, smash through the depression, annihilate failure, and make it happen. Only you can!

And when you feel like giving up, always remember how many people you have to prove wrong, do not give them the satisfaction. Because when you “make it”, and you will. They will be the first ones wanting to know “how you did it”. So, sell them your course…lol!

I say if you were among those encouraging me and standing by me. Then my knowledge is yours. If not, feel free to start saving money to buy my course, right? You didn’t support me then, don’t expect favours now.

Giving you a basic idea of my/our journey, and what it will require from you because many beginners end up failing. And giving up because they didn’t know the whole story “behind the scenes”.

In conclusion, always remember this now that you know a bit more about our journey. If we could do it with that limited knowledge, resources, and understanding, then anyone can, including you! It’s all about how badly you want to succeed! Find a way, you have no other option!

Set working hours with working from home jobs.

Working from home jobs means setting working hours because you treat it like any other job. Get up, dress up (not in your pyjamas) as if you’re going to “work” and show up in front of your PC. You are working, get used to the fact.

As mentioned earlier, I worked from AM to AM when getting started. Perhaps I’m the last one to preach about working ours. Nonetheless, you must set working hours.

Oh, and yes, that goes for weekends and public holidays too. Without any overtime pay etc. You are doing that to reach your end goal, online success! Which, by the way, is a long-term goal.

When you’re just getting started, then get used to between 14 to 18-hour working days. That is why you have to choose something you love doing when deciding on working from home jobs.

Because when you love what you do, you can’t wait to get up and start working. As opposed to getting up because you have to, because you need that excuse of a paycheck. You’re staying alive with that, you’re not living!

You can and will work yourself out of that with enough determination. Among some working-from-home jobs, you will find the options listed below.

Affiliate Marketing.

Social Networking.

YouTube Superstar.

Professional Writer.

Writing For Money.

Offering A Service.

Blogging And SEO.

But regardless of your choice, you must set working hours and stick to them. If you work longer hours than the planned schedule, well. Then you’re working “overtime” like you would have done with your 9 to 5 job anyway.

Perhaps I’m just old school. But if you want to be productive, try starting your morning by making your bed, properly. Not just “pulling it together”.

Start doing everything with much more dedication, and it will sypher through to your online efforts. Almost like “muscle memory” for the brain, the activity burns into your natural response to situations.

Does this make sense to you? Or do you think I’m just rambling here? Please, do let us know in the comments, because this Medium story is slightly different from our usual.

Lay out specific job tasks for specific days.

With working from-home jobs, you want to plan specific tasks for specific days. Just to give you a basic idea, below are listed some suggested tasks. But it serves only as a guide. You can choose to set your own tasks.

Monday — Commenting And Engagement.

Tuesday — GEO Targeted Post Scheduling.

Wednesday — Writing And Publishing Articles.

Thursday — Creating YouTube Videos.

Friday — Writing And Publishing Articles.

Saturday — Commenting And Engagement.

Sunday — Creating YouTube Videos.

Public Holidays — Commenting And Engagement.

When you lay out specific tasks with working from home jobs, then you are active within a certain framework. But you need to focus on the tasks that will be more suitable and related to the working-from-home jobs you choose.

The point is you need to have specific tasks for specific days. Admittedly, these may sometimes deviate when inspiration strikes. It happens. Writers will understand this best. That you have “moments”, and you have to write “right now!”.

Just try your best to “create order” with your working-from-home jobs. You can get tangled up in confusion really quickly. We got “tangled up” and it’s a terrible place to be. And even worse to get out of.

Working from home jobs are not holidays conclusion.

Stop treating working from home jobs as holidays because they are not constant holidays. Quite the contrary, they are constantly grinding, researching, learning, and gathering knowledge to outperform their competitors.

Working from home jobs requires decision-making, planning, and precision. With affiliate marketing, you need to get the right product, in front of the right audience, in the right way, at the right time.

No matter the working-from-home jobs you choose know that there are tens of thousands of people doing the exact same thing. Learn to be different because it is the only way to stand out.

If you want to be successful with working from home jobs, then you will need recognition and trust. But we have covered that already in another Medium story. “3 Ways To Boost Medium Trust And Reputation!”. You might want to take a look at the Medium story below.

Just treat your working-from-home jobs as you would any other job. And your productivity will increase substantially. Get your mind into a “working” state with working from home jobs. Not a “holiday” state.

That is what makes the difference, or rather, that was what made the world of difference for us. Creating order and focus on proper planning with our working-from-home jobs. The results will speak for itself.

If you found this Medium story helpful, kindly let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. Did you know these “secrets” when it comes to working from home jobs?

If you need help with anything, we speak “Medium” rather fluently, so feel free to reach out any time. With that, our “Working From Home Jobs Are Not Holidays!” Medium story is covered. And with that, a better understanding of working from home jobs.

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