NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing 10 Varieties Of Virtual Nomad Jobs That Assist Vacationers In fact See The International

10 Varieties Of Virtual Nomad Jobs That Assist Vacationers In fact See The International



  • Remote work and digital nomad lifestyle are becoming more accessible and lucrative. Many countries offer affordable living options for less than $1,000 a month.
  • Digital nomads can choose from a variety of job categories such as teaching English online, managing social media, house sitting, copywriting, programming, website building, affiliate marketing, sales, data entry, and e-commerce.
  • To succeed as a digital nomad, it is important to build a strong network, acquire necessary skills or certifications, have a good internet connection, respect deadlines, and be patient and consistent in building income streams.

Remote workers who travel the world are a rare breed of worker, coined “digital nomads”. There are plenty of fascinating things to learn about digital nomads and their lifestyle. Although it might seem like a pipe dream to leave the daily 9 to 5 grind and work from an idyllic location with a laptop, it’s actually easier than ever with remote work for every skill set available, with plenty of websites to earn online.

Plus, there are plenty of countries where digital nomads can live for under $1,000 a month, making this lifestyle both lucrative and enjoyable. Those who’ve dreamed of an adventurous life overseas will find lots of great opportunities around every corner and be able to fund their travels and make a good living at the same time.

Out of all the best jobs for digital nomads, these are some of the ones that enable travel. From ESL teachers to copywriting and more, here are some of the different types of digital nomad jobs that let jetsetters earn and see the world simultaneously.

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Online ESL Teacher

A man sitting on a red cushion working remotely with his laptop

A man sitting on a red cushion working remotely with his laptop

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) online or in the classroom is an excellent way to make a living overseas and is among the kinds of digital nomad jobs for those who enjoy socialization. Plus, one can generally make their own schedule and even take on private students to make some extra cash.

There are ample opportunities and places where ESL teachers can work and earn, but if teaching online, one needs a good internet connection to conduct video classes.

  • How to Get Started: Get a TEFL certificate and start soliciting international schools
  • Top Tip: One needs a great Wi-Fi connection to conduct regular classes

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 A digital nomad working online

 A digital nomad working online

All companies need social media managers, but not all have the tools or budget to hire one in-house. Digital nomads can often handle social media for different smaller clients.

If one has a good handle on how social media works, the demographics, and the best scheduling programs, one can certainly be successful in this field.

  • How to Get Started: Familiarize oneself with popular scheduling tools and different platforms
  • Top Tip: Networking can help one get ahead and find lucrative positions that might not be posted

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Quedlinburg, Germany
Photo by Arndt-Peter Bergfeld via Pexels

Quedlinburg, Germany

Travelers can often trade watching pets or looking after properties for places to stay abroad. There are many online platforms where people are looking to swap spending time at their homes for a house-sitter to keep everything in check while they’re gone.

Getting references and networking is vital to succeed in this easy and fun way to see the world. Also, one needs to be a respectful digital nomad for this line of work to lead to success (word of mouth works a treat in the house-sitting industry).

  • How to Get Started: Join different house-sitting platforms and start networking
  • Top Tip: Collect references and referrals to establish credibility

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A person's hand writing on a book with a pen
Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay 

A person’s hand writing on a book with a pen

Out of all the digital nomad job types, this one is for those with a slight creative flair. Copywriting can be a fun and lucrative freelance digital nomad job to fuel one’s travel dreams. All that’s needed are a good internet connection, basic writing skills, and the ability to meet deadlines.

Networking is crucial in this line of work, and one needs the organizational skills and drive to complete different projects on time.

  • How to Get Started: Create a portfolio and build a client base
  • Top Tip: Respect deadlines and respond quickly to client queries

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IT And Programming

A digital nomad traveling the world working

A digital nomad traveling the world working

Programming is a phenomenal remote job that can help one live well regardless of one’s chosen country. Good programmers can bring in six figures and enjoy working from the comfort of their beach office or gorgeous loft overlooking Medellín.

It’s an excellent way to do more than make ends meet while working as a digital nomad; one can thrive and save by learning how to program.

  • How to Get Started: Choose a specialization early to differentiate oneself
  • Top Tip: Build a great portfolio and post plenty of links to projects

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Website Builder

 Woman Seated On A Brown Wooden Chair While Using A Laptop In Bentonville, USA
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

 Woman Seated On A Brown Wooden Chair While Using A Laptop In Bentonville, USA 

Many digital nomads opt for website development, design, or a combination of both. If one has a good instinct for eye-catching design and the ability to connect the dots on the backend, one can produce incredible websites for clients.

Plus, many platforms like WordPress or WIX only require a little coding, so the learning curve is slight.

  • How to Get Started: Learn a combination of backend and design skills
  • Top Tip: Diversifying one’s skills across a number of different platforms can open up job opportunities

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Affiliate Marketing

Person typing on a computer
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Person typing on a computer

Affiliate marketing is the golden goose of passive income in the world of digital nomads. Essentially, affiliate partners pay bloggers or content creators money for every click that originates on their platform.

It takes a while to build an audience, and consistent, good content is vital, but once it’s up and running, it can be pretty lucrative.

  • How to Get Started: Figure out a niche early to start monetizing
  • Top Tip: Affiliate marketing can take a while to start making money, so patience and consistency are key


Digital nomad sitting on the shore

Digital nomad sitting on the shore

Digital nomads with the gift of gab might want to consider a career in inside sales. Inside sales reps generally make outbound phone calls to prospective customers.

Successful inside sales reps understand that they need to put in the effort and deal with rejection to close the optimal number of sales. Grit, bouncing back from rejection, and a strong work ethic will go far.

  • How to Get Started: Start at an entry-level position and learn from mentors and more experienced reps
  • Top Tip: Sales is a numbers game, and the more calls one makes, the more money one can earn

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Data Entry

A digital nomad on a laptop in Dahab, Egypt
Photo by Peggy Anke on Unsplash

A digital nomad on a laptop in Dahab, Egypt

Data entry is an exemplary entry-level digital nomad job. Plus, one can generally make their own hours and work from anywhere they want.

Accuracy and typing speed are absolutely vital for excelling at this role, and if one is good, one can quickly amass a lot of loyal clients.

  • How to Get Started: Work on upping that typing speed
  • Top Tip: Data entry requires complete accuracy, so make sure to read through everything before sending it out

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An iPhone and a laptop on a wooden table
Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

An iPhone and a laptop on a wooden table

It takes a lot of work to succeed in the e-commerce world, but it’s all worth it. Digital nomads who want to work in this space must find a good niche, build a nice website, and start marketing products.

There’s a lot to consider, including a delivery system, but if one has something unique and in-demand to offer, one can certainly make a splash.

  • How to Get Started: Find a niche and start promoting products
  • Top Tip: Constant marketing will help keep products top-of-mind and relevant


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