NovaXyon Entrepreneurial 5 ChatGPT Activates To Triumph over Proscribing Ideals (And Release Your Good fortune)

5 ChatGPT Activates To Triumph over Proscribing Ideals (And Release Your Good fortune)


If you have limiting beliefs, they will be holding you back. By their very nature, they will be limiting your progress, business or happiness. Putting a ceiling on your earning potential, restricting how much impact you make in the world and dampening your sparkle. To remove your limits, identify and remove them once and for all.

Deep introspection might involve journaling and meditation. You might book some sessions with a therapist or coach. Using these prompts you can find and reduce them with a little help from ChatGPT. Copy and paste them in, replace the square brackets, and start to soar to new heights in your life and work. Use the prompts in order, within the same chat window.

How to challenge your limiting beliefs with ChatGPT

Identify your limiting beliefs

Overcoming your limiting beliefs starts with knowing what they are, and that’s not always easy. They can crop up in the strangest of places, and be triggered by the smallest of encounters. Use this prompt to explain who you are, what you do and where you want to be. Let ChatGPT suggest where your artificial limits might lie and see if you agree with the suggestions. Even if most aren’t true, identifying one might spark the change you need to make.

“I want to identify any limiting beliefs I may have, that might be holding me back. I am [give your demographics, including age, location, other stats] and my work is [describe your role, business]. I would like to be [describe your business goals] and I am currently [describe where you are right now]. In the gap between these two places are my limiting beliefs. I suspect they may be [give any information you already have], but can you give me possible limiting beliefs I may have based on what you know?”

Create new beliefs

Replace your old, limiting beliefs with empowering new ones. Use what ChatGPT said your limiting beliefs might be and take the guidance one step further. Ask for the flipside of those beliefs. Imagine what life would feel like if you acted in accordance with their message. This might be easier said than done, it might take time to take effect, but why not try and see what happens?

“I think I may have the limiting beliefs of [include the ones ChatGPT suggested that you think you may have] and I’d like to replace them with new, empowering beliefs. For each one, give me an alternative, opposite belief that will better serve my business endeavors and ensure I’m not held back. For each new belief, add an explanation of why it might be true.”

Replace old habits

Believe limiting beliefs, act in limiting ways. It’s very possible that your old beliefs around money, achievement or how you were supposed to behave caused you to act suboptimally. The best version of you has different habits, so find out what they should be. ChatGPT, trained with this prompt, can identify the habits you may follow without question. It can explain how you create new, useful habits that propel you forward instead of holding you back.

“Living in accordance with my old limiting beliefs meant I upheld certain habits. Tell me the habits that people with the same limiting beliefs often have, and why, and suggest alternatives to replace them with. Give me a plan of how I replace each old habit within 30 days.”

Visualize success

In a year from now, you could be unrecognizable from who you are today, in the best possible way. All those things you thought weren’t possible will come to fruition once you believe you are worthy and welcome them in. Supercharge that process by visualizing it right now. Ask ChatGPT for a guided visualization that you read to yourself every single day. Picture yourself as future you. Imagine your ultimate success. Be finally free of your limiting beliefs and look forward to the journey you’re about to begin.

“To keep me on track I want to imagine what the ultimate success looks like. Given what you know about my business goals and who I am, write a 60-second script, from the perspective of myself in the future, where I talk about my new life that is free from limiting beliefs, and how I feel right now. End the visualization with a mantra I can repeat each day.”

Track your progress

Today can mark a huge change, if you so wish. Today can be where you let go of who you were and you start to live as who you will be. The best version of you. The one who is capable of more. But how will you know? By tracking. Get ChatGPT’s help creating a plan for keeping score. For outlining the metrics you should record to notice the change. Without this, you might not realize the incredible growth you’re about to experience.

“I want to track my progress living in accordance with the new beliefs that will replace my old, limited beliefs. Can you create a 30-day checklist, that I can tick every day, with actions that have contributed to doing this successfully? Export this into a table I can copy and paste into a spreadsheet.”

Overcome your limiting beliefs with ChatGPT

These 5 ChatGPT prompts can help you identify, replace and overcome limiting beliefs so you can unlock new levels of success in your life and work. Remove all excuses for progress and eliminate every reason not to become the best version of you. Let go, rise up, and be free.


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