NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing 10 Very best Certifications to Paintings from House in 2023: Get started As of late!

10 Very best Certifications to Paintings from House in 2023: Get started As of late!


With the best certifications to work from home under your belt, you can enjoy career advancement, a salary increase, or a new job working remotely.

With job-ready skills, you can put yourself ahead of the pack when applying for a new job role and stand out to potential employers.

By spending a few months completing certification courses like the ones mentioned in this article, it’s possible to secure yourself a low-stress high-paying job you can do from anywhere or start your own online business.

Let’s dive in!

Best Certifications to Work from Home Dropshipping

There are many dropshipping business ideas for beginners that can be started with minimal investment.

However, to avoid common pitfalls and set yourself up for success, it’s a smart idea to take a dropshipping course to get started on the right foot.

1. Build a Dropshipping Empire from Scratch (Proven Blueprint)

It’s possible to start dropshipping with no money, and this course teaches you how to do this step by step.

The dropshipping method is a highly profitable model for selling physical products online. Follow along with this course to set up your own dropshipping store in 14 days or less and learn how to build up your sales until you reach your income goals.

What You’ll Learn

  • Set up and launch the perfect dropshipping website
  • How to choose the best products to sell for the dropship model
  • Where to find the best dropship suppliers and know which ones to avoid
  • Powerful strategies to turn your website into a sales machine
  • Steps to grow your dropship income and build a dropship empire

Course Requirements

  • Basic computer skills
  • A few spare hours a week to work on your dropship store
  • A text editor, such as Notepad or something similar

Cost and Time Investment

$99.99 and around $20 to launch your store.

Time to work through 6.5 hours of on-demand video, 10 articles, and 28 downloadable resources.

Learn more about this digital certificate.

2. Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping e-Commerce Course

best certifications to work from home

This Shopify Aliexpress dropshipping course is one of the best in-demand certifications that’ll help secure your financial future.

After taking this course, you can work remotely with your own profitable e-Commerce store or use it to supplement your existing income.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to build your Shopify store
  • How to choose your target audience and what to sell
  • Adding your first products to your store
  • Choosing a Shopify plan and registering a domain name
  • Building out your store and taking it to the next level
  • Finding reliable suppliers

Course Requirements

  • No prior eCommerce knowledge required
  • Basic computer skills to build your store
  • A willingness to learn and time to spend building your business

Cost and Time Investment

$129.99 for the course.

Time to work through 8.5 hours of on-demand video, 2 articles, and 3 downloadable resources.

Learn more about this digital certificate.

Best Certification to Work from Home in Sales

Sales professionals work for a business or brand, helping to sell their products or services.

By securing professional certifications, you can show prospective employers you have the essential skills and knowledge for the job.

3. Hubspot Academy – Inbound Sales Certification Course

best certifications to work from home

The Hubspot Inbound Sales Certification Course is a recommended remote certification for job seekers looking to start a career in sales.

The course details how to attract and engage new customers with personal outreach and conversations that drive results.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to target and identify the right buyers
  • Develop your skills to deliver effective sales presentations that motivate prospects to buy
  • Discover how inbound sales can transform your approach to differing buying behaviors

Course Requirements

  • A laptop and WIFI
  • Time to spend going through the course

Cost and Time Investment

This course is FREE to take.

3.12 hours of time investment to work through the lessons, videos, and quizzes.

Learn more about Hubspot’s sales professional digital certificate here.

Best Certifications to Work from Home Digital Marketing

If you’re looking to build job-ready skills as a digital marketing consultant, the following certificate programs are worth checking out.

Digital marketing experts are in high demand, and this type of job pays $50 an hour or more with experience.

4. Reddit Marketing: Get Traffic and Sell Products

By adding Reddit marketing to your social media marketing skillset, you can make yourself a more valuable digital marketing professional.

With this knowledge, you can promote your own business or your client’s business on Reddit and help to drive a lot of extra traffic from this platform.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to sell products on Reddit
  • How to drive huge amounts of traffic from Reddit
  • Building status and authority on Reddit and creating subreddits
  • Subreddits to sell and other strategies to sell and get traffic
  • Revenue from Reddit gigs on Fiverr
  • How to create successful Reddit ads

Course Requirements

  • Laptop and WIFI
  • Ability to use social media platforms
  • Time to go through the course and implement strategies

Cost and Time Investment

$39.99 for the course.

Time to work through 1 hour of on-demand video and 1 article.

Learn more about the Reddit marketing remote certification here.

5. Facebook Ads & Facebook Mastery

According to statistics, Facebook has over 2.93 billion monthly active users, and no matter what you’re selling, you can bet you’ll find buyers using the platform.

So, as you can see, learning how to generate leads with Facebook ads can secure you one of the best remote jobs that pays well if you know how to get results.

If you’re new to Facebook ads or have experience and want to learn how to get better results, this digital certificate is ideal and teaches you a step-by-step advertising system you can use to promote businesses.

What You’ll Learn

  • Facebook leads ad generation strategy
  • Facebook pixels and audiences
  • Facebook ad campaign types
  • FB ad targeting and creation
  • Business sales funnels

Course Requirements

  • Computer with internet access
  • Personal profile/account on Facebook
  • Ability to follow instructions in the course
  • Small advertising budget for your first campaign

Cost and Time Investment

The course cost is $174.99.

Time to work through 12 hours of on-demand video, 32 articles, and 34 downloadable resources.

Learn more about the Facebook ads remote certification here.

6. Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Professional Certificate

If you’re looking for a career as a digital marketer, this Google remote certification course will have you job-ready in under 6 months.

No bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or previous experience is required, and potential employers will recognize this certification, helping you win a high-paying job.

A few remote jobs this course could lead to include being a marketing coordinator, an e-Commerce associate and a paid search specialist, or you could make money with your own e-Commerce business.

What You’ll Learn

  • The fundamentals of digital marketing and e-Commerce
  • How to attract and engage customers through digital marketing and Google ads
  • Measure marketing performance through analytics and insights
  • How to build e-Commerce stores, analyze online performance, and grow customer loyalty

Course Requirements

  • Laptop with WIFI
  • Time to complete the course

Cost and Time Investment

Enroll for FREE.

The course takes an average of 6 months at 10 hours a week to complete.

Learn more about the Google digital marketing remote certification here.

Best Certification to Work from Home in Artificial Intelligence

There are many different uses for AI, and if you know how to use it yourself, this can lead to a high-paying career path.

If this type of work interests you, take a look at the remote certification below that’ll boost your job prospects.

7. Machine Learning A-Z, AI, Python and R + ChatGPT Bonus

machine learning course

This Machine Learning A-Z course is one of the top certifications that gives students the skills they need to create machine-learning algorithms in Python and R.

Throughout 10 course sections, you’ll learn from a data scientist and machine learning expert, and you can go through the whole course or choose bits you want to learn for a specific career.

What You’ll Learn

  • Master machine learning in Python and R
  • How to make accurate predictions
  • Make machine learning models
  • Use machine learning for personal purposes
  • Handle advanced techniques like Dimensionality Reduction
  • How to make a powerful analysis
  • Know which machine learning model to use for each type of problem

Course Requirements

  • Laptop and WIFI
  • High school mathematics level

Cost and Time Investment

The course costs $119.99.

Time to work through 42.5 hours of on-demand video tutorials, 5 coding exercises, and 39 articles.

Take a closer look at the Machine Learning digital certificate here.

Best Certifications to Work from Home with Your Own Business

If you’re fed up with the job search and want to start a lifestyle business that gives you a great work/life balance, take a look at the online business certifications below.

8. Redbubble Print on Demand Masterclass

The Redbubble Print on Demand Masterclass is a remote certification that teaches learners how to start and grow a print-on-demand business from scratch.

You don’t need any experience to get started, and you have lifetime access to the course so you can learn at your own pace.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to open a Redbubble account
  • How to build and customize your shop
  • All about how to use artist’s tools
  • Research and design of products
  • How to create products and collections

Course Requirements

  • Laptop and WIFI
  • You learn everything you need in the course

Cost and Time Investment

The course costs $59.99.

Time to work through 6 hours of on-demand video.

Learn more about the Redbubble print-on-demand remote certification here.

9. How to Create an Airbnb Business Without Owning a Home

Airbnb Udemy course

This course gives complete beginners the exact strategies for how to build an Airbnb empire without owning a single home.

Over 16,285 students have taken this course, and it has a 4.6-star average rating with many happy reviews from successful students.

What You’ll Learn

  • Core concepts of creating an Airbnb business
  • How to create systems for sustainability
  • The exact formulas to make and increase profits
  • How to turn a property and rent it within 48 hours
  • How to build a team and outsource certain tasks

Course Requirements

  • No previous experience required
  • A computer or laptop + WIFI
  • Have a property to list or have the finances to invest in furnishing one

Cost and Time Investment

The course cost is $79.99.

Time to spend working through 4 hours of on-demand video, 8 articles, and 4 downloadable resources.

Learn more about the Airbnb rental remote certification here.

10. Kindle Launch Plan: Publish and Market an Amazon Bestseller

The Kindle Launch plan course is ideal for remote workers interested in writing and publishing.

This course teaches you the proven process of taking your non-fiction book from idea to the top of the Amazon charts.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to launch a best-selling book on Amazon
  • Drive email sign-ups from your book even if they don’t buy
  • The right keywords and categories so buyers find you
  • How to price your book for sales, profit, and perceived value
  • Tips to build a team of launch ambassadors
  • How to write a killer book description that sells

Course Requirements

  • A book idea or already written

Cost and Time Investment

The course cost is $44.99.

Time to work through 3 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, and 17 downloadable resources.

Learn more about the Kindle Launch Plan remote certification here.

Final Thoughts on the Best Certifications to Work from Home

To find the best certifications to work from home, I looked at reputable brands such as Google, Hubspot (check out more Hubspot certification courses), and Udemy courses that had exceptional student reviews and high star ratings.

All the remote certifications mentioned will help you find telework or remote work and will give you additional training to start your own online business if you wish.

Other in-demand certifications to work from home include:

  • HR certifications
  • Sales certifications
  • Project managers certification
  • Marketing analytics certifications
  • Google Analytics certification
  • Database administrator certification
  • Certified public accountant certification
  • Certified coding specialist

Want more help getting your dream work-from-home career?

Take a look at the recommended skills to put on your LinkedIn and these best online writing courses.


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