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Venturing into the realm of Google Ads promotion can be a pretty challenging endeavor in the current scenario, you know?

With all these regulations and strict policies in place, it’s not always smooth sailing for us affiliate marketers.

There are instances where, despite finding a super profitable affiliate offer, the limitations imposed on personal accounts can seriously cramp our style and hold us back from promoting or scaling the offer to its full potential.

But that’s where YeezyPay comes in!

In this YeezyPay Review, we’ll talk about how this platform can help you scale your Google Ads promotions without having to worry about how to set up a Google Ads account yourself.

Is it worth trying out?

Let’s find out.

What is YeezyPay?

YeezyPay is an innovative online payment service that not only facilitates the convenient management of multi-currency transactions but also provides a unique solution to the challenges faced by advertisers in the digital space.

The platform distinguishes itself from typical payment gateways through its additional service offering — ready-made Google Ads accounts.

This feature is particularly advantageous for advertisers and affiliate marketers who frequently encounter restrictions and limitations when promoting or scaling offers on their personal ad accounts.

yeezypay website

Who is YeezyPay for?

YeezyPay is an absolute game-changer for a broad spectrum of users.

If you’re a business, be it a trendy online startup or a brick-and-mortar establishment, and you’re looking to get your products or services out there in a big way but can’t get an advertiser account approved in Google Ads, then YeezyPay’s got your back!

But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re an affiliate marketer or agency and you’re on the hunt for dependable accounts to push your campaigns across diverse niches, YeezyPay is your go-to.

It is ideal for those digital pioneers — you know, the ones who are constantly pushing the boundaries of online marketing. With it, you can go wide and fast with your targeting and spending.

YeezyPay Best Features

Does YeezyPay look to be something that you can use? Let’s see with its main features.

Pre-approved Google Ads Accounts

With YeezyPay, you’re getting a stress-free pathway into the world of Google Ads. Here’s the scoop — YeezyPay hands over to you fully functional Google Advertising accounts that are ready to serve your affiliate marketing needs right off the bat.

And get this: these accounts are under YeezyPay’s agency status.

What does that mean for you?

It means these accounts have successfully crossed the thorny terrain of Google’s approval process without you having to lift a finger.

That’s right, the headaches of setting up a Google Ads account that’s compliant with all the nitty-gritty guidelines — well, they’re a thing of the past, thanks to YeezyPay.

As an affiliate marketer, your focus should be on creating killer campaigns, not losing sleep over account approvals. And that’s exactly the kind of freedom this platform offers.

Expanded Ad Account Benefits

The platform doesn’t just offer any ordinary Google Ads accounts, it offers trusted agency accounts.

How is that different?

The trust factor with agency accounts is much higher compared to self-registered accounts. This means that you have the potential to spend up to a whopping $200,000 per month on your promotional activities.

You can also promote to other locations that you otherwise would not be permitted to when using a new ad account.

Finally, using a trusted agency account means you can promote offers that are usually not allowed for individual accounts (unless you submit documents as required by Google).

We’ll talk more about this later.

Money-Back Guarantee for Banned Accounts

YeezyPay understands the stakes involved in this game. The risk of account banishment is real and can be a significant setback for many online advertisers.

But here’s the good news — if such a misfortune does occur on the Google Ads account you requested, YeezyPay has got your back. You can get your funds returned to you, minimizing the impact of budget disruptions on your advertising plans.

You can then request a new Google Ads account and use the funds you got back to fund this new one. Or you can simply withdraw the funds if you don’t want to run ads anymore.

yeezypay crypto withdrawal

It’s crucial to note, however, that there is a 30% fee associated with transferring your funds from banned Google Ads accounts back to your YeezyPay account.

This might seem like a significant fraction, but it’s better than not getting any of your money back.

Multiple Payment Options with Low Minimum

Ease and convenience are at the heart of YeezyPay‘s payment system.

You can choose from a plethora of payment options, including cryptocurrency, bank cards, or wire transfer — a flexibility that’s as refreshing as it is practical.

One of the standout features is the low minimum deposit required, set at a very accessible $200.

Plus, your payments are processed within minutes, meaning you won’t be left hanging, wondering when your funds will be ready to use.

Rapid and Reliable Support

I was impressed by YeezyPay’s stellar support service. When it comes to responsiveness, its support team is better than most, typically responding to queries and issues within a few minutes.

This is so much better than working on your Google Ad account on your own, and we all know Google Ad’s support is almost non-existent. So this is a welcome difference.

The primary mode of communication is via Telegram @yeezypay or @yeezy_aff, but you can always reach out to them via Live Chat or through email at

You will also be provided a direct line to the support team through a Telegram group chat that your account manager will create for you.

Guide to Using YeezyPay

To benefit from YeezyPay‘s Google Ads agency accounts, you must first create a profile on Yeezy. To do so, click the Sign-up button.

On the next page, you’ll be asked to send a message to them via Telegram.

Clicking the button will direct you to YeezyPay’s chatbot. You’ll be provided with a unique login link that is connected to your Telegram account.

yeezypay telegram

Upon login, you will see a very minimal dashboard — enough to maintain and transfer funds as needed.
The first page you’ll see is the Deposit tab.

yeezypay deposit

The minimum deposit is $200. If you’d like to use Wire or bank transfer, the minimum is $5,000 (with a fee of 2%).

Don’t worry about paying for tax when you deposit funds — VAT is not required where YeezyPay is operating. And it’s free to top up your YeezyPay account with crypto.

In the Transfers tab, you can convert local currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Available ones are:

  • RUB
  • EUR
  • USD
  • KZT
  • BTC
  • USDT-TRC20
  • USDT-ERC20
  • The conversion fee per transaction is 1%.

yeezypay transfer

The Payouts section is for withdrawals.

When you already have a Google Ads account from Yeezy and it gets banned, you can use this page to get the remaining funds from that account (for a fee, of course).

You can use the money you have to fund another Google Ads account.

If you want to withdraw, you can do so via bank card or crypto.

yeezypay bankcard withdrawal

Lastly, the History tab is a complete list of your transactions within the platform.

yeezypay payout history

Request a Google Ads Agency Account

When it comes to getting a Google Ads account, all you have to do is head back to Telegram and send a request to @yeezy_aff.

You’ll be asked to join an exclusive group chat that includes you and other YeezyPay support team members.

google agency account request on yeezepay

For all your other inquiries, you must use this very same chat group.

This is also where you will discuss with the team about your advertising plans, such as what vertical you are targeting, how much your ad spend is, if you have any experience using Google Ads, if you’ve ever had your Google Ads account banned, and so on.

Once everything is set, the team will send an invitation link for a new Google Ads account. Make sure you use an email address that is not associated with a banned Google Ads profile.

A new tab, aptly called Google Ad, will appear in your YeezyPay dashboard. This is where you can manage the funds to all your Google Ads accounts.

If you’ve already added funds to your YeezyPay account, convert them to USD or EUR, then add them to your new Google Ads Account within the Yeezy interface.

The minimum budget is $200, and the fee (or commission) for topping up the ad account is 10%.

And that’s it! You can start running and scaling your Google Ads campaigns.

Continue topping up funds as necessary to keep your campaigns running.

Verticals You Can Promote in Google Ads

When it comes to promoting offers on Google Ads, some verticals are accepted by default. These include:

  • E-commerce products
  • Mobile apps
  • B2B services
  • Travel
  • Mainstream Dating

But there are also some categories that can be promoted with Yeezy agency accounts that may not be allowed with a personal account, and these are:

  • Adult Dating
  • Nutra
  • Gambling
  • Betting

But while these can be promoted, make sure you follow Google Ads’ policies down to the letter to make sure your ad account doesn’t get banned.

For instance, when promoting Nutra products, make sure you use a landing page that is compliant in every way — no redirects, no extravagant claims, etc.

If you’re ever unsure, reach out to YeezyPay’s support team. While they won’t exactly manage your ads and campaigns for you, they’ll be happy to help make sure your ads stay compliant.

Follow the best practices for maintaining a Google Ad account, because even while you can get a new agency account from YeezyPay, there is also a chance that you will be blocked from the platform altogether for repeat offenses.

YeezyPay Pros

  • Tax-free deposits and transfers.
  • Has a simple and straightforward dashboard, making it easy to navigate and manage your account.
  • Receive reliable and responsive support through Telegram and/or live chat, ensuring that any issues or queries are promptly addressed.
  • With the agency account, you can promote offer verticals that are not available in a standard ad account, expanding your advertising possibilities.
  • No need to obtain a new card to fund new ad accounts. You won’t even have to go through any payment verification .
  • Topping up via cryptocurrency is free.


  • The website lacks sufficient information, which can be a drawback when seeking info on any concern or about how the tool works. The platform makes up for it with highly responsive support.
  • There is a 30% fee for retrieving funds from a banned Google Ads account under YeezyPay. (While this fee may seem high, it is still preferable to losing your investment entirely, in my opinion.)

YeezyPay Verdict

All in all, Yeezypay seems like a solid bet if you’re serious about expanding your Google Ads verticals and boosting your ad spend limit (up to $200,000!)

It’s got a simple workflow and solves the issue of obtaining trusted cards for funding advertising.

They even accept payments in USDT, which makes depositing funds super easy, and you can dodge additional fees with their cryptocurrency deposits.

Plus, they work with some major systems like VISA, Master Card, and MIR.

But remember to always do your own research and see if it aligns with your needs before diving in.



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