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Trade Regimen for Age of Origins

Efficient Trade Routine: Age of Origins

Here’s a straightforward guide to optimizing your Daily Market transactions without any unnecessary complexity.

Black Market Trade Routine: Sell and Prosper

Keep it straightforward—sell surplus food and oil twice daily. Treat it like a financial checkpoint, boost your resources, and move on.

Distribution Center Mastery: Fragments for the Future

Focus on acquiring purple officer fragments and occasionally dip into the blue ones. Aim for at least one transaction daily, even if it means parting ways with a green officer. Progress often requires a small sacrifice.

Biochemical Lab – Lucy’s Wellness Routine

Prioritize Lucy’s health with five healing sessions daily. For a bit of exploration, engage in the lab three times a day. It’s Lucy’s daily spa treatment.

Simplify your Daily Market strategy and make daily transactions a seamless part of your gameplay. Sell, trade, and conquer the digital markets effortlessly!

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