NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Best possible e-readers of 2024: Those are the most efficient choices so as to add in your cart

Best possible e-readers of 2024: Those are the most efficient choices so as to add in your cart


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A good e-reader can help you take your favorite books on the go and discover new favorites. They can hold hundreds of titles, and get you access to upcoming releases the day they launch. E-readers are also great space savers because they make it easier to take your library on the go. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite e-readers to help you shop. All these e-readers have been owned and used by me for at least six months, to fully gauge how useful each one is.

What we look for in the best e-readers

Battery life: Every e-reader we recommend has at least a week in battery life. Some, even offer up to 10 weeks of battery life on a single charge.

Storage: Each option offers at least 8 GB of storage, some offer up to 64 GB.

Design: Some e-readers have waterproof or water-resistant builds, which means you can take them to the pool or read while you’re in the bathtub. Other readers may not have a waterproof design but may have other features, like a wider screen or stylus compatibility, allowing you to journal on your e-reader as well. Every e-reader is also a touchscreen.

The best e-readers

Best overall

The Kindle Paperwhite is my favorite e-reader because it’s both waterproof and packs up to 10 weeks of battery life on a single charge. You can spring for up to 16 GB of storage, and choose between three colors too. There’s adjustable light which helps me read better in low light conditions, and the 6.8-inch screen is just wide enough to prevent eye strain, in my experience. I use the Paperwhite to download e-books from the Kindle store, but you can also read PDFs and documents on the Kindle.

Best budget

This no-frills Kindle has 16GB of storage and a 6-week battery life. It’s not waterproof like the Paperwhite but it does have a similar paper-like display which is bright enough to read both indoors and outdoors, in my experience. The front light is adjustable and compared to its previous generations the display is much more crisp and easy to read. It also weighs just around 150 grams, so I find it easy to carry it in my work tote or handbag.

Best features

The Scribe is by far my most used Kindle because it combines both journaling and reading in one sleek package. Each Kindle Scribe includes a stylus that you can use to handwrite notes, highlight important text or scribble in the margins column – like you would on a regular paper book. It’s not waterproof and it is a little heavier than other Kindle models it weighs 433 grams – but it’s also got the widest display on our list, and storage is available up to 64 GB. As for the display, you get a 10.2-inch glare-free wide screen plus multi-week battery life, similar to the Paperwhite.

Best non-Amazon e-reader

The Kobo Sage is a great Kindle competitor as it also offers a widescreen display and a battery life that lasts up to 200 hours. The display is both glare-free and easy to read in all light conditions, and it also weighs just 240 grams, making it easy to take with you on the go. Like the Paperwhite, the Sage is fully waterproof but unlike most Kindle readers, the Kobo has physical page turn buttons for a more tactile reading experience. You can also purchase the Kobo stylus separately in case you want to use your Kobo for note-taking as well.

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