NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Nice Benefit Doable or Only a Rip-off?

Nice Benefit Doable or Only a Rip-off?


You may have heard about the Commission Machine, which claims you can earn up to $2642.60 a day by copying their little-known, super affiliate secret weapon, even as a beginner. If you’re wondering if this is actually possible, this Commission Machine review is going to investigate.

In this review, we’ll answer all your questions, such as:

  • What is Commission Machine
  • Who is the creator
  • What’s included in the course material
  • Who is Commission Machine right for
  • How much does it cost
  • What are people saying about it
  • Are the profit claims really legit.

By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether it’s a legit way to make money in affiliate marketing and whether it’s right for you.

Let’s dive in!

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Commission Machine Review

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  • Tools

  • Income Potential

  • Price


Commission Machine is an affiliate training program that claims you can make $2,642.60 a day by using its methods, even as a complete beginner. While Michael Cheney does talk about legit methods to make money affiliate marketing, there are no in-depth instructions to help beginners set up email campaigns, build a website, or get traffic. While the training program is legit, the sales page is overly hyped, and beginners may find it hard to make any money.


  • Michael Cheney, the course creator, has had huge success with affiliate marketing
  • The affiliate marketing methods in the training are used by successful affiliates
  • The course is quite affordable at a one-time payment of $47


  • The sales page is overly hyped for how easy it is to make money
  • Does not contain enough information for beginners to get email subscribers or how to build a blog and email list
  • Many expensive upsells and links to extra paid tools and software
  • No reviews from legit students on the usual review sites
  • 30-day money-back guarantee but has a high refund rate on JVZoo

Commission Machine Review: What is it?

Commission Machine review

Commission Machine is a video training program that teaches students how to make money selling affiliate marketing courses.

The training mainly focuses on making money online through email marketing, but the course was updated to include a ”No List Method” for those who don’t have an email list.

The course has big claims, stating that even stone-cold newbies with no list, no clue, and no money can make money with this affiliate marketing business.

But, in my opinion, the Commission Machine website is seriously hyped up, and when I read the claim that this training makes things ”So Gosh-Darned Easy”, this does make me a little skeptical.

If it were so ”easy”, everyone would be doing it and earning $2642.60 a day just copy and pasting!

Let’s delve a little deeper and learn more.

Who Created Commission Machine?

The Commission Machine was created by Michael Cheney, an affiliate marketer and course creator who has reportedly earned over $7 million during his career so far.

He has been in the internet marketing space since 2006 and has created several training programs, a few of which include:

  • A Google Adsense course
  • 7-Figure Affiliate Marketing System
  • The Secret Money System.

While Michael Cheney has had huge success in his career, he is well known for his persuasive sales speeches, which some consider to be overly optimistic.

What’s Included in Commission Machine?

The Commission Machine training program includes 8-modules, each of which includes a video and a link to other resources or software.

Here are the Commission Machine modules explained in more detail:

Module1: Getting Started

This is a short introduction video by Michael Cheney detailing how you can make the most out of the training system.

Module 2: Affiliate Products Research

Commission Machine review

Here, you’re taught how to uncover products (little-known commission goldmines) that Michael Cheney states are ”hiding online”.

The affiliate offers he recommends you find are in the making money online niche.

Read about the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners to make money online.

Module 3: Angles to Make People Buy

In this video, you learn about the different ”angles” you can use when talking to potential buyers and trying to get them to buy through your affiliate link.

These angles are used by Michael Cheney when selling his own products.

The four angles detailed include:

  • The Personal Angle
  • The Product Angle
  • The Attribute Angle
  • The Money Angle.

Michael Cheney reads out several emails he’s used in his own email marketing campaigns, and he explains which angle they relate to.

Module 4: Providing Incentives

Commission Machine review

The next module teaches you how to use incentives to sweeten the deal and encourage people to buy through your affiliate link.

Training includes:

  • What types of bonuses work well
  • How to promote your bonuses using scarcity.

Michael Cheney demonstrates how to deliver JVZoo bonuses easily when selling a product through the platform.

Module 5: Messages

Now, you’ll learn how to write promotional messages for your Commission Machines that get people to buy.

The focus here is on writing ”stories”, which is a method taught by many other successful affiliate marketers.

This section is on writing email marketing messages and states that later on in the training, you’ll be shown how to get your messages out there, even without a list.

how to write messages

Module 6: Deploy

This section will teach you how to start sending your messages, with Michael Cheney showing you the current email campaigns he is running.

You’ll be taught how to email your list and how often to send out emails.

If you don’t have an email list, there’s no information here on the steps to set one up.

Module 7: No List Method

This module gives information about a ”no-list strategy,” which is basically how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook.

While this method can work, it does take time and effort to get people to trust you, and you’re always at the mercy of Facebook updates.

The tutorial gives information on how to interact with Facebook groups to promote your offers. However, many groups don’t like people selling, and this can lead to getting kicked out of groups.

He also talks about starting a blog to tell stories to your audience, but no information is shared about how to start a blog.

And, while learning how to start a niche blog can be profitable, it takes time to get traffic, and this might be disheartening to those wanting quick profits, as promised in Commission Machine.

Module 8: Advanced Ninja Tactics

The last section talks about designing bonus pages to encourage people to buy through their affiliate links.

You’ll also learn how to add bonuses to your sales pages and how to send follow-up autoresponder emails that trigger immediately after purchase.

While these are great tactics, if you don’t have an email list and don’t know how to start one, this information is useless.

Commission Machine Review: Who is it Right For?

While the Commission Machine sales video says it’s for complete beginners, I do not think this training program will help everyone.

To be successful with this training, you need to:

  • Create a website with a capture form to get people’s email addresses
  • Spend time driving traffic to that site
  • Set up an email marketing campaign to create trust with your subscribers.

These methods are legit and traditionally used by affiliate marketers, but nowhere in the course do you get taught how to set up a site, how to drive traffic or how to create an email campaign.

So, if you’re completely new to all this, you’ll probably struggle to succeed.

However, if you have experience with these things, the information Michael teaches could be helpful if you know how to implement it.

How Much Does it Cost?

course price

One good thing about Commission Machine is that it’s extremely affordable.

For a one-time payment of $47, you get access to all the training modules, but there are some pricey upsells during the training content.

Some training modules also link to other tools and software that you may have to pay for.

Is Commission Machine Legit?

Commission Machine is a legit training course and some people MAY make money with it.

However, from my research, this course is NOT as beginner-friendly as Michael Cheney makes it out to be.

It is possible to make money in affiliate marketing with the right affiliate marketing plan, but the road to success usually takes time, effort, and perseverance.

To succeed, you need to:

  • Find a niche
  • Pick a platform to promote eg: blog, social media
  • Spend time building your audience and traffic
  • Find a great product that helps people
  • Create content that builds trust with your audience
  • Build an email list to promote products to
  • Spend time mastering email marketing

Learning how to do all this well takes time and often comes with many failures and setbacks.

And, even after all your effort, there’s NO GUARANTEE your work will pay off.

What Are People Saying About Commission Machine?

I could not find any reviews of Commission Machine on the usual review sites such as G2 or Trustpilot.

The training program does have many good reviews on the Commission Machine website, but I cannot verify that any of these are true.

Best Commission Machine Alternatives

Check out these Commission Machine course alternatives to help you make money in affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

Affiliate Lab screenshot

The Affiliate Lab is a training course that teaches you how to build, rank, flip, and profit from affiliate marketing websites.

Matt Diggity, an expert in the business, gives you his proven blueprint to get started from nothing, even as a beginner with zero knowledge.

You get over 100+ hours of training that teaches niche selection, keyword research, and everything else you need to dominate Google, plus you get tons of templates and tools to make the process much easier.

Pricing: $997

Homepage: Affiliate Lab

For more info, check out our Affiliate Lab review.

The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

Authority site system

The Authority Site System is a course created for beginner or advanced marketers, teaching you how to build a profitable niche site from scratch.

The training walks you through everything from niche selection, to how to build a site, what content to create and how to drive traffic.

You get access to 125+ over-the-shoulder videos, a site-building to-do list, copy and paste templates and a members community where you can get all your questions answered.

Pricing: 6 monthly payments of $330.

Homepage: Authority Site System.

Commission Machine Review: Final Verdict

At the end of this Commission Machine review, let’s sum up whether it’s worth your time and money.

Michael Cheney is clearly a successful affiliate marketer and the instructions he gives about creating email campaigns and telling stories are legit methods used by successful affiliates.

However, a red flag for me is the overly hyped sales page saying you can make $2K+ a day, even as a beginner. From my experience, this is rarely possible.

Plus, there is zero information about how to build an affiliate site, how to set up an email campaign, or how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, which are all essential steps for success.

So, if you’re totally new to affiliate marketing, the Commission Machine may not be the right place to start for you.

Your time would be better spent reading these free guides:


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