NovaXyon Affiliate Marketing Cellular Associate Advertising – Will have to You Do It?

Cellular Associate Advertising – Will have to You Do It?


Mobile affiliate marketing is the newest trend in the
affiliate marketing industry. The idea of having a computer inside of your pocket was a thing of science fiction up until

billions of people around the world have mobile smartphones that dominate their lives 24/7.

This is good news for you if you’re into affiliate marketing. 

You can run specific kinds of offers on mobile devices, there are specific mobile
affiliate networks you can sign up with, and there are ways you can take advantage of this emerging trend and integrate it into your
affiliate marketing strategy.

Let’s delve further into mobile affiliate marketing and how you can use it to your advantage today.

What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing?

Mobile affiliate marketing is different from
regular affiliate marketing.

With mobile affiliate marketing, publishers get incentivized by advertisers when they refer a new user or customer to an affiliate offer of the advertiser. This is usually done via an
Apple iOS device or a
Google Android device.

When you run
mobile adverts on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, you are essentially doing mobile affiliate marketing.

In the past, SMS text messages were used to send messages to your
niche target market in the hopes of acquiring their phone numbers.

But with the invention of the smartphone, your entire desktop website can be shown on a mobile device, and the information on your website is now accessible to people of all ages. 

Instead of just collecting phone numbers, people can tap on the
same ads and affiliate marketing offers as if they were sitting in front of a computer.

Why Do Mobile Affiliate Marketing?

Mobile affiliate marketing is a game changer right now. If you didn’t already know, over
50% of all the traffic
on the internet is generated by mobile devices. 

So if you’re only targeting desktop traffic you’re missing out on a big chunk of the affiliate marketing pie.

Searches on mobile devices took over US desktop searches back in 2015. And it’s expected that mobile traffic will make up over
80% of all online traffic in the next 5-10 years.

If you’re not doing mobile affiliate marketing now, it’s wise to start planning on using it so that you can stay ahead of the game. Especially when it comes to

Examples Of Mobile Marketing Channels

SMS text messaging still plays a role in online marketing, but it’s not the same as modern mobile affiliate marketing.

There are 2 channels that you can work with when it comes to mobile marketing:

  • Paid – When you send paid traffic from social media and other platforms to your mobile affiliate offer

Making money with free social traffic is still possible, but most social media platforms want you to pay to get their traffic.

But for most affiliate marketers, paid mobile marketing is incredibly confusing. 

There are a few kinds of
mobile ad types that you can pay for and run. 

Here are a few of them:

In-App Adverts

These are
pop-up or pop-under ads that are typically seen under your favorite games or mobile apps. Ads like these are how most free app developers make money with their apps.

These adverts typically ask for your email address so you can
receive a quote, or they’ll simply give you a
discount code for the service or product advertised. 

After the sign-up is complete, the affiliate (app developer) gets paid.

App Install Adverts

App install ads are ads that entice people to download and install a new game or program of some kind. This is a form of
CPA affiliate marketing as advertisers are usually charged on a “cost per install”

Ads like these usually appear for about 30 seconds and then disappear. 

Affiliates can get paid a few cents whenever the ads appear, but they make most of their money when someone installs the app that’s advertised.

Mobile Web Adverts

Ads like these are
shown inside apps and also mobile websites. They are usually in the form of
videos, text, and images. 

Ads like these are specialized for mobile devices, only visible to mobile audiences, and take people to mobile-optimized websites.

The biggest giant in the mobile advertising space is Google, but there are other giants such as
Millennial Media.

Social Media Adverts

Have you ever seen a
“sponsored” Instagram post appear in your feed when scrolling on Instagram?

Well, this is a form of a social media advert. It’s another way that affiliate marketers can run mobile offers.

It’s similar to a
“Boosted post” that can be run on Facebook.

Snapchat has a similar advertising platform, and sites like
Taboola and Outbrain have content discovery ad platforms that you can run ads on also.

How To Make Money With Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Making money with mobile affiliate marketing is the same as
making money with regular affiliate marketing.

The goal is to send traffic to your affiliate offer and
generate a commission. 

The only difference is that your affiliate offers are geared toward a mobile audience.

So instead of
promoting products using affiliate links, you’ll be working with CPA offers for services.

Also, your mobile device collects alot of information about you and can display ads that you’re most likely to click on. Your device can learn information from you such as:

  • The category of sites you like to visit
  • The amount of time you spend online

With this information, mobile affiliate marketers can target their ads more accurately than they could if they were targeting desktop users.

Yet on the flip side,
the amount of ads that you can squeeze onto a smaller mobile device isn’t as much as you could with a desktop or laptop computer. This can make a
huge difference in the amount of money that you make.

Final Thoughts On Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Mobile affiliate marketing is an
emerging trend online, and if you have the time and money to invest in it then you should. 

When it comes to getting started, it’s
not as straightforward as regular affiliate marketing. With regular affiliate marketing, you can get a domain name, get a web host, and start creating content.

But with mobile affiliate marketing, you’ll have to overcome
some hurdles when it comes to design. Also, there will be a cost to incur when working with paid traffic.

And it’s easy to pick the
wrong offers,
or the
wrong affiliate network, and lose alot of money in the process.

Mobile affiliate marketing can be incredibly profitable, but it’s probably best if you look at it as
another stream of additional income. Don’t try to make it your main income stream if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you need guidance on how to make affiliate marketing work for you,
check out this amazing video that shows you the ropes of making money online.


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